[article] ‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk·Lee Jang-woo first encounter, cheesy fighting over IU

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[OSEN=Oh Min-hee] ‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk and Lee Jang-woo showed cheesy war of nerve generating laughs.

In KBS 2TV Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy'(wirter Yoo Young-ah, director Lee Jae-sang, Jung Jung-hwa) episode 4 aired on 28th, Kim Bo-tong arranged the meeting for Dok Go-mate(Jang Keun-suk) and Choi David(Lee Jang-woo).

Dok Go-mate got suspicious of Kim Bo-ton who tried to sell the socks through home shopping. He said he will personally meet the director in charge.

When Dok Go-mate offered his handshake with a smile, David said “It is you pretty bad busy boy.” and generated laughs. Mate also said to himself with a smile. “It is you men version of Kim Bo-tong.”

Afterwards, David and Kim Bo-tong showed fantastic chemistry when sock dancing. But Mate was in a bad mood to see them so sweet together. He makes a biting remark, “The two should go out for a gag contest.”

David responds, “How harsh. You have so little affection to your item. I am not sure we can work together.” and he meanhingfully says that Kim Bo-tong’s pure love is wasted.

Meanwhile, the drama is based on the same titled cartoon ‘Pretty Boy’ featuring Dok Go-mate encountering successful ten women all in super class. The pretty boy will be alluring the women to learn know hows to becoming successful. ‘Real Bo-tong’ Kim Bo-ton(IU) will be featuring.

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11 thoughts on “[article] ‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk·Lee Jang-woo first encounter, cheesy fighting over IU”

  1. Thanks for posting & sharing sis… I love this drama… Hope it will gain more attention from other countries like Love Rain eventhough the Rating in Korea is not good as of now…

  2. o.k i’m really angry about all the bad ratings ?!!! what the hell ?!!! my poor prince :(((( i know he said not to care about the ratings but i know it hurts him inside 🙁 ,,, i think JGS will no longer act again for a very long time, and i think his next rule will be a second lead , and that in my opinion is the only thing that he can have their attention if he wants it , cuz idk what he should do all those stupid koreans , he loves his country but they are just morons for not giving him a chance 🙁 AND what makes me angry the most is even MTT is winning over PM what the hell??!! and the last ep hit a low 4.3 % which is so not fair cuz the drama is really good ?!!

  3. My dear Randa…don’t think JKS will get less offer or is not going to act…as long as the product is a succes commercialy…he will stay on top of the game…
    Like Beautiful Man selling in Japan for such high prize…even top hallyu stars have difficulty to get…
    If the ratings are that low than it says more about the koreans than about the quality of the product…we cannot help that…but meanwhile we can help the korean eels by voting for him…and watch the drama on KBS world starting from 4 dec…

      • Do you notice that in many forums heirs fans are attacking bel ami? LOL… y are they trolling in bel ami page? Coz they feel insecure though their drama has high rating. They cannot deny that bel ami is excellent in casting, acting, storyline and unusual genre. For the low rating, everybody knows koreans’ prejudice towards JKS, thus they don’t even bother to watch it. But for those who have watched it, fans or haters or trolls, if they’re asked to be true to their heart, not to bash in delusion to protect their bias, they will admit that bel ami has everything. It’s no cliche at all and unpredictable. For those trolls who commented that the storyline is predictable, I dare them to predict the ending for hong yu ra, dragon lady, and david choi. hah!!! I am so proud that eels don’t troll at heirs page, coz eels, like their prince, has class. Eels only defend prince when there’re bashings in prince’s news or articles.

      • sis, totally agreed with you all.

        If people just enjoy watching Dramas like the old days, with no BIAS, and put all their HATEs and prejudice aside, they (whomever drama-lovers are) will enjoy any good Dramas. Yeahh….there are some dramas that we would like more than other.

        But to totally disrespect and down-grade a good production just because they don’t like the Main ACTOR are just soooo immatured acts. I wonder how old are these people?? I can assume, many of them are not teenager anymore…and still acting like immatured and disgraced human beings….I’m speechless!!!

      • Right you are jessica, agree. And agree with you too mamacri. There are lots of k-dramas now that did get a very low rating not only Pretty Man (still not loosing hope). In fact most of the KBS primetime dramas this year tank in the ratings with only Good Doctor & Secret the exceptions. So since its becoming the trend nowadays, maybe koreans are loosing their interest or there are cable networks dramas getting those viewers’ share. If I am a producer as long as an actor like Jang Keun Suk is selling hot abroad i’d rather offer him the role to my drama than give it to the actor who is yes, likeable to the koreans but not totally immune to bad luck. With Sukkie you got an actor that can act, & a drama that will be in demand abroad because AP is there – how can you loose commercially? If you’ll cast an actors that are less popular abroad, ratings result (local) bad – then chances of selling it abroad are also slim (due to tough competition).

        So we should not give up & continue to support Jang Keun Suk with the best that we can, at least with this survey (voting) that is going on Pretty Man is doing very well about 40%, that is very good considering PM has aired only 4 episodes the rest are mostly 0%. It definitely shows how popular Jang Keun Suk is! I notice that they add Love Rain into the ranking, they are maybe trying to distract us from voting on PM but I do suggest that we keep on voting for Pretty Man. 🙂

    • Agreed with you guyz! We should not lose hope!

      I think this drama is not a classic rom-com and Korean people jus need time to warm up to! I still think the ratings might go up for the future episodes 🙂

      We have to keep the faith in the BM team!

  4. Yes I saw that too Kristin…and had the same thought…so difficult because we really like Love Rain too and want to convey we find that a good drama…
    We have to choose so…NOW is what matters most…so Beautiful Man it is…

    Keep voting eels…ZIKZIN..we should make our point with that…at least help our korean eels who are ever so hardworking..


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