12 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] “Beautiful Man” Episode 5 Preview”

  1. This show is getting better and better!!! Hopefully, ratings will go up next week 🙂

    He looks so darn funny with these bangs! Hahahaha…


    • Yup he looks so funny with that bangs, but it made him so boyish,younger looking, and handsome. The new hair cut emphasized more his delicate handsome face and his beautiful eyes. That almost a kiss scene with Electric Fairy got me flustered that I can to scream so loud kkkkk

    • a jazzy 🙁 the ratings has got worse :(((((((((( its a very low 4.3 % i’m really going mad here >> what the hell is wrong with them ?~~!!!! this drama is very funny and so cute . i’m scared that JGS will no longer act again for a very long time 🙁 or if does he will be a second lead :(((((( i know he said not to care about the ratings but i know its hurts him inside , he and all the actors as well :((((((((

      • Randa, We cannot do anything about it. But as one of the articles written about Sukkie, every time he dropped at a very low point at a curve, that is where he bounces back very high. That is where he turns that misfortune into another great opportunity. In the case of Love Rain, why he got so frustrated, I think prior to that his mind was set that it would be very successful. But in this case, his mind is ready for whatever unfavorable outcomes. And the best thing for us is just to remain at his side, to continue to cheer him up for the excellent performance and best efforts he gave in Bel Ami. We should not give. I’m always high hopes for him to be able to penetrate more in the international market. And for his acting talent be recognized in the international arena. This lapses in in his own homeland will always be his lighting torch to hone more of his many talents. Cheer up Randa!

      • ratings high or low…
        we can only keep voting for him…
        just because it’s a dammed good drama

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  2. can’t wait to watch ep 5
    can’t wait to read eels thought about this week episodes.
    Hope sis Runa continue the detailed recap since I don’t understand what people saying in some 3 & 4 eps scenes because of missing eng sub.

  3. Now I know why he’s got that ramen noodle hairstyle! haha… and the personality switches that fast… well, hello boyish & playful Dokgo Mate! the interaction with electric fairy is surprisingly cute :). I almost fell down from my chair when I saw him posing in the rain. WHAT WAS WITH THAT POSE, MATE? and the background music hahahaha… so hilarious. I am curious how he would learn from electric fairy in the end. But anyway… did anybody notice that our Botong is actually learning too through her interaction with Choi David? I have this feeling that Botong will actually ‘beat’ Mate in this business… :p. And the game between Iron Lady vs Yoora – Mate… can’t wait to see how it goes. I love this drama so far… it’s a pity that the rating is still not promising, but yeah… let’s keep supporting this drama… it deserves more appreciation!

  4. Hi,
    I am just wonderingly, I saw the same girl and same scene in Who Are You | Hooayoo (tvN / 2013) – Jang Hee-Bin (fake shaman)
    Not sure if both drama is connected

  5. ahh…no matter what the ratings are,jang is so cute in his different roles..his acting is also good..his facial expressions show his excellent acting range..from serious to crying..to funny and boyish…the funny moments are a refreshing development which makes the drama more entertaining…don’t worry,jang,for sure this drama will sell abroad. juat continue to act…we are always behind you…fighting!


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