[article] [Yesterday TV] ‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk, making women melt

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[OSEN=Oh Min-hee] His daily life is a pictorial. His always glowing looks enables him to live off older women and learn the real value of money. His next target is shaman. She is a difficult target since she is a manipulator who knows how to control people by reading their minds. However, Jang Keun-suk is still confident. He knows how to use his puppy eyes and trigger women’s protective instinct. He used his cute appeals to play with female hearts.

In KBS 2TV Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy'(writer Yoon Young-ah, director Lee Jae-sang, Jung Jung-hwa) episode 4 aired on 28th, Hong Yoo-ra(Hang Chae-young) gave Elec shaman(Kim Ye-won) as Dok Go-mate’s(Jang Keun-suk) next quest. He will be learning how to control human mind.

Mate visits Elec shaman right away and asks her to tell him how to control people’s thoughts. She refuse his request at once but reveals that she is falling for his looks. Although she acts cold to him, she can not hide her eyes following him. As soon as Mate leaves, she tries to calm down her fluttering heart and red face.

Despite knowing how Elec feels, Mate asks her out on a date and strives to make her laugh. He is generous and sweet throughout the daye, giving her a candy cotton as present. She also touch her in a friendly way which made the female viewers’ heart pound.

In the play, Mate is as good looking to become the nation’s treasure. His mere existence makes the women happy. Although there is a limitation to make the cartoon character come true in reality, Jang Keun-suk’s lacking characteristic make him look more cute. His lively act is captivating the viewers as the real come-to-live pretty boy.

In every episodes, Jang Keun-suk is making female viewers melt. He is expected to revive the low rating ‘Pretty Boy’ with his captivating charms.

‘Pretty Boy’ will be featuring Dok Go-mate(Jang Keun-suk), who is pretty enough to become the nation’s treasure, encountering ten women in super class and learn their know hows to become successful. He will be playing unpredictable romance with Kim Bo-tong(IU) as couple.

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20 thoughts on “[article] [Yesterday TV] ‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk, making women melt”

    • I love how he looked so sexy doing that and then when she left he breaks down to normal saying he waited for 2 hours. He works so hard for those moments. We all know Sukkie knows how to give those heart melting looks on call, so it is nice to see ma te work so hard for them lol

    • MaTe melts my heart when he held the Electric Fairy and forced her to look at his eyes. I was not expect this action at all since he was sooo far away her when they talking to each other. Out of suddenly he did that….Whoaaaa…. Totally surprised me!!! O.O..while watching that scene I didn’t realize I was holding my breathes….phewww.!!!

      Even I like COOL and picture perfect manipulated acts when MaTe was with Jackie,….. I like the funny and boyish side of Dokgo Mate when he is with Electric Fairy most. I like the fact that Dokgo MaTe who can have any girl fall on his feet with his beautiful face and angelic smile…..but with Electric Fair, he has to work harder than normal to break the lady’s thick barrier hearts. So nice to see Dokgo MaTe as a persuader, or a waiter like his relationship with Jackie, for a change!!!

  1. pleeeeeeeeeease change the awful hairdo & color, why can’t you make your hair look normal and manly. you don’t need a hairdo or a haircut to look beautiful or attractive you certainly are.

    and what is more it is really a distraction from your brilliant act.

    sorry, but i’m not a fan of the wardrobe either in this episode

    • FMM, don’t worry. I believe this Mate’s not stylish look is one of productions.
      The drama ‘Beautiful Man’ is a kind of success story, not just a romantic comedy.

      Mate is not so beautiful inside now. For example, he doesn’t try to sell tons of socks like Bo Tong. I’m sure he doesn’t know how to earn money by himself. He didn’t have to work like a horse because of his beauty. So he still thinks it’s impossible to sell all the socks and get money from them. Here’s the character description of Dokgo Mate shared on the official website.

      But later he’ll be more beautiful inside too, knowing wisdom by 10 women. Then, I think Mate will look cooler than now. His natural born figure is just beautiful. He doesn’t have to care what he wears. He’s still raw stone of jewel.

      As one eel tweeted for ZIKZIN Radio 5, his fashion is not so stylish, but I think this suits present Mate. But later, I’m sure Mate will look more stylish like real JKS!

      • Yes agree…we must not think of JKS in this drama…he’s only playing Matae so we can’t compare his real self with the image that should be Matae…
        So far I think everything is done very well…
        JKS took care of his own wardrobe for this drama and since he is very much in details…I’m sure he thought of everything..
        I really love this drama and he has not let me down untill now …so looking forward to the next episodes…

    • FMM, I’m so sorry too that you are so distracted with less important thing like hair-style of an actor in a drama from enjoying the the story to the fullest. I don’t know how manly you need JKS to look like? Even magic happen, you get the hair style you want or like ….believe me, many other people would not like it. Some people like his hair to be long, some like it short, some like it curl, some like it straight…aigoooo……he can never please every one, no matter what he does.

      What I don’t understand it why so many people are working themselves up so mad about simple thing such as hair style of an actor? Why can’t people look beyond hair-style and just enjoy the story of the drama.

      I agreed with you, MaTe’s in the stripe fashion is not soooo favoring to my eyes either…so are those of Bo Tong’s fashion/clothes disaster styles….but I did not let this little matter bother me, not at all.

      Based on the story-lines, Dokgo MaTe will be associated with 10 women, so therefore, his fashion styles will change to fit the each woman accordingly (include his hair-styles).

      • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahaahahh…I agree with you, people are so demanding on what kind of hairstyle Sukkie should have. Maybe a lot disliked Mate’s noodle like hair, but I liked it very much. I made him so boyish and younger looking and it pretty much compliment with his fine delicate face and of course emphasized his beautiful eyes. That posing in the rain, with his wet noodle like hair was so sexy kkkk. And killer eye to eye with Electric Fairy was a killer scene.

    • FMM, I think Mate will change his hairdo & fashion style and personality when he meets the next woman :). His curly “ramen noodle” hair fits the current woman that he has to ‘conquer’, i.e. the electric fairy. The personality is also changing into the more cutesy, boyish Mate. I can’t really imagine how this could really be best portrayed if he has a ‘normal & manly’ haircut :p. Visual look really helps convey the message of the story 🙂

    • LOLL..you can ask this question again and directly to the writer, I doubt he or she even knows the answer to your question?!! I don’t know what he or she is talking about either. To my knowlege….Jang Keun Suk has about 10 characters to play as Dokgo MaTe, or am I wrong about this?!!

      It seems like Beautiful Man is being throwing in a BIG Storm by Korean neitizens and Medias. What is next will they throw at this drama?? I can’t wait to see what’s next??

      I found it very intesting that this drama is actually based on “popular” manghwa, so I don’t think the concept or genre type of drama about MALE using his beautiful face to gain money, wisdom or power thru women is alien or taboo concept in Korea. So how come, many Koreans seem NOT to give it a little respect or care much. Oh come on, this production is done by your own people, why are you acting like you are ashame about it existing!!! Totally make no sense to me whatsover how come people are sooo gainst Beautiful Man Drama in Korea!!!

    • Even they don’t understand or let’s have it the reporter is not such a good writer…..
      Matae has to have a different approach toward the fairy..we heard him say that…just before he cut his hair…
      The fairy is younger and not a dating kind…so he has to be sweet on her level just to win her trust and he can learn from her…(hair, fashion and things to do…totally different from Jacky who is much older than him and he had to behave like a beautiful elegant spoilt young treasure)

      • Sadly, so far this drama has very poor feedback in Korea. I can’t really tell exactly why as number of issues bring mixed review.
        One of the big reason is there are drama called “Heirs” pulling all audience which Lee Min Ho is a leading actor, I hope when that drama finish in two weeks time, Pretty man will lead the audience. support JKS!

    • Maybe this is just a translation error. I think the author used this expression as a compliment. As you know, this drama is based on comics, but his acting skill covers it, not overacting the character. If he acts like the original, we can’t take this drama as a possible storyline in reality. I think so. The original Mate has blond hair, but if Suk changed his hair color to blond, I don’t think it’s suitable for a successful man, for seducing successful women.

      • Hahaha..let’s keep it positive for the media is extremely good too untill now

        Instead his friend is blond…lol
        We must learn to see the drama figure and the actor as seperate things…it!s not Sukkies hair or fashion…it!s Matae’s….otherwise we are like the rest who created the pigsituation for JKS…him as person versus him as an artist….

  2. ilove jks the most and I don’t care about hi’s hair and ilove beautiful man and I don’t care the rating as long as enjoy the drama


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