[28.11.2013] CRI-J staff twitter

UPDATE: added the pic
[support for BM] Today’s supper & snacks were sponsored by Taiwan ‘Only4JKS’. The food were Topokki, homemade Oden, rice burger, and Hoppang (Korean steamed bread)~!! Various menu.
[예쁜남자 서포트] 어제 저녁은 Taiwan (대만)’Only4JKS’에서 저녁겸 간식차를 서포트하였습니다. 떡볶기,수제오뎅,밥버거에 호빵까지~!! 메뉴도 다양하네요

10 thoughts on “[28.11.2013] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. Thank you so much Taiwan eels for supporting our Prince!!!

    I love seeing EELs around the world show love and support to Jang Keun Suk in whatever we can do. Their act of love is totally awesome!!!!!

    When you’re truly love someone, you want to protect that person in whatever ways and you always wish that person well and success in whatever that he or she does……

  2. kudos to taiwanese eels who prepared for this! i’m sure all the efforts inspire our Sukkie to return the love and give his best always in the drama! BM fightin’! ^^

  3. Side note – it seems that they’ve changed his hairstyle for the shooting of the new episodes 🙂 No bangs but he still looks kinda funny 🙂


  4. Eels around the world are amazing. I love how they are so vocal and supportive of Jks . Am sure jks will return eels’ favour by giving his best and never give up. Daebak Bm !!


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