[article] Pretty Boy Jang Keun-suk, intense charisma with quivering eyes control act

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[OSEN=Kwon Ji-young] KBS 2TV new Wed/Thur drama ‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk is overwhelming home theater with his strong charismatic eyes.

In ‘Pretty Boy’ episode 2 aired on 21 at night, Dok Go-mate(Jang Keun-suk) strived to find his family, which raised high expectations for the upcoming story.

Dok Go-mate found out that he is MG group president’s child of a concubine. He went to MG group right away but Na Hong-ran(Kim Bo-yeon) blocks him. He confronts Na Hong-ran who does not admits his existence at all. The brutal confrontation scene was filled with high tension.

Especially when Na Hong-ran treats him like a trash, he does not hides his anger. Dok Go-mate’s murderous look in his eyes made everyone freeze. When Na Hong-ran says “Get rid of that trash” Jang Keun-suk awed the viewers by even controlling his pupils freely by performing Dok Go-mate’s quivering eyes.

In such short scene, Jang Keun-suk was able to bring up the concentration with his subtle plays. Thus, he is more highly expected as he will be encountering ten women to learn their know hows for his success.

The netizen responded, “Finally begins?”, “Jang Keun-suk’s charisma is best! I almost forgot to breath due to his looks”, “Seems like it will become more interesting”, “I am enjoying my Wednesday and Thursday thanks to Jang Keun-suk” and so on.

Meanwhile, Jang Keun-suk starring as world best devil Dok Go-mate in ‘Pretty Boy’ episode 3 will be aired 27th 10PM.

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18 thoughts on “[article] Pretty Boy Jang Keun-suk, intense charisma with quivering eyes control act”

  1. sis Sarah, this is very nice praise about JKS acting skill. I love reading article praising his acting skills or lack thereof.

    I love love JKS’s expressive eyes. Even no words, I would still understand his character’s feelings and emotions…!!!!

    Beautiful Man is definitely surprised me with its plots and story lines. The story was not what I thought…..!!!

    Beautiful Man is a totally engrossing and fun DRAMA. I am totally addicted to it now, and it has only 2 episode…..

  2. You can watch Episode 2 with English sub at http://www.drama.net

    It is good. After a day’s work, you sit back, relax and enjoy a funny drama with heart and soul. the pace is fast.

    Good job Suk! Keep the script going until the 16th episode.

    • yes, even my non eels friends notice that too from his drama… he speaks with his eyes and he can hold audience emotion with his expression.. really an excellent actor!!!

    • Thanks…I was a bit reluctant to go and read but I’ve done it and was pleasantly surprised…I think Beautiful Man making a bit of a commotion in dramaland..for a lot of non believers are shaken by our JKS…
      I love all the roles Sukkie is playing here…he is born to act, to stand out; born a leader..

      • yes.. not many actor can play more than 10 roles (with so many different hairstyles, expressions) in a single drama well… just look at first ep of Bel Ami.. the cute, laughter and crying scenes.. make us up-side down already! lol!!!

      • The only hallyu star that made my eyes stuned is only JKS. All controverses about him is a sign that something about him grabbed people attention with various emotion. It means he is kind of authentic person. Not a manekin in entertaintment industry. For me, reading about people critic and negative comments toward him is way more interesting. Kind of star that will be remembered well in hystory of hallyu star in the future. I believe so. *am i becoming such a 21st fairy now?* hehehehe

  3. QQeyes…meanwhile had you seen his key ring for Louis jr?
    Really his own …Z from ZIKZIN…he was so cute with the car…like most “men” turning in to boys when encounters such toys..hahaha

    The start of 2 ep…seeing him so lost after the funeral….just wanted to hug him…
    In the hospital when he first saw his mother in hospital…he was talking to his mother so innocently..and afterward when she passed away he all went berserk because he lost the most important thing in his life…
    and now he is on his own…the man who never had to work his whole life…how to survive??

    • Dear Mamacri, I also love that boyish scene of him playing with the car key, forgetting what he did!!! Soooo cute. Louis Junior is cute too, hahahahaha.

    • So funny, I was thinking at first why Mate’s girlfriend has that kind of key holder. I totally forgot that it was Louis Jr that was used as Mate’s car. And that scene when Mate is talking to Louis Jr is so funny.

  4. Outstanding, superb acting. Just simply love him. At first I thought watching him acting as an escort and that vain brat would turn me off, as I followed what I could see is the unhappy young man with lots of sufferings that captured my heart. IU was so funny in the scene when she was looking at the muscles and manliness of the butcher in the supermarket. He turned her off with his chest hair!!!! That is very Asian, no chest hair please. It is so funny for me. Our Prince has no chest hair which is very common in Asian men, but his clean shaven face is uhmmmm.

    • That scene Botong imagined she was swimming in Mate’s collarbone was really hilarious kkkkk. And I could not imagined how the writer made such dressed chicken into some perverted thoughts… really funny. This drama goes beyond my expectations.

  5. Congrats to the whole team specially to my Sukkie! Ep 1 and 2 are both marvelous works! The Acting is undeniably striking and spot-on for each character, the script is hilarious and mysteriously captivating, the scenery and soundtrack are worth noticing as well, and best of all, you just want to have more and the end of each ep. Sukkie chose right for this drama indeed and my love for him has grown more each day- if that is even possible ^_^!!! BM fightin’!!


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