[Notice-2] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014

UPDATE: This is the newer post about [Notice-1] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014.

The pop-up notice on princejks.com was updated. I copied the info above. Please read this again.

Announcement for Joining Cri J 5 in 2014
Hi~Cri, this is Tree-J company. Foreigners (living abroad, including Koreans) also can join PrinceJKS.com to become full members of Cri-J 5. When you apply for princejks.com membership, please write all your information in English!!

*The full membership goods is ONLY for those who live in Korea due to the difficulty of delivery.
*Also, overseas members DO NOT have the same privileges as those who live in Korea. (can NEITHER apply for tickets NOR apply for any events for Korean members only.)

Joining period:
Nov. 13th (Wed) 1 pm ~ Nov. 17th (Sun) 11:59 pm
*You have to make the payment within the registration period.

Membership period:
January 1st, 2014 (Wed) ~ December 31st, 2014 (Wed)

Joining fee:
Those who live abroad: US$20

How to pay the fee:
Use Paypal service to pay the fee.
(Paypal / 2014crij@naver.com / Chaelee Jang)
*Your Paypal e-mail address must be the same as your membership e-mail address.

Joining procedure:
Step1: Go to princejks.com
Step2: Click β€˜JOIN’ of the pop-up notice.
Step3: Then, fill out the application.
*I.D.: It’s used when you log in princejks.com. You can use any as long as they are English characters or numbers. And they must be 6-12 lengths.
Step4: Deposit the correct amount into their account via PayPal, and you will receive a payment confirmation e-mail later. It may take one or two weeks to confirm your payment.
Step5: After you receive the confirmation e-mail, you can log in. Please select ‘5’ tab.
If you have any questions relating to the fanclub, please send an e-mail to treej0804@naver.com

26 thoughts on “[Notice-2] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014”

  1. oops now i have a problem. what if my paypal email address is not the same as my membership email address! i didn’t know it should be the same. πŸ™ is that why i keep having the paypal message everytime i login? i did receive the email confirmation from treej though. hmmm otoke!

    • This is a case of mailing the naver email address maybe??? Lol…some days ago I emailed them with a question and I got a very quick responce in good english..so..zikzin

    • Yes, I did the same mistake. I will ask Tree-J to change my registered e-mail address. I think you should do so, too.

    • I already payment use paypal but not yet receive email confirmation from Tree-J but after read the article must be wait one week or two week for active ID ^^.

      Oh must be the same address email paypal & email register OFC JKS ?
      But I think is not big problem …maybe for easy checking payment and ID.

      • Yes. Eventually it’ll be OK, but I think already they received so many applications. So it’ll take time to check who is who if they are different e-mail address. I was too rushed. If I had been cool-headed, I wouldn’t have made such a mistake… I was too busy at work today, too. Anyway, I’ll send the e-mail after I return home.

  2. I haven’t got any reply from the CriJ staff since morning… The money has not been accepted either… I’m starting to think they did not notice it at all, or rejected it. Is it a big mistake if I chose commercial purposes when paying? I’m new to paypal and might not understand the meaning of this choice. Later I realized there could be difference for the recepient though… Uhhh

    • So.. Your money wasn’t deducted, I think you can try again. Login with your registered ID and password. See the image above. Please select ‘5’ tab. Then, you can see the payment page. You can access PayPal page directly from there.

      • Many-many thanx, tenshi!!! I’m so dummy, I made a payment from my paypal-account, not from the CriJ page directly, so… Well, hopefully the money sent by mistake will be safely return…

      • Please check your PayPal account first. If your payment was successful, please just wait until you receive the confirmation e-mail. Direct link is not the only one way to pay the fee. Of course, you can access PayPal and pay the fee to them. Don’t worry about it. There is no difference. Direct link is just an easy way.

      • The money was not accepted when transfered directly from paypal that’s what made me so worried… I cannot take them back either, there is no such option availiable…
        I have paid second time from the site with eCheck, it went smoothly through. But no e-mails, nothing. Ok, we’ll see:) I don’t mind paying twice since the money is for JKS, let him have one more barbeque from CriJ or whatever :DD

  3. i got a paypal confirmation, i dont have any credit in my account so i charged it to a credit card via paypal.
    so excited for them to finalize details and get everything ready for the new international eels in the fanclub! work in progress right now so patience is a virtue but for JKS i think it’ll be worth it!! πŸ˜€

  4. Registering was way easier than I thought it would be, especially with the tab to pay right on the page. (Thank you, crij for simplifying things) Usually it takes a few days for paypal to actually take the money out and around a week before the other person actually gets paid. Hopefully we will get an email when the funds actually transfer on when we can actually log in.
    Thank you Tenshi for the instructions and the link.

    • As I posted this above, if you are in progress of payment membership. It’s better to try from Princejks.com to PayPal website. You don’t have to access PayPal website directly, because all info is automatically set.
      Please login with your registered ID and password. See the image above. Please select ’5β€² tab. Then, you can see the payment page. You can access PayPal page directly from there.

      • Hm… when i checked and tried to login with the registered ID and PW, it said something like ‘in process’ and the payment link appeared as well. I got a payment receipt from paypal already after doing the registration and whenever I checked my paypal account it was stated there that the payment status was ‘completed’. I am not really sure whether the payment has actually been received or not. Should I just wait or ask them? I’ll go for a work trip overseas this weekend so I won’t be able to do anything with my bank if the payment is actually not successfully made from my credit card.

      • Hi NoonaEel,
        I posted this above, but here I copied the same info.
        “After your payment via PayPal, they said it may take one or two weeks to confirm your payment.” So ‘in progress’ means that you’re in the status. So please wait for a while.

  5. Aaah… just got the email from TreeJ, Tenshi ;). Hahaha… I was a bit nervous because paypal once messed up with me :p. Thanks anyway, you’ve been of sooo much help for us :)!

  6. I have already register and it says that it is complete, they already took out the money from my paypal account. I went to the website and logged in but I can’t view anything. everything I click on says “only member can access prorogation!” what does that mean? do I need to just wait longer? please let me know what I am suppose to do.

  7. sending love to the prince from U.S.A., we just watch 3 of JKS drama’s, and we loved his performance in all 3!! wish i lived in Korea right now so i could drive by his house and wave^^ lols:

    love from the USA!!


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