[Notice-1] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014

UPDATE: Application period starts at 13:00 (Korean local time) on November 13th. After the opening time, please go to princejks.com Then, click ‘JOIN’ of the pop-up notice. And please follow the procedure.

Finally announcement for joining CriJ 5 in 2014 was released today! For international eels (who are not live in Korea), only online membership. please read through the guidance below.
Application period for international eels is from November 13 (Wed), 1 pm (Korean local time) to 17 (Sun), 11:59 pm (Korean local time).

Original source: http://www.princejks.com/member/join_notice.asp

Announcement for Joining Cri J 5 in 2014
Hi~Cri, this is Tree-J company. Eels can join Jang Keun Suk Official Fanclub – PrinceJKS.com to become full members of Cri-J 5. Moreover, foreigners (living abroad, including Korean) can join PrinceJKS.com to become full members of Cri-J 5. If you want to join, please check the notice below.
Joining period:
The period for those who live in Korea is different from that of those who live abroad.
For those who live abroad: 13:00 Wednesday November 13th, 2013 ~ 23:59 Sunday November 17th, 2013 (Korean local time)

Qualification for joining:
Everybody who loves and cheers for Jang Keun Suk

Membership period:
Wednesday January 1st, 2014 ~ Wednesday December 31st, 2014

Joining fee:
Those who live abroad: US$20 (Paypal / 2014crij@naver.com / Chaelee Jang)
* There will be additional notice for those who live abroad.

Joining procedure:
Step1: Go to princejks.com.
Step2: Click ‘JOIN’ of the pop-up notice.
Step3: Then, fill out the application.
Step4: Deposit the correct amount into our account, and you will receive a payment confirmation e-mail.
Step5: Log in to princejks.com

Member Perks:
1) Online Service
– Can have access to full members-only homepage (JKS Message, Photos, Videos, Step Blog, etc)
– Can participate (only for full members) in on-line events
2) Offline Service
– Can participate (only for full members) in off-line events
– Will receive Cri-J third term full membership goods (Except those who live abroad)
* It means international eels can’t receive their membership goods. Joining fee doesn’t include shipping fee to abroad.

Things that you need to be aware of:
(1) You have to complete all the steps to join.
(2) You have to join using your own name. If you use another person’s name or a fake name to join, you cannot participate in any event at princejks.com.
(3) If you are over 14, you have to make the payment within the registration period after you submit your application.
(4) If you are under 14, you have to submit a written consent of a parent with your application and make the payment within the registration period.
(5) If you are caught selling the fanclub membership card and/or full membership goods, we will take legal actions and you will be banned from ever joining princejks.com.
(6) The full membership goods (ONLY for those who live in Korea) will be sent in January all at once.
(7) After becoming a member, we do not give refunds in any way, shape or form.
(8) We do not take questions over the phone. Please contact us with e-mail (treej0804@naver.com) for all questions relating to the fanclub. Before asking us questions, Please check the notice THOROUGHLY.


31 thoughts on “[Notice-1] How to join JKS Official Fanclub Cri-J 5 in 2014”

  1. TreeJ please make sure the instruction in application is in English. I do not read or write Korean. The time is so limited so if we take a lot of time fumbling with it, we may not be able to complete the application.

  2. Oh no, now they are going to know who we are… I do have one question though, about the paypal, usually I log into my account and just send to a name and email address. Do the same here?

  3. Hi Tenshi, I just wanted to know how I can join the fan club? I clicked on the link that you posted but I could not find the link for the application. Pls help…thank you!!!

    • Application period for international eels hasn’t started yet. After it opens in public, I’ll update here. Please wait until tomorrow.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t know. It’s impossible for you to open PayPal? If you have a credit card, you can open soon. If not, as Tree-J says, please ask them. Soon the detail will be out. So I think they’ll mention about the payment method, too. So you can check before sending an e-mail.

      (8) We do not take questions over the phone. Please contact us with e-mail (treej0804@naver.com) for all questions relating to the fanclub. Before asking us questions, Please check the notice THOROUGHLY.

  4. hi tenshi, i already finished the paypal transaction and received the email confirmation but still cannot login. i cannot understand the error as it is not in english

      • Same thing here… And I also don’t have an idea regarding what the I.D means actually… Khm… I’ve written some nickname instead.

    • Hi FabulousSukkie, are you living abroad as well? After receiving your paypal confirmation email were you able to login immediately? Because when i try to login i am being shown again the page for the paypal to be a full member. I wonder if there is just a delay or if there’s a step i missed. thanks!

      • Hi newb-eel, probably we can’t login right away before getting any further confirmation from tree-j? I completed all the steps but haven’t tried to login yet. However some int’l eels also said that they couldn’t login yet. Maybe we need to wait a bit more 🙂

  5. Jesus freaking Christ!!!

    This is the message you get when you go through the needed steps for joining Tree J 5 for 2014:

    “Tree-J below the amount deposited to the account to deposit the check, please join the two Register as a Member xxxxx@gmail.com completed. Have to send paying by papal systems please. thanks.”

    I mean, what does it mean?!?! I couldn’t understand a single thing there!

    I know that the Tree J team is very busy and that their English is not top notch but they should have someone proofread before they post a message like this! It’s very important if they wanna attract foreign (non-Korean speaking) fans!

    I’ve sent them an email about this and hopefully someone will actually read it and correct this embarrassment of a message…

    And I’m sorry, I’m usually not like this and not really the one to correct anyone for their bad English, especially because English is not my first language either, but that message is just not acceptable… By any standards!

    Peace out!

    • Oh, and I even forgot to mention the basic grammar errors they’ve neglected such as putting a comma instead of a full stop, as well as, not putting a capital letter after the full stop.

      I mean, c’mon, peepz! Seriously!

      • hehe… Jazzy, I frowned as well when I read that particular message because I had a hard time trying to understand it. But anyway, probably it’s the automated translation/ machine translation. I don’t know how many employees Tree-J has at the moment and whether they have people particularly assigned to deal with international English speaking fans but I guess they have been trying to accommodate us as well. Tree-J tweeted in Chinese, Japanese and English today. Hm… maybe Prince didn’t expect that he would have quite a number of enthusiastic international eels ;)?

      • kkk! i giggled a lot reading your comment jazzy! even the errors were weird. but i will still patiently try to wait till i can login. when i learn korean i will apply to be staff, but i don’t know how long that will take me! ^_^! zikzin!

  6. I haven’t tried to apply yet, so I can’t answer ID now. But I suppose it must be your ID as a member. You can choose any as long as no one uses the same one.

    It might be helpful to use “translation feature” on their website.
    You can see the feature on the right top, next JOIN. Please select your preferable language.
    I’m afraid there are still grammatical errors because they are translated automatically.

  7. It seems we need to wait for one or two weeks after they confirm our application. So after your payment, please wait for a while. I’ll post the instruction with images later ^^ Please keep calm, eels!

  8. OMG! I did wrongly…
    “The Paypal e-mail address must be the same as your membership e-mail address.”
    I have to send an e-mail to them to change my registered e-mail address… T_T

    • huhuhu. we got the same scenario! please let me know if you had yours fixed and how you did it so that I can follow it. thanks tenshi! ^_^

    • I thought ID was something of a passport ID orso, since they let you fill in a nickname.I filled a nummer and when trying to test login, it ask for my ID and password…hahaha,so seems a bit weird..don’t know if it can be changed
      I did not get such message as what Jazzy mentioned.., I did choose for the language setting before I started and everything went smooth..except the ID issue….but I already had a confirmation mail from paypal…so I will patiently wait untill for CriJ mail…since it is for membership 2014…they still have a lot of time..guess they are really busy right now because first joining was for korean eels and now for internatinal eels and they have all the admin from the prolongations and all the gifts they have to send out…too bad we won’t get any…I would be very happy to pay the postage..but I understand.. Tree J en Cri J are still growing


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