35 thoughts on “[Teaser-2] Jang Keun Suk & IU ‘Beautiful Man’”

  1. omg IU looks so cute 🙂 and jgs is hansome as ever , but i’m not really liking his hair . ?! why is it like that ?! either he cuts it or leave it , cuz its lousy hairstyle 🙁 but over all i’m excited 🙂

  2. i really dont know what to say about this drama ?!! its seems so blh .. and i’m dead worried that it may suck at rating , esp it will go against lee min ho and park shin hye heirs , , that is making me scared as hell about the ratings 🙁 its is so weird that park shin hye will be facing jgs , i thought that they are dating 😛

    • What’s the big deal about Heirs? I know its trailing behind KBS’s Secret, it didn’t became really that hit compare to those previous SBS dramas in the same slot. Lots of fans say its boring them to death, LMH & PSH have a bland chemistry.

      • kris i’m worried about the rating as well , but let’s just hope for the best and keep supporting PM cuz not only it will face heirs which was horrible and so lame and so overrated to me , but also the man from the stars , and i really hope for this drama to have more that it seems , and plz dont care about the rating that much and just enjoy jgs awesomeness on screen 🙂 , so just let’s keep praying 🙂 PM fighting ?!!

    • I am not worrying about Beautiful Man TV rating at all, not anymore anyway, even with all that happened and all the negative critics and feedback about Beautiful Man (all before it’s airing….T.T..).

      So what if it’s low rating in Korea. So what if it’s on the same time slot as Heir. If Heir receives HIGH rating, good for them. People have different preferences in watching dramas…..people have choices to watch whatever they want to watch… and sure enough, we can’t prevent people from voicing their opinions of LIKE or DISLIKE about Sukkie’s dramas or even force them to watch Sukkie’s drama if they don’t want to, aren’t we?!!

      Any way, as for Beautiful Man dram good or bad rating, I will not be soooo stressful or over-analyze on some things that I can’t control. In fact, I am fully looking forward to enjoy watching every minutes, scenes and episodes of this drama. For me, Beautiful Man will be awesome DAEBAK and fun drama..!!!

      Do I wish this drama to receive respectable high rating his Korea??? Sure I do, with all my heart..!!!! Would I feel BAD if this drama won’t live up to people’s expectations…..sure I will be feel BAD….but not because I care too much about TV rating in Korea. I would feel BAD….just thinking Sukkie would feel bad if his work is not GOOD enough for Korean Neitizens to watch him.

      However, I must accept Sukkie’s PIG situations in Korea……. accept the reality that Jang Keun Suk has a long long long way to go to gain his people’s kind attention. Maybe someday, when he is older…!!!

      Based on my knowledge and experiences…….. none of Sukkie’s dramas have high TV rating……however, despite low rating, ALL Sukkie’s dramas did well and sold well outside of Korea. Beautiful Man will be selling just as well. No worry for that!!!!

      Despite all odds and low Dramas rating, Jang Keun Suk still becomes super famous K-STAR and still can demand high Dramas’ fees or CFs’ fees…etc. So in a nutshell, Low drama’s rating did not effect his acting career at all…!!!

      As long as, his dramas are still generating HIGH incomes and do well in this world, the production companies still want Jang Keun Suk to play on their Dramas.

      Beautiful Man, fighting!!! Jyo~ZikZin!!!!!

      • Yes yes yes Kailey 1 million times agree!!! And I’d like to add, low rating has not & will not affect Sukkie’s career, he excel as an actor, even his haters cannot deny that. He had this remarkable outstanding chemistry with his co-stars in all his works that fans & critics do agree. Hence his dramas are unforgettable & fans would repeat watching those a lot of times.

      • I super agree! You said it all. Low rating will only be a single aspect that the haters and the antis will capitalize. But the gains outside of Korea is 100 times more for Sukkie to be known to the world.

      • Hear hear… totally agree.. makes me wanne watch this drama even more.. and I am gonna watch this drama on KBS too

      • Well you won’t know, he always mention 3 yrs younger & his mother favorite.
        As long as a girl that can make him happy why not!!!

      • There are many girls younger than him 3 years around him. I already heard his Radio. So he didn’t talk about his girl friend now in public. You can hope but wait and see. 🙂

  3. I’m really trying hard to like IUs character in this drama but I just can’t… I’ll wait for the show to start soon and hopefully she won’t behave like a spoiled brat the whole time (like in this trailer).

    I know this type of character is somewhat usual for female leads in many K-dramas but I just can’t stand it!!! They write them as they’re some kind of idiots that have no self-worth and no minds, nor ideals of their own…

    They always fall in love (oh, and at first sight, without knowing what kind of person the guy really is!) with the hottest guy around and they waste years and years pinning for them, even though they know they have no chance with them, like there’s no other men in the world… Of course, there’s always this second guy that falls in love with the innocent and clueless girl that is pinning for the hot guy… Oh, and the second guy also knows that he has no chance with her because she’s head over heals with the hot guy but he never gives up until the end when he forgives her all and realizes that the hot guy is a ‘better person’ for her than himself… What?!?! I really really dislike these kinds of premises!

    And no wonder actresses usually can’t pull it off properly simply because the characteristics of the character are very unrealistic and overly exaggerated! Just thinking of PSH in ‘Heartstrings’ and her pouting throughout two thirds of the show makes me wanna puke! And now IU in this one, as well…

    I will try and watch it just because of JKS and I really wish for this show to be a success. I know he’ll do his best and he’s a really good actor. I just hope, in the future, he will choose more challenging and different kinds of roles and shows/movies to act in.

    And sorry for my ranting here I’m just kinda disappointed with the same old story happening again, I guess 🙂


    • Jazzy, I feel different. Actually this drama is based on Korean popular comic and will be categorized in romance comedy. Personally I don’t often watch this kind of categories neither in Korean dramas/movies nor in other countries’ ones. But after knowing this outline of BM, I’m getting very interested in BM. Now I understand why Jang Keun Suk selected this. Actually he’s prepared to act Dogko Ma-Te for 8 months already. I heard he’s been preparing how he should act to make Mate more realistic. As he did in YAB, he seems to make his character from various points like hairdo, clothes, the way to speak and so on. Anyway, there are many tastes. I have to admit I can’t say I love all his works blindly. Even if it’s one of his works, there are many other things involved in one work. But Jazzy, please don’t worry too much before BM goes on air. I’m sure it’s not a simple storyline like just a girl fell in love at first sight with the most beautiful man in the world. Mate has a mission to achieve. He needs to become more fascinated in and out, through meeting different type of women. I’m just excited to imagine what kind of woman I can be? What kind of virtue or value I can convey to Mate? kkk
      All we can do now is just look forward to seeing Actor Jang on TV : ) The time is coming soon!

      • I really hope you’re right, Tenshi! And I suppose the story will have more than just what it seems in this Trailer. I’m sure that for Mate it’ll be an interesting trip and storyline, going through all these changes, both physically and emotionally…

        However, for IUs character, I’m not so sure… I think it’ll be just instant falling in love (remember the bus scene!) and her running after him for 15 episodes just to end up together with her ‘dream guy’ in the end… I hope not but I kinda have this feeling…

        Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be more for IUs character, as well, than what it initially seems… They did make her look rather dull and one dimensional in this Trailer, with all that ‘Oppa’ calling out and a behavior of a 7-year old girl. I’m sorry folks but that is just NOT CUTE! It is bland and unreasonable behavior for a high school/grown up girl.

        Maybe I don’t see it as cute at all because of mine European/Canadian background and never really understood the concept of Kawaii… I CAN’T stand Hello Kitty (anyone wondered why that cat doesn’t have a mouth?) and similar concepts! For me, it’s insulting to the whole grown female population… But that is just my own opinion and I’m sorry if I insulted anyone with the Kawaii and Hello Kitty stuff.

        Anyways, I’m not gonna judge before I see the show… For the time being, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a good ratings and looking forward to seeing JKS on a TV again 🙂 That will be good enough for me 🙂


      • i think this drama will have more focus on dokgo mate character..idk about IU acting but i really hope she can act. i believe mate character is very challenging and depth..but it depends on the scripts and the whole production too.if they can make a good drama..then BM will be daebak..i never worry about suk because he always impress me in anything he do. u can only expect the unexpected frm him. BM FIGHTING!!!

    • Hi Jazzy! Aside from my more than 100 percent trust of Sukkie, I also have a 100 percent trust of the writer of this drama. I saw the Miracle of Cell Number 7 movie, and I don’t wonder why it has gathered more than 12 million viewers, that writer is really a genius. With this writer partnership with Sukkie, I know they will produce a quality work. I do not mind much about the rating.

    • Hi Jazzy! I think IU’s character is rather a typical manga/ manhwa girl character, somehow a bit exaggerated. Although I’m a big fan of JKS, I am honestly not an avid fan of Korean Drama except the sageuks. I don’t fancy watching too many tears and cruel people lol. I only watch the romcom for fun’s sake, too. However, I could understand that a lot of k-drama fans/ netizens have unpleasant initial reactions towards the premise of the story, as being too ‘subtle’ because they prefer a more ‘intriguing’ plot, which they thought they couldn’t see it coming with BM. Still, I’d personally rather go with Tenshi’s statement that Dokgo Mate is indeed a challenging character to play for our JKS. He has to ‘conquer’ 10 different ladies, meaning to say he has to ‘play’ perhaps 10 different ‘faces’ depending on each lady’s interest. And I read somewhere that Mate is a ‘loner’. I can’t really imagine how a loner can actually have this ambition to ‘conquer’ others and how he would do that. It could be interesting if JKS can portray this side well. He once wanted to play Ji Hoo (the second lead of Boys Over Flower, who had this loner characteristic as well), I guess he still wants to try this kind of character this time – well, if the writer keeps this characteristic of Mate, of course. So far they have a good production team handling this project, so I’m crossing my fingers that this drama would have its own place at viewers’ heart. By the way, talking about drama rating, Ha Ji Won’s ‘Empress Ki’ is on top now. If our prince took the offer to play in this drama instead of BM, he’d definitely secure one high rating drama on his CV. However… Do we want to see him playing another royal prince like Chang Hwi? Or do we want to see him trying another multifaceted character? 🙂

      • Sexy diabolical playboy fancy looking of course.. for me at least.. and it’s a comedy.. and he has not done such yet.. I m sure at least the manwha readers of BM will watch to see how the book came to reality..it’s diffical to compare tv ratings.. one must consider different aspects.. like age, timeslots etc.. it’s only one side of the story.. the main thing is still commercial

      • We all would predict that Empress Ki would receive HIGH TV rating in Korea…….but oh my lord, I don’t know how would I finish watching 50 something episodes of any drama, mo matter how good it is. Maybe if I really like the ACTOR or actress..or may I use fast-forward button all the time…kkkk

        Sukkie already gave us the reasons why he choose Beautiful Man instead of Empress Ki. It’s all about timing and fitting characters. Sukkie mentioned that he would love to play in Empress Ki, but the timing is not right, he is soooooo busy man, won’t be able to focus on playing in 50 episodes drama at this stage of his life….and Sukkie feels that he can play Dokgo Ma Te character better.

        Yeahh….TV Rating depends on certain group of audiences (age and gender). The majority viewers are people in their middle ages and older people (both male and female) tend to watch historical or melodramas more as to Rom-COM drama. (Of course, I didn’t say some young people won’t enjoy historical dramas..some probably love watching it. Same go to middle age or older folks, might like Rom-Com more than historians.

        Like me, I’m a noona, guess I can consider to be middle age woman, but I can’t stand watching LONG historian Dramas. I tried to watch some in the past…but historian dramas are just too long, too confusing, too dragging, too murderous,….on and on….totally not for me. I became too stressful watching historian dramas. I watched Hong Gil Dong, it’s not even long historical drama, I end up fasting forward most parts. Maybe I am not such a big Drama-lover as I though I am…kkkkk

      • Hahaha, yea, sageuks have a lot of episodes, true, Kailey ;). I personally approve Suk’s choice of BM over Empress Ki. He’ll be playing the characters (Eun ho & Chang Hwi) he’s played before again in Empress Ki, though some netizens argued that Dokgo mate might also be Hwang Tae Kyung or Seo Joon- like character. I mentioned about Empress Ki and its soaring rating in my previous comment because I know that some worry about BM’s rating. I appreciate Keun Suk’s choice and glad actually, that he didn’t seem to choose the ‘safe’ way :). Instead he’s making his own way through BM… and we shall all support & cherish it as his eels, rite ;). The dramas I am going to faithfully watch this year is BM hahaha… and Empress Ki, too, as something to watch with my ‘sageuk fan’ mother ;).

    • yeah i also think that he should do some challanging role as blind or handicapped singer in a drama which will focus on him. what do u think guys

  4. Pretty Man fighting!!! Just another week & we’ll watch Jang Keun Suk again finally. They all look beautiful, Kim Botong surely has unique (weird) taste in fashion. 🙂

    • I just saw new hilarious stills of Bo Tong on FB…lol she looked so adorable~^^ Can’t wait to watch this romantic comedy. Fighting Bel Ami~!

      • It pumps up the drama, fans are excited to see IU’s get up. Looking forward to lots of hilarious, cute scenes…Ma Te’s mission & secret that will draw the tension in the drama. Jang Keun Suk, THE ACTOR that we miss so much never dissapoints his eels with his always superb performance. Pretty Man Zikzin!!!

  5. It makes no sense to worries about the ratings for as history shows JKS drama’s get reruns eveytime…an Bel Ami drama serie already making headlines from commercial point of view…so..I’m not worried…

    I like what I see…
    I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ROLLERCOATER RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Im excited with this drama and also quite scared with the rating. I hope our Sukkie will not be affected to whatever outcome/ratings of his new show the same as what happened to Love Rain. No matter what, i will support JKS all the way! Fighting Pretty Man!

  7. Well said Tenshi…thank you for your comment. I really apprreciate it. I now understand JKS character a little better. No matter what happens we are all here to support JKS. Lets all be positive and enjoy the show!!! Fighting!!!!

  8. After Love Rain I am not thinking abt rating anymore. Although i want to get highest rating for JKS every drama. I should understand the Korean viewers upon JKS.
    But whatever …
    JKS never disappoint me. He always give something big from his every works. This is because he is sincerely put his all efforts on his works.
    There were alot of curiousness.. doubts.. worries.. in my mind when I heard abt his new drama.
    But now slowly knowing the storyline and teasers of Pretty Man.. this drama can be Different One.

  9. It doesn’t matter whether they are dating or not. They are mature and professional enough to act accordingly. Anyway you cannot compare The Heirs” is the first kdrama to be co-produced by an American company.
    Everybody in Korea has high expection. The success of the drama will create more dramas between the 2 country.
    I know the rating might not be high but ‘Heirs’ will be ending soon (last 4 eps) hopely the rating can go up after that.

    Let’s criticise other dramas when we don’t like others to do the same to

    • No one wants to criticise other dramas here, sometimes we don’t have any choice because someone started it. Pre-judging the drama base on the 26 seconds teaser & boosting up another drama by belittling Pretty Man is not that clever, this blog is jangkeunsukforever, eels for sure would love to hear good stuff about Sukkie in this blog & not negative stuff. If fans want to compliment a different drama, better do that in that drama’s own blog please or else sorry I as Jang Keun Suk loyal fan would say something.

      Pretty Man’s success could not be base alone on ratings, whether it will get a high or low rating got nothing to do with some other drama.

      Thanks everyone. 🙂

      • kristin_ez, thank you for supporting our Blog hidden policy!!! This blog is dedicated to Only Jang Keun Suk…..it’s not shipper blog or other STARs’ blog.

        I have noticed that sometimes, some of bashing and negative comments were generated by my JKS haters, some by shipper comments, some by comparing other STARs with Sukkie which is fine understandable, totally unavoidable, because that what most of us, fans of STARs, do…comparing Artistes. If not comparing them now and then, how would one choose ones’ favorite artist or bias….kkkk

        But if people can do the comparing with well respectful manner and objective point of views, we would appreciate anyone whoever comes visiting our blog, very much.

      • Yes, I totally agree & understand Kailey. So better be prepared for those who would dare compare Pretty Man to other drama, because I wont back out kkk. Don’t worry I’m not the type to curse or be disrespectful, but would gladly share them the truth of the matter.

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