[Tree-J notice] April Fools’ joke?

Visitors to JKS’ old (but still operational) website (www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr) get to see this pop-up notice from Tree-J.
After 1 April is past in Korean time, I’m not sure whether you’ll get to see this pop-up notice anymore, but the screencap is as above.
English translation below.

I strongly believe (99.99%) that it is an April Fools’ joke, and the majority of eels believes that it is a joke too. After all, we are talking about wacky JKS who also released a joke on April Fools’ Day last year when he released information saying that he was about to cut an album. Given JKS’ professionalism and diligence, he will never ever postpone his scheduled performances. Even when he had a cold and lost his voice last November during one of his Japan FMs, he still proceeded with the performance.

Nevertheless, some eels are appealing to him not to make his health the subject of a joke …. we cannot bear anything bad to befall him!

For English translation,


Hi everyone, this is Tree-J.

Due to his increasingly busy schedule recently, Actor Jang’s health is deteriorating. As such, all his performances are temporarily suspended. This is the result of stress and the accumulation of exhaustion, and not of his intention. We are sorry to cause any anxiety to fans who love JKS. Hope that actor Jang can recover soon. As for his upcoming Asia Tour, we shall announce his schedule in the near future.

Thank you.

— END —

Credits: KeunSukChina
Chinese translation: Huahua

10 thoughts on “[Tree-J notice] April Fools’ joke?”

  1. yup agree..do not make his health the subject of a joke, even that was just probably April Fools’ joke, i’m still worry about him_ the note also writes ‘This is the result of stress’ whoaaa Tree-J’s team are so naughty if this is a really really April Fools’ joke.. :p

  2. I hope it is only a joke, I would not be surprised if his sick right now because his schedule are crazy! He is too far too thin, he need to rest.

  3. I hope it is not true ..but Tree J must not make his health as a subject of a joke,anyway we will know the truth soon

  4. Oh, it’s a very bad joke:((( don’t like…Suk health isn’t a good subject for joking
    i hope he is healthy…

  5. Oh no,,, never use JKS health as a joke.. knowing how overworked he is,, this is the last thing we Eels would want to hear!! Aigoo… anniyo… Saranghaeyo Sukkie..


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