[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 3_First Experience(part1)

UPDATE: added English subbed version
Translation by : Springsuk_USA, wen Lee. Eve yap and eileen tan
Timing by saad al-otaibi and Madhawi jks

Credits: 장근석의 ZIKZIN Radio, uploader

Original link: http://web.mvod.ch100320.smartucc.kr/podcast/?k=71a762aae68455cc16e5a91155bf7519

22 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Jang Keun Suk’s ZIKZIN Radio_episode 3_First Experience(part1)”

  1. 2 very interseting stores to share here before Eng-subbing…

    – he thoroughly described how he experienced the ‘first kiss’ with the sound of ‘bobo’. That was in a cinema and its his girlfriend took the initiative and her lips stay on his lips for a while that made JKS very nervous about how to response so as to make a real kiss. He was thinking of changing directions of his head(haha…)

    – his first experence of watching porn video (he does share everything ha…). one of personal agent was his neighbour when he was a child. The kid, 2-years younger than JKS, one day asked JKS to come to watch something interesting when JKS is 10. It was the P-video. They fell asleep in the middle and when JKS woke up again, he finishied watching the video himself…….

    • Not only that, Sara, but episode 4 is available on iTunes too and I haven’t seen it posted anywhere!!! I, too, am waiting for English subtitles. I think everyone is so wrapped up with the “Pretty Man” that Zikzin radio hasn’t received the usual attention from people who sub it.

  2. O..how I wish I could translate…but my korean is nowhere near…
    Sukkie is so hilarious and honest…hahaha… poor child…already shocked at 10 yr old…hahaha
    Hope some angel will find time to subbed this for us

  3. lol to “how about you guys come to play this drama”..well after the 2 episodes of bel ami, except JKS i cant imagine any actor who can give justice to dokgo mate’s character…fighting..

  4. Thank you, ECI guys, for translating, timing and posting this. Without you I wouldn’t be able to understand a thing 🙂

    Thank you!

  5. It was so sweet of him sharing the experiences difficult to talk about. Listening to this episode I was shocked myself how late it was for my first kiss, 2nd year in my graduate school!! Comparing this to Korean experiences I must have been considered very unpopular. It was the opposite. I was very popular but was so afraid of kissing. It was the same feeling like our Prince that he could not sleep for 3 days thinking what his parents would think of his kissing and it was kind of sinful. Probably it is the Asian culture to save the first kiss for the one who you love so much that you will get married with. It has changed now in Korea as well as many Asian countries.

    I really enjoyed the Zikzin radio. Thanks to all the subscribers who make the program possible for the international eels, love you all for your great effort.

  6. Thanks at everyone for the translate without your work I couldn’t understand what make smiling so much at Jang. I really enjoy. Blessing for you. =)

  7. hahaha..poor suk about the first kiss..its like he’s not really into it.kkkk…btw..eels..did u guys notice he mentioned about the sound leeleelee…in dialect story.if u had watched BM..he seems to promote the word already.kkkk..even i dont get whats he mean by that but the sound coming frm him is so cute.leeleelee..

  8. Hi eels,

    My heart broke when I start reading his podcast about the number of downloads…

    I send TreeJ a email with this content…
    [quote]In your podcast ep 3 you mention about the low downloads and that there would have been more downloads if it was not the fact that podcast gets downloaded and shared with many others……

    I’m one of the eels who has to wait for fellow eels to sub your podcasts…a lot of eels have to do that also…and we feel bad to hear that because of that you’re missing out in the numbers of downloads for you ZIKZIN Radio podcast..
    We know you yourself don’t care that much about those numbers with sometimes it’s just important because it’s the measurement system
    We eels want to support you anyway we can..

    We want to see how you record your podcasts(vodcast now only for japan) if possible provided with eng subs…
    If you could care to share that with us…we international eels can download that too and you are sure to see your numbers rising…
    As you know you have many eels internationaly…they all speak different languages…english, spanish, arab, french…to name af few..

    But I will download your podcast from now on as support and meanwhile wait for other good eels subbing : )
    maybe in the future you care to do it yourself like on your LINE

    btw…I really really love your podcasts…you do it with input from your eels and telling us your own story…I love it…no twisting no turnings…just like you…real and openhearted…[/unquote]

    I hope it helps…
    Maybe you guys can email TreeJ too?


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