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  1. Our Prince’s clothes when he was a child, white T with a jean jacket and a cap, is similar to the one he was wearing now. Except one thing, they were not brands. I wish he wears less brand named clothes. Having that good style and good look, he can be a trend setter without brand names. He should be an example to the young generation on creativity with their clothes and look and value the money they earn or that they got from their parents. Seeing young people struggling to buy brand named clothes is so pathetic, I do not mean him struggling to do so because he can buy anything he wants now that he is so rich. The only question is I really do not understand why he is always for the brands. He is not the follower but the leader. I just wish he reads this comment.

    • I think wearing branded stuffs is somehow, unfortunately, a part of a star’s life, Sudie, as they are supposed to be the fashion trendsetter and endorsers of those brands. Suk has been known for his being ‘fashionista’. There have been harsh comments indeed from netizens about his branded stuffs… but yeah… he has worked so hard and perhaps it’s one way for him to ‘pamper’ himself. He also has his own Zikzin fashion brand, rite? He’s not that much of a follower. And he has been wearing some of the Zikzin stuffs in the ‘Beautiful Man’ drama :). Suk pften posts his selca but I never really saw him mentioning the brands. Some of his eels, on the other hand, are really quick and then in a blink of an eye, the information about brands and prices appear :p. Anyway, I understand your concern… success isn’t solely defined by material things :). I hope what young people/ young eels can see more is his hardwork, not only what he has gained/ owned so far 🙂

      • or maybe the moral of story is: if you work hard like me, they you can pamper yourself with good stuff?
        so it will motivate youngsters to work hard and never give up? just my 2 cents. peace

      • Hm… It’s rather too simplifying to think of it that way, IMHO, since he never advocates directly such a thing :). Anyway, yes, kids or youngsters might think of stars like him as a role model, however, good parenting & education also play more significant influence on how they are going to live their lives

    • I have read an article about him in the other blog about a fan who sent a gift to Sukkie (a scarf) that she bought from the flea market (not a brand item) but she was so happy because she saw him wearing it. I was also touched by it, it shows that Sukkie is not that obsessed in wearing only branded items. He is just like us, would love to have these brand items & at the same time one who can wear anything as long as he likes it. 🙂


      • Yes.. I knew this eel who got the scarf from flea market too! ^_^ Isn’t it so lovely & touching to see him wearing a simple gift from eel.. this is not the only time but I have seen a few incidents…

      • Yes sis QQeyes true. Since he is Jang Keun Suk expect the unexpected. He is full of surprises, another thing that catch my attention only recently is that he treats everybody the same – saw the photo posted here when the chinese fans provide buffet for the Pretty Man film crew, he ate in the same table with anyone. And of course we know that he loves street food though he is for sure eating in a lot of expensive, fancy restaurants – he doesn’t mind also eating in a not so fancy resto like that place near his uni. I think I’m out of the topic he he…

      • Sukkie always has been like that…treating everybody the same…sharing his food with others..and he is really appretiative of everything….we love him for that and makes us wanne give him things

    • Seriously people It’s his wish if he wants to wear branded or non branded clothes , why is it anyone’s concern ? He never shows off about his costumes It’s the media or most probably the fans who search out for what he is wearing . It’s his freaking money he could do anything with that , It’s within us fans what we need to learn from him , what things to appreciate I.e in terms of his professional life since we started to like him for what he is as a actor priorly before getting to know the kind of person he is.
      The reason he was in non branded clothes is because of his family status back then or his parents might have taught him the value of Money and how to use it wisely based on their family economy. But now he has his own way to earn money and spend in any way he wishes to as he is independent and grown up enough to know what is what.
      As far as coming to fans getting influenced by him Cmon now , not everyone blindly would want to follow his brands or fashion it all depends on one’s preferences , being a kid is diff thing many kids are stubborn till they get what they need , it depends on their family values again.

  2. Not changed a bit…still the same very handsome boy…
    He’s born that way and he looks so youthfull…
    Our Sukkie wears everything under the sun what takes his fancy..
    He even shops at ladies department…because he has small sizes…Medium that is..and he loves sales…too bad he can’t shop in “normal” stores anymore…for he is ask to leave because there are so many fans around him..
    He also designs his own stuff and had it made at Royal Sunday
    And I agree with NoonaEel also…Elders have to teach the children the difference…youngsters nowadays have to learn to see other peoples hardwork too instead of only the gain; but I see the parent at fault too for buying there kids a lot of expensive toys and clothing instead of spending quality time with them..
    Sukkie worked very hard since he was 5 yrs old…and it’s only now he gets to enjoy a good life.. and yet he can be so happy with little things

  3. i think he’s not the type who look at the brand first..but prefer something which catch his attention first..he had mention before in interview about his fashion sense..he will buy what look good in his eyes..then look at the price.fortunately..he can buy what he loves but we only can buy what we afford.actually..money power will give us more choices..i believe he also buy cheap stuff if he like it.

  4. Wow a lot of the Prince’s guards! I apologize that my comments offended many eels. I am a baby boomer so please understand how I value materials but not materialistic, that is why I am very much against brand products because some of them cost a lot, the amount of money that can feed a poor family for half a year. I visited Korea for 7 times now and I just love Korean goods. Many anti fans may not like our Prince probably because he is very fond of European brands. It’s fine if you can afford them, it’s pathetic to spend your hard earned money on these. I could understand being the brand ambassador matter, but still I can’t appreciate those who spend money like that. In many old rich country they talk about the new rich and the bad taste. I hope telling you what I think will not be offending or insulting to anyone. I still love my Prince and all of the eels.

    Anyway why raised this matter, I think this is the community that meant to support the Prince constructively. I just wish he would be more popular than other stars in his own country. I may be wrong about my remarks.

    • Sudie, I understand what you meant and really thankful for your endless love and support for our Prince. I love reading your comments and I can feel your love for our Prince!!!

      Please don’t feel like eels sisters here are gaining up on you personally. We are on the same team, Jang Keun Suk Team!!! Yeahh..some of us eels are always on guards to defense our Prince. Eels have experienced sooo much bad criticism and negativity associated with Jang Keun Suk name….so I understand some eels tend to automatically on guard to defense…because I, too, always on guard to defense him on certain things.

      But as long as, we voice our opinions with reasons and no personal attack. That’s just fair enough, right!!!

      By all means, we are all entitled to voice our opinions on things we like, appreciate and value. The old school and new school or no school…we all view certain things differently. OMG…don’t lets me go to point out people think differently from different cultures!! There will never be ending debate then.

      There is no right or wrong answers to certain things we believe in. Belief is only true if we think it’s truth….and opinions are just opinions, too!!

      I love this blog!! I love all the sisters and brother here!!! I love the facts that we can voice our opinions on things culturely world wide….things related to our Prince or not!!!

      • Thanks a lot Kailey for your understanding. It’s such a relief to share an honest thought on this page, jangkeunsukforever! Cheers.

    • Sudie…you are not offending anyone…I guess..
      Speaking for myself off course…lol
      But I understand your point…
      I always teach my children to appreciates all kinds of things and since I was a mother who was not able and not willing to give my child expensive and branded stuff…(unless it’s stuff that is quality and last a very very long time and serves a main purpose)
      But the younger generations asians (the strawberry generation they call it) are given a lot because the parents can and do to compensate the fact they are not there for them;…and you see they all love the western brands…see the bloom of all the most expensive brands in China and the rest of asia..because these are consider achievements of succes..It’s becoming a big problem now; hence some artists who see this problem will take up drama’s which are dealing with this problem (see also my splendid life with Jerry yan; remake of my shining heritance with Lee seung gi)
      But since we are in Sukkie’s page…we discuss with each other the things that concers us eels and our prince.. : )
      Sukkie is also a public figure and we somehow expects these people to have certain appeal..
      The only brand I know Sukkie wears a lot of is Philipp Plein because it suits his Team H image but besides of that I can’t recall Sukkie wearing too much clothing that has a lot of visual brandnames on it..I mostly know this because fans will find out what kind of clothing it is
      Sukkie is a recycler for he wears his “work”clothes outside of work too…
      He loves to design his own clothing too to avoid namebranding..and he told us to use our own inspriration and talents too when comes to fashion…
      At his interviews he avoids answering when ask about his favorite brands of clothing and yet he silently promotes anything korean from food to you name it..
      But I’m sure he gets a lot of “promotion” clothing nowadays (artists all over the world do; it’s also one way to get financial fundings for their projects; it’s like commercials and can’t be totally avoided; see one of the scenes in YAB when he buys clothes for Go Mi Nam)…this brings me back in time for having read he once did not even had clothes to wear in the shows he had to present while others had their clothes prepared for them and had to wear his own clothes which were nowhere near the style that was require and yet he nailed it…my hart cries out thinking of that; how must he have felt poor thing..
      I’m sure Sukkie is a bit guarded when come to namecalling because he knows the magnetude of his actions too well..
      Yet as his eels we must stay critical and when really going overboard we must make that known to him through emails via Tree-J

      • Dear Mamacri, thank you very much to share your thought on this matter, a very understanding one. Let’s cherish our unconditional love to this Korean son of international eels forever. I wish BM becomes successful among the Koreans as well. Seeing how happy he was with the poster of Arab eels, and seeing the pictures of him having the food prepared for him and the BM team on the shooting side brought tears to my eyes. Just simply love him.

    • Sudie, you are one of the eels who always write smart comments. I like reading your comments. Let’s continue to support our prince, and BM especially. One more day for ep 3. I am waiting like crazy here.

    • No worries, Sudie. Eels are different individuals with different points of view. Anyway I personally didn’t think your previous comment was wrong or offensive and attacking Jang Keun Suk. We all are free to voice our opinions and certainly these won’t mean always praising him. One thing that I like from being an eel is that we have this special communication with Keun Suk and somehow he allowed us to ‘scold’ him when we think what he’s doing isn’t appropriate. Keun Suk is the same as us, just a normal person who has flaws and I really appreciate him for showing this to us, too. I myself do not always approve his fashion sense (sometimes it hurts my eyes, too, lol…) but as long as it doesn’t really harm others, it won’t bother me that much :).


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