7 thoughts on “[Video] Showbiz Korea : Drama “Pretty Boy” 드라마 “예쁜 남자””

  1. Booo… cheezy. You and your typical korean mindset. Though the rating is low in korea, it will be a huge hit internationally. Mark my words!

    • Hi Jessica! Exactly, they do not know how popular is Sukkie outside of their country. Or maybe they cannot accept that despite their bias on Sukkie he was able to rise from their bad judgement.

    • I think they are quite well aware of JKS’s talents & popularity. Concerning their guess… well, the synopsis provided for Bel Ami doesn’t do justice to the whole story, unfortunately :(.

  2. Yes…I don’t get the feel arirang is totally impartial; even they tried to…they sound so guarded..and the fact they are operating for the “foreign” market you would expect them to be more openminded, better informed and articulate and more outspoken..
    I don’t know where their funding is coming from but maybe they have to somehow obliged to that…
    only my wild guess :/

  3. They should to affirm what everyone knows that the heirs is a bad drama but is just popular for 3 actors-idols, Lee min ho and many famous cameos like kim hee chul. duh!.

    Bel Ami is better than the heirs.
    people even prefer to see Lee BoNa and Chan Young couple than the main couple of the heirs drama, because people say that the main couple of “The heirs” drama are not very attractive and are boring.


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