30 thoughts on “[04.11.2013] Jang Keun Suke Weibo”

  1. whahahaha, he is brilliant. I love his humor to handle the nonsense. This is THE BEST!!! Love you Jang Keun Suk. You’re one of kind guy who can handle the pig situation

  2. Wasn’t the original was Gunsama lying in the arm of pig. I couldn’t remember. This Photoshop is super “attack” to the pig situation. kkkkk. What a wonderful laugh I have for the Monday morning. Start my insane busy day. Zikzin, JKS. Zikzin ECI!!!

    • I don’t think it was Gunsama originally. I think I remember this one (mostly because of the weird silver sofa color but also because I though that it seemed a bit off for me that JKS is sleeping in other man’s arms, even if it’s his manager) and I think this is actually the original.

    • No this is the picture taken today. This is what they wear at Tong Yi autograph signing session today. Not the original picture that the actress used to PS the fake picture. He just want to take a similar pic to say that the scandal is such a ridiculous situation. He is so funny.

      • I’m pretty sure I saw, if not this one, than very similar picture with him and one of his managers holding him while he’s sleeping before.

        Anyways, it’s good he’s making a joke out of all of this!


  3. When I first saw this post, I laugh out right!! Sukkie is sooooo cute, sleeping with open mouth.

    I totally love this counter-attack!!! Yeapp….we can all blame it on PIG…kkkkk

  4. Awesome! Now this is the way to play things off. Now how much are they going to charge to let fans take a picture like this too? 🙂

  5. JKS is defintely not the typical idol who handles difficult situations the normal way…he uses his wit and humour to deal with sticky issues. I am so proud of him and so proud of myself becoz I am his eel 🙂

    • Hi Jazzy,
      Thanks always for supporting us jksforever blog as well as Jang Keun Suk.
      About fan-cam pics at shooting sites of BM, we decided not to share them here in our blog because of some reasons. First of all, we’d like to respect Tree-J and people involved in BM’s offers. Filming pics and sharing them in public are a kind of spoilers. And also we are afraid that sharing such pics might drive fans to go and see Sukkie to BM shooting sites.
      Recently Tree-J warned again officially on twitter that visiting shooting sites are not welcome.
      We also respect Group 8, production campany’s offer to delete and not to share BM shooting poster pics and so on. We can wait patiently until official BM pics are released by them. We all know there are still many fan-cam pics shared on twitter or Internet. But we think it’s better to keep them for our personal use, not share them in public. Limited info will help viewers to watch BM more. We hope so : )
      Again, thanks Jazzy for giving us a chance to share our posting policy here. We don’t share his fan-cam pics taken during his private time. And we don’t share unreliable rumors. We’re always trying to post reliable ones with sources.

      P.S. If you are interested, please consider to join our group, Eels’ International Club (ECI). We are active in a secret group of Facebook. So we can share and discuss more freely there.

  6. Netizens are very funny. Before Tree J made statement, most of the defended sukkie. But when it’s clear that sukkie was not involved and Tree J put this scandal to a beautiful end, most of them started to bash sukkie now. LOL

    And I am so happy that sukkie handled this situation with wit (beautifully beyond my expectation), as I’ve ever expected him to say something on this. Suk, you’re really unpredictable and 4D. I will support you always…

  7. Why did he make this parody now???
    There is still no trace of the original pic with matches with the PSed one.
    I don’t care if even it was him in the pic , but Treej should have either denied it completely or showed a proper proof. This confusion is not doing any good .

    I will still watch his drama though…..jus don’t want this rumor to affect his career and the hate from Koreans 🙁
    I hope they give a better explanation.

    • I don’t think it is possible to find the original pic. he has so many photos for all this years. Treej denied because JKS never meet her. I think he make this parody to show that nothing sexsul in this pic.


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