[04.11.2013] Tree-J twitter

[ZIKZIN Radio] ZIKZIN Radio part 2 was uploaded!! Your long-awaited part 2 is finally available now. See you again for part 3 next Monday~ ^^
[ZIKZIN Radio] 직진라디오 2부 업로드!! 기다리고 기다리던 2부가 떴네요. 다음주 월요일에 3부로 만나용~^^
tenshi_akuma’s note: It seems episode 1 ’27 years old’ continues until part 3. And it’s not yet available on iTunes podcast channel. So please access this link or YouTube downloaded by an eel.

[Notice about Joining Cri J 5] We will begin recruiting full-time members soon. Eels abroad can join this time!

[Joining Cri J 5] Eels abroad have to pay the fee thru PAYPAL. If you want to join us, plz have your paypal account ready in advance

[Notice about Joining Cri J 5] Plz check our Notice at http://princejks.com tomorrow

[Joining Cri J 5 for eels abroad] If you have any questions, please contact us at treej1987@naver.com

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  1. Finally the registration for international eels will be available again. And you can use PayPal this time. Can’t wait to share the info tomorrow ^^


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