[02.11.2013] Jason Jang’s Weibo

Jason replied Jang Keun Suk’s weibo.

True will come out one day. Good things take longer time!!! Beautiful Man Daebak! (big success)! Chinese Official Fan Club Website, Greatwall… don’t worry. For good result we will be fully prepared! Good people get good return, now we need to trust each other! Everybody fighting!
真相总有一天会水落石出的. 好事多磨!! 漂亮的男人大发!中国官网,长城…不用担心. 为了好效果充分准备!好人好报, 现在需要互相信任!大家加油!
지금 웃음이 나오지? 응? 응? 돼지야!!

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  1. Ow!!! Jason, you should explain further even though it doesn’t bother me at all. And instead I’m happy for this rumor because it dispel a lot of insinuation of some who doubted Sukkie’s gender, and its a good promotion of Pretty Man.

  2. Finally!!! Pig tries to do damage control!!! He needs to earn his keep by protecting Sukkie better.

    Wowww……Greatwall!!! Really really, Pig mentioned Greatwall, so it’s possible it will happen sooner or later.

    He must have been bombarded everyday by eels’ complaining and necking about arrangement for Greatwall promise!!! Eels, Good, keep necking Pig to do something……kkkkk

  3. Jason, you should handle this better. This is the first time sukkie being accused of a sex scandal with a picture. The hair and sideburns and foreheads look like his. But the mouth and nose and chin don’t. If it’s not him, then clarify resolutely. If it’s him but no sex involved, the girl just secretly snatched a selca with drunk sukkie, then clarify! I don’t want sukkie to get worse image in Korea. Yes, netizens won’t call him gay anymore, but they will claim him as a playboy with low taste, as the girl is alleged to sleep with many famous chinese actors. Oh, my poor prince

    Btw… just for a joke. I sent the pic to my friend, asking whether the guy in the pic was sukkie or not. Her answer was: I don’t think so. But if he is sukkie, then what scandal can be arisen from this pic? The girl seemed like giving sukkie facial service rather than had just f**ked him. LOL

    • thank u for sharing this! yes jessica! i hope we get clearer answers. oh i just hope sukkie is not getting upset about this. i hate it when he gets sad 🙁

    • KKK!!! Jessica, because of that photo I watched Love Rain episode 16, specially part 5 in Good Drama.net because that where we can see most of the left side, and I think the ear is identical with that of Sukkie.

  4. Damn! Can’t they jus come out n clear up this mess. It’s gud to see many k-nets defending Sukkie as they hav come across that pic long ago and are pretty sure It’s not him. But it would be better they release a statement about the scandal anything agreeing or denying. If the issue goes up further in discussions among ppl , it ain’t really gud for Sukkie , you never know since Koreans are unpredictable . Just wen I thought they’d bash him brutally , I found myself surprised k-netz shielding Sukkie. So anything can happen jus hope he doesn’t get more hate from his motherland because of this scandal.

  5. your explanation is not enough. You need be more careful and wise.I don’t care about these rumous or scandals.But I hate when anti s trying to frame him and trying to destroy his image when he is about to start his new projects.I believe BM is getting all the attention by everyone.At the moment has to handle everything smoothly…..
    I believe the truth will come out soooooon….until then
    sukkiee fighting

  6. “True will come out one day” what is that mean ?!!! does he truly love her ?!! or she is truly his girl friend ?!
    well the lame way they explain this scandal is telling us nothing but either that he truly has a girlfriend and he will tell us someday , or that girlfriend is this girl and they don’t know what to say about it . exp being calm !!! or what do you guys think ??!!! 🙁

    • Hi Randa! I would go for Min’s explanations in the previous page. I don’t think she is Sukkie’s girlfriend. I always believe in what he said that as he aged he is more careful about relationships. But I would not discount the possibility of of a man who would bite at times to certain temptations, and its just normal to any man.

    • I agree with you Randa. Jason needs to clear things up…. Or, IDK… Maybe it is better just to stay quite and ignore this kind of rubbish, not to level yourself with that kind of thing… We’ll see what’ll happen in the next few days..

      Anyways, with Jason’s ‘The truth will come out one day. Good things take longer time!!!’, it might be that JKS had/has a girlfriend but they can’t reveal it yet… I’m pretty sure it won’t be this Chinese attention seeking ‘actress’.


  7. i think its a confession..i cant believe Jason answer the rumor like that.soo..daring.idk how suk feel now..panic?? shocked?? im worried really..

    • yes, I am also disappointed with jason’s answer. So I think now it’s time for sukkie to stand out and clarify things, as he is the boss of his agency. come on, my brave and honest prince. You should be vocal this time. Please…. I beg you to handle this yourself if Jason just made it worse.

      • jessica wong,

        JKS is very very busy man right now. He has no time to address this issue or he might never will. Sometimes, it’s better not to rebuttal about things..it might even backfire when you rebuttal the alleged claim.

        EELs, please don’t worry tooo much about this scandal!! This is not the FIRST time Sukkie has scandal with so call girls!!! Believe me, this will not be the last time either.

        Don’t worry too much what people say becoz we can not prevent them from saying whatever they want to say. Just like, when Sukkie has long hair, they said he is GAY. Now seeing him with girl, they said he is playboy..!! Haters always believe the worst any way no matter how you try to explain and clear out the issues.

        I am not affected by this scandal at all. This scandal is funny anyway, the girl has clothes on..and Sukkie seemed dead drunk sleeping….and what the heck……there is 3rd person taking the picture. Totally not good set-up stage for defamation of the STAR.

        Real eels will always stand by Sukkie’s side, no matter what!!!

      • Kailey,

        Of course I trust our price 10000%. That’s y I demand jason to make a better clarification, as I am worry for the impact to his new drama. Plus his image as he is the endorsement for some giant companies in China. If we want him to get more endorsement contracts, trust of eels only is not enough, but public image will play a significant role here.

        This new affects me so bad, I couldn’t sleep well last night. I’ve been an eel for 3 years since MMM and I follow sukkie’s activities and news on 24/7 basis. I am placing high expectation on ‘Pretty Man’ as it is highly anticipated by eels and non eels. I really hope that this crap news won’t knock affect the drama much.

        Let’s pray that our prince will continue his glory days for a long, long, long time.

      • we dont have to worry too much..they will think what they gonna do about this matter. i just hope this rumor dont get bigger and bigger..and i dont wanna see it on my local newspaper..please eels never share link and spread it outside..i know it already spread but please..we will see how suk will handle this..i hope its a joke.

  8. The truth that Jason isn’t be a pig?? lollol Oh! Come on Jason, pls don’t mind Prince’s joke lollol.. Pls don’t mind as long as it makes everyone smile lol..

  9. Damaged has been done with bad Chinese manager. How can a good manager in entertainment business say such thing like, “Good things take longer time.”. This is an entertainment world and things run by millisecond. I think the nickname PIG suits him well.

  10. Only a few are defending JGS in Allkpop, Soompi and Netizenbuzz. For every 10 comments, 9 defend Kris of Exo. Where are the eels when its time that you are needed?

    • don’t worry their are people who defending JGS as well . but to be honest kirs photo was far worse , i mean the guy was naked , and that is way people are in shock and kept defending him .

  11. So i’ve seen more pics and i’ve read how sukkie got involved in the first place. and sadly, yes i think it is indeed him… oh well…
    What really disheartens me though is how they have handled the situation. i don’t believe that this is good because it clears things up about sukkie being gay because that is just crap and not even worth discussing.
    If this is some way to promote jks’ new drama, i think it is just low-life. Even if JKS looked dead drunk and he had clothes on, i just could never patronize ‘bad publicity is still publicity’ because however way you look at it they are artists and somewhere somehow there could be some sick aspiring kid who looks up to jks as a total inspiration and source of hope. that is their privilege and curse at the same time.
    So to Jason, you failed me, I thought you were Sukkie’s friend.
    In my heart I just hope the real Sukkie is a bigger man than all of this.
    Sukkie, I still want to believe in you just as you have asked us to. I will still try. fightin’! zizkin!

    • newb-eel, don’t be so disappointed and down… I still doubt that it is JKS in that picture and let me repeat here as well – the guy in the pic has much bigger head than Sukkie + his ear is big comparing to the head. Sukkie has small ears when you look at him sideways. I think it is just someone who really resembles JKS.

      The other pics in the collage, those are all added from JKSs Weibo (http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/13591#more-13591).

      As for those text messages, do you even know how easy is to make something like that in a Photoshop… Any amateur could do it.

      It’s all nicely framed together to make things even worse and more ‘believable’ and it’s all a hoax, including a part about Kris from EXO!

      I do agree with you that Jason hasn’t handled this properly. He should’ve done a better job.. Maybe he will make a statement in a day or two when things settle down a bit.

      I just hope all this won’t affect JKSs new drama badly. I would really be sad to see that happening.


      • Oh jazzy, thanks for your explanation and your link to jksforever archive. I’ve found something new. JKS’ sideburns in his weibo is black colour and thinner (different colour from his long hair). Whereas the sideburns of the guy with that actress is brown colour and thicker.

  12. I like how Jason takes the whole thing lightly as if this is no more than just a joke. I don’t find this picture “scandalous” in anyway, looks like JKS was dead drunk and a person that he knew just took advantage of him and took a snapshot in a really awkward angle. If you look at the background closely, you will find that the model was just sitting on a one-seater that you will find in any restaurant or bar and definitely not a bed. This was more like a friend pranking on another friend, or perhaps this model was a fan herself (my apologies I can’t call her an eel cause an eel will never do what she did) and she could not help but taking pictures of the two of them to show off.

    Sometimes little explanation is the best tactic, especially when a lot of the eels have already taken the whole thing lightly. If you defend yourself too fiercely it may backfire. Btw if you compare this to the pictures that were leaked out in a sex scandal a couple of years ago, this picture is literally NOTHING. Don’t understand why people make a big fuss out of it. I felt so sorry for JKS and JC Chan. And I cannot agree more with my eel sisters that JKS should stay focus for Pretty Man – no need to pay heed to anything as trivial as this.

  13. Still don’t understand the “bad’ side of the story! He was 25 last year, not 15 and it is his personal life!
    I am a little bit pleased that nobody can say now that the Pretty boy doesn’t lije girls – he is a man!

  14. Sorry but I don’t trust this Jason. I read somewhere that it might be Jason who brought the girl to the club and allowed her to pose with the sleeping Suk. If that’s true, that’s a malicious joke and an evil one. I hope its not true.

    • thanx yes it was indeed ridiculous and happy that the truth came out , and even if he really was with her , i dont mind at all , he is a man and he can do whatever he wants , but i didn’t what that stupid girl to famous by using jgs

    • thanks tenshi for your good news. you know what? I like how Tree-J handled situation (maybe by Geunsama or mama jang as the CEO or sukkie as the president). Unlike Jason who gave misleading answer. Now we can concentrate on ‘Pretty Man’. Dokgo mate fighting!!!! go go go tiger!!! Conquer the dramaland….

    • Yes! Thank you Tree J for making an official statement about this mess!!! And thank you so much Tenshi for posting this ASAP!

      I never doubted some kind of scam here and honestly that man still doesn’t really look like JKS to me (mostly because of his facial structure in the pic itself) but I suppose that is because the picture has been tempered with.

      None the less, I am relieved now!

    • Thanks Tenshi. So who is the representative from Tree-J making the clarification? A big shout-out to him/her!! I like how s/he said JKS “certainly does not know the woman and the whole thing is so preposterous that it is not even worth commenting upon” and how s/he said “the only thing they could surmise was that maybe this was some kind of a publicity stunt that she hoped to use to ride to fame”. This is so cool.


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