[News] JKS side said, “About scandal with Chinese actress? No worth replying.”

Finally this ridiculous and unreliable prediction rumor will finish after official Tree-J announcement. Actually most eels haven’t taken this seriously, but anyway we are happy to share this here to stop this topic ^^

Source: http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?oid=108&aid=0002258293&backUrl=%2Fhome.nhn
English translation: tenshi_akuma

“It seems composite made by the photo Jang Keun Suk originally posted on Weibo.”
Actor Jang Keun Suk side clarified their position on some Chinese reports that there was something like sex scandal between a Chinese actress and Jang Keun Suk.

On 3rd in the afternoon, a spokesman of Tree-J company, JKS’ official agency said to STARNEWS strongly, “We don’t even know who this actress is.” He continued, “It’s too ridiculous and no worth arguing against this.”

After seeing the photo, the spokesman clarified as follows. “The man in the photo is Jang Keun Suk. But the photo itself was originally shared by Jang Keun Suk directly on Weibo to introduce his one day in China. And the woman seemed to make a composite photo using the original one.”

He continued, “Chinese media asked us who that woman is, but it’s not worth responding at all. Perhaps his upcoming drama has heightened public interests about Jang Keun Suk, so this topic seemed to capitalize on his fame.”

Preceding on November 2nd, some Chinese media such as Chinese portal website, SINA reported as if it were fact that Jang Keun Suk had been involved in sex scandal with a Chinese actress.

They reported, “Netizen hacked into her smart phone, and there were many photos filmed with celebrities in it. And a man sleeping on bed she filmed looked like Jang Keun Suk.”

However, about this Chinese speculation, Korean netizen attacked Chinese media that there was no proof about their report at all.

In the meanwhile, Jang Keun Suk come back to TV with KBS2 new Wed/Thurs drama ‘Beautiful Man’ on November 20th.

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  1. Kaori chan.. so my original guess of the photoshop photo is right! ^_^ I remember seeing Suk’s photo of him sleeping on a sofa when he was in China last year.. but of course without the background of a lady… wow.. so many people are easily fooled by those good photoshop skills used… This time.. eels and master eel have something to laugh ^_^ (like the last Sushi incident…) let us thing of a name for this incident…

  2. Thanks Tenshi for the update.

    Since this issue started, it has not bothered me at all and I know a lot of true eels feel the same.

    All we want is for Suk to fully concentrate on the filming of BM so that we can finally see his brilliance on screen once again after his long absence from dramas after Love Rain.

    It’s just another 16 days to the premier of BM, so we will wait quietly, faithfully, trusting and loving him all the way.


  3. I’m glad his agency is being professional about this. It’s better for everyone to accept the pictures as Photoshopped and move on. Whether she actually took a picture with him incapacitated without his consent or she Photoshopped it, it’s still poor judgement regardless. I hope she has the brains to say it is a fake and a joke and apologize.

    And now onto happier thoughts…

  4. Thank you Tenshi so much for translating and posting 🙂 What would we do without you?!

    Yes, hopefully now we can all put this ridiculous story to rest.


  5. Thanks for translating, conclusion is here. Let’s finish this ridiculous sabotage, move on. Zikzin, Jang Keun Suk. THE END. Amen!

    • Hahaha…
      Yes….let’s ZIKZIN all the way..
      Joking……If Sukkie would have like to take such pictures I’m sure he would have taken better poses..; he is narcistic enough for that…..LOL

      • Hahaha… yeah… I love your comment, Mamacri! knowing Keun Suk, he would SURELY have taken better poses or the other way around, the craziest one that would make us eels either go “awww” or scold him *lovingly, of course*. I am glad that Tree-J has taken a quick step to respond to it. I personally don’t care about the picture but what has made me a little bit sad about this whole “sex scandal” is the bashing comments from netizens. But anyway… those comments are not worth replying either ;).
        So… keep zikzin, prince & eels!!! 🙂

  6. i never doubted our AP even for a second…but still it’s a good measure that Tree J released a response on the issue,it will stop all the speculations over the matter..thanks for translating sis 🙂

  7. We will believe what Jang Keun Suk or his agency says and not dwell on a subject as a good fan 🙂 Anyway, anybody was not to care the rumor. It is a situation that is about his personal life. People should be careful about not cross limits 🙂

  8. amo JGS…. my beloved angel….. acredito nele e no seu sucesso. e nao é uma situasão desta que vai abalar ele… love jang….

  9. We’ll it happen to one of his good friend PSH this year also, I guess they be sharing and talking about it or maybe laughing at it

      • Park Si Hoo. He admitted to have a one night stand with a korean trainee, but then the girl sued him for raping her.

        I am so relieved that Tree J has handled this crap resolutely. So that’s the end of it!

      • If I can remember correctly, there was a video release showing some Korea actress doing sex trade in a hotel room. Because the tape is not very clear. Shin hye name was mentioned. Few days later the man was arrested and confirmed she was not involved.(video spoken in Chinese)

      • Jesus freaking Christ, the things people will do for fame! Are those girls crazy?!?!

        Also, how can they arrest you just because someone says it’s you even though you can’t see clearly who is in the video… That is a bit over the top. Poor PSH!

        Anyways, I’m glad Tree J resolved this issue gracefully and even more glad JKS is not taking any of this BS seriously.

        Even if that is him in the picture with that girl, there’s absolutely nothing going on. He’s obviously passed out or sleeping and she just wanted to take a photo with him… And it was taken by a third person, anyways, maybe even Jason himself.

        It is just a ridiculous scandal but that is what you get when you are famous and about to release a new drama! Someone always wanna mess things up for you!


  10. It took 2 days for Tree-J to come out and talk about this scandal. What about the original source of the news, there are still nothing coming out. We all know fans could dream about having the Prince sleeping on their laps, but to work on Photoshop for this kind of dreams especially as you are in the entertainment business is BAD TASTE.

    Thank to Tree-J who knows their role to work for the Prince. It would be so embarrassing for the Prince to come out and talk about it himself. He did say something to Jason, but probably the wave lengths are different.

    Thanks to Tenshi who get the truth for us. She and Jangkeunsukforever team work so hard (harder than Jason) as our Prince’s Guardian Angels. Three cheers to you all.

  11. So it was Photoshopped omg >.<
    I think the company should legally file a case against her , she deserves to be sued for bluffing people and putting JGS and another guy in negative light.
    And am jus curious to see the original pic of prince which was altered. Can anyone post it plz.

  12. For me I never bothered about that scandal of sukkie , honestly that kind of issues is no make sense wasted time , but what matter most to me my trust in him is still in my heart, so as long that sukkie is in my heart my eyes and ears are close only my heart open to understand and to love him I don’t care what people might says sukkie for me is still the one that I really adored and love 🙂

  13. Tenshi, thanks a lot. Now this nasty, fabricated rumor will stop. And by the way I saw in the EELS family of FB, they posted the original photo that was photo shopped. It was Jason who hugged the Suk who was sleeeping. And that was maybe the reason why Jason posted the statement ” The truth will come out…”

    • JKS=A remarkable young man, full of talent and energy, with a very creative mind, singing and dancing to exhaustion with the same pleasure from start to finish. The shows are his moments of freedom. He works hard. I don’t know many young people of his age have achived so many things.I’m a woman of 53 years from Romania, Europe, with two children of JKS age and I discovered him in a sad and difficult period of my life.I saw that the limits can be overcame. “Budapest Diary” is a small work of art…the music, the story, the warm voice…but I have listened to ” Save me “, “Like a movie “, ” Turn off “. So sad. A cry for help. He gives all, so we can only show to him love, admiration, trust and respect.
      I wish everyone all the best. Adriana from Roumania


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