[30.10.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

UPDATE: added his big profile pic

Thanks Chinese eels!!! You’re so great!!! Zikzin chozer!!!! I love you >_<
谢谢中国鳗鱼们!!你们很棒!!zikzin chozer!!!!!我爱你>_< 쒜쒜 쭝궈 만 위먼!! 니 먼 헌빵!! 직찐 죠져!!!!!!!! 워 아이 니 >_<
(Note: There was a voting for “Modern Singer” Chinese eels worked hard voting for him and made him get to No. 1 on Japanese/Korean singer category!!! yay!!! Btw, he typed in Korean letters with Chinese sounds, so thoughtful.)

Reward is collar bone shot, kk, shooting “Beautiful Man” Beautiful collar bone!
福利是锁骨照~ㅋ 漂亮男人拍摄中 漂亮锁骨~~~!!
서비스는 쇄골 사진~ ㅋ 예쁜남자 촬영중 예쁜쇄골~~~!!

@Han Cae Young: Big sister, where are you?
姐姐在哪 〜〜呵呵
@韩彩英 누나 어디삼~~ ㅋㅋ

He is active on weibo, he just changed his weibo profile picture.

6 thoughts on “[30.10.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. O.O…I was what the…. showing collarbone for FAN Service!! Leave it up to Sukkie to come up with the idea…LOLL. Never bored following this crazy man!!

    I see the hint of Short Hair Cut!!! Keun Suk-ahh, please show the front too next time!!! You are too Do S to tease us this way.

    Thank you, Chinese eels voting for Sukkie to be #1 in your country!!!! ZikZin all the way!!!

  2. thanka for sharing this. thank you Chinese eels! that is why you have the best FMs!! shot of collar bone for reward!! oh sukkie ^_^! more please!


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