[article+pics] Image of “Beautiful Man” Jang Keun Suk Turned Into Dokgo Ma-Te Released

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“A beautiful man with a face that may change history is coming.”


KBS2’s drama series ‘Beautiful Man (written by Yu Yeong-a, directed by Jeong Jeong-hwa, Shin Yong-hui)’, which is drawing attention with Jang Keun-suk’s comeback drama, have been unveiled. The images of Jang Keun-suk, who will play the main character Dokgo Ma-te, were released in the morning of October 30.

Dokgo Ma-te is a man recognized for his beautiful face that may change history. He has a visual worth a national treasure. He is able to appeal to any woman with his charming face and to catch what women want quickly. Dokgo Ma-te has already shaken the hearts of countless female fans through the original cartoon by Cheon Kye-yeong. The production company said that the cartoon fans showed keen interest in who will play the main role.

Jang Keun-suk was the only actor who fit the character Dokgo Ma-te as shown by the fact that the production crew decided to cast Jang Keun-suk for the role in the first place. Since his casting was reported, his fans have been showing a great sense of expectation, saying that Jang Keun-suk is very similar to Dokgo Ma-te . Some fans made the poster of ‘Beautiful Man’ for themselves or created various versions of images where Dokgo Ma-te from the original with Jang Keun-suk. It is expected that the ‘Ma-te-sick’ craze will set in during the winter of 2013.

The ‘Dokgo Ma-te’ images released today did not disappoint the fans. Jang Keun-suk, who says, “I have waited only for ‘Beautiful Man’ for eight months,” showed the 200% similar images to Dokgo Ma-te. The production company Group Eight showed great satisfaction by saying, “Jang Keun-suk perfectly became the character Dokgo Ma-te in terms of visual, way of speaking, facial expression, and gestures.”

‘Beautiful Man’ is a drama that depicts the process of how Dokgo-Mate of a beautiful face and charm grows up to a be a true beautiful man by learning lessons while he steals the hearts of 10 successful women from Korea’s 1%. Kim bo-tong, an average woman of Korea who loves only Dokgo Ma-te, tries to keep the ‘beautiful man’ from other women.

The drama’s script was written by writer Yu Yeong-ah from ‘Miracle of Cell No.7’ loved by 1.2 million viewers and it was directed by director Jeong Jeong-hwa from ‘Flower Boys Next Door’ and ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’. The premiere will be on November 20.

By Lee Woo-in jarrje@tvreport.co.kr / Photograph=Group Eight

24 thoughts on “[article+pics] Image of “Beautiful Man” Jang Keun Suk Turned Into Dokgo Ma-Te Released”

  1. Hello, handsome (wink, wink)!!!

    That killer smile in the first picture is so smug and adorable…

    But those eyes that pierce right through, in the second picture, that is the classic JKS signature, I’d say 🙂

    Side note: They should’ve used a non-striped shirt (one colored, e.g. blood red or navy blue) with this jacket…

    Peace out!

  2. Oh my heart!!! The waiting is almost over!!! I was preparing myself to accept his blonde hairs as Dokgo Mate……Yahhhh.

    Wowww…Super like his dark hair!!!!! He is totally beautiful man!!

    I love the first picture, my heart went deungun, deungun…seeing that slight naughty smile of his….jyo~!

  3. O my…I’m so happy for this…goodmorning article indeed…
    The second pic…like he’s looking at you…I want you and I’ll have you…so demanding!! hihi
    So taken by these pics; his flawless beauty…his fashion escaped my attention Jazzy LOL

  4. A stylish man, a punk, a homeless, a rock star, a sports man, whatever he is, he can easily kill you with the eyes, the lips, the smiles. I just need to be killed by the kisses, hahahahaha

  5. The pictures just knock me out again…though I did prepare for something exceptional. JKS’s Ma-Te image is waaaaay beyond my exception and just extraordinary and magnifique! JKS – please keep suprising me like this! You are unique! You are my Jose Mourinho in drama! ZIKZIN!

  6. omo omo omo omg >_< !! my heart .. he look amazing 🙂 so hansome cant stop looking at him . IU is soooooooo lucky . cuz i'm sure this drama will have his best appearance and style . i jut hope she doesn't fall for him 😛 cuz she will have to face me LOL XD !!

  7. Sudie..hahaha…you make me laugh..indeed his eyes are hypnotizing us…we are prepared to do anything for him..
    Eels don’t mind because we know the angel behind this man

    • LOL! In fact all the eels are feeling excited about that ^_^ I guess those who don’t like this image may be those who have a fix image of Suk and can’t appreciate him as a chameleon artiste…. or feeling jealous of him with other girls even on screen…there are all kinds of fans out there..can’t help!

    • I think it’sok..his choice.. it’s not an idol drama but a bit more mature than those highschool drama’s…and he had play several roles already where is he is known to have had sex..so passes the holding hands and a quick kiss stadium..like.. baby and I, th movie the longest 24 months, love rain, MSOAN.. I’m sure it will be done tastefully….but I’m sure most eels hope not too safe… cause we want to see our prince progresses to grow..so hopefully we really get some steam and see things fires up…lol

    • i agree! i only hope that this drama makes him happy. i cannot bear more sadness for our sukkie! i still want him to have more drama in the years to come so i’m praying hard that this one does not burn him out one more time. fightin’! zikzin!!

  8. He looks as stylish as Seo Jun but in a way mysterious too, am glad that the haircut turns out to be excellent!!!! Zikzin prince!

    • i think this look totally different with seo jun..seo jun is more to cool-aroggant-playboy but dokgo look like mysterious-confident-man. i think this character will be more challenging and more tricky..a very mature role i guess..20 DAYS TO GO!!! BM FIGHTING!!


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