[article] ‘Beautiful Man’ Jang Keun-suk & IU wishes success before pig’s head ‘showing off best chemistry’

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[TV Report=Lee Woo-in] KBS2’s ‘Beautiful Man (written by Yu Yeong-ah, directed by Jeong Jeong-hwa)’ to be aired following KBS2’s ‘Secret’ announced the beginning of a safe and sweet journey.

The cast members and production crew of ‘Beautiful Man’ had a ritual to wish a success for the drama series on October 28 at a coffee shop in Gangnam, Seoul, and started its filming.

The ritual was attended by KBS’s chief producer Lee Jae-sang, the production company Group Eight, CEO Song Byeong-jun, director Jeong Jeong-hwa, writer Yu Yeong-ah, over 80 staff members, actors Jang Keun-suk, IU, Lee Jang-woo, Han Chae-yeong, and Kim Yeong-jae.

Writer Yu Yeong-ah received a big round of applause by expressing her sincere mind by saying, “I will bow to our staff members instead of to the pig’s head.”
The unbalanced couple Dokgo Ma-te (Jang Keun-suk), and Kim Bo-tong (IU) released the picture of the ritual with the pig’s head. Jang Keun-suk said, “I have waited for eight months for this project. I will do my best until the end to make up for the long wait.” IU said, “I will spare no effort like Bo-tong.”

Lee Jang Woo, who plays Choi David whose ideal type is Bo-tong of a beautiful mind, and Han Chae-yeong, who plays a charismatic trainer Hong Yu-ra who makes Dokgo Ma-te a real man, said, “We will make every effort to make a good drama. We believe that we can do it together.”

‘Beautiful Man’ is a drama that depicts the process of how Dokgo-Mate of a beautiful face and charm grows up to a be a true beautiful man by learning lessons while he steals the hearts of 10 successful women from Korea’s 1%. Kim bo-tong, an average woman of Korea who loves only Dokgo Ma-te, tries to keep the ‘beautiful man’ from other women.

A ‘Beautiful Man’ craze is expected since the drama is based on the original cartoon ‘Beautiful Man’ by Cheon Kye-yeong who is a popular cartoonist of countless loyal fans. In addition, its script was written by writer Yu Yeong-ah from ‘Miracle of Cell No.7’ loved by 1.2 million viewers and it was directed by director Jeong Jeong-hwa from ‘Flower Boys Next Door’ and ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’. The premiere will be on November 20.

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  1. yes i’m really happy that they stared filming 🙂 i hope this drama becomes a successful comeback to him , the cast all are beautiful , and really cant wait so see how will this drama turns out to be , wish them all luck and the only thing i want is to see jks in new hair cut , so i’ll pray for that 😛 cuz he is indeed gorgeous but he has this long hair like forever and its time to cut it , else lee jang woo will look more hansome than him 😛 NO !seriously have you seen his look for this drama .

    • no..even with ahjuma hair..lee jang woo cant win over his handsomeness.kkk…but my wish too RANDA to see him in new hairstyle..shorter please keun suk ah..or u might exchange the role with ur second lead.

    • Hahaha, Randa 🙂 You really wanna see JKS with a short hair again, don’t you! Hahaha

      This second lead guy is indeed handsome as well but not even close to JKS.


  2. Thanks for sharing…the longgggg wait is finally over…The ceremony is the official start… I envy Sukkie long and luscious hair and he really is a flower man… it grabs my attention that we tend to forget that histicaly men all had long hair..so don’t understand why we keep saying a man looks wgirly o not manly enough…hmmm but that’s me…even Thor has long hair lol….
    Guess Sukkie is filming the start of the drama with long hair and moving on to the present he will have his hair cut and become the womaniser….can’t wait to see these hot scenes : p

    • I also have the same feeling that as the story progressed and the personality of the character he portrays will evolve, he will be changing his physical appearance and that involves cutting his hair.


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