[article] Actress Han Cae Young Has Been Confirmed Will Play in “Beautiful Man” _20131025

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Translated by Springsuk_USA from Sukbar’s Chinese translation

Actress Han Cae Young has been confirmed to play Hong Yura in “Beautiful Man”
Actress Han Cae Young will be back on screen after gave birth 3 months ago. Han Cae Young will play Hong Yura in “Beautiful Man” The drama will be aired on Nov 20 on KBS2 TV. This would be the first appearance of Han Cae Young after she gave birth in August.

Hong Yura is a woman with both beauty and intelligence. She fosters Dokgo Mate become to a real man. If Dokgo is a gem, she is artian who polish him to a diamond. She also knows the big secret of Dokgo.

The producer group 8 says: Hong Yura is a role made it for Han Cae Young, she definitely the one who should plays it and she matches the character so much. Also Hong with Kim Botong, the girl who has crash on Dokgo bring big comparison and tension to the drama.

Dokgo Mate is man with national treasure class beauty and diabolical charm, he steals the hearts of top 1% successful women of Korea. The drama is also a white paper book of the process that Dokgo Mate grows to a real man.

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  1. ?? I am glad I can see the news of Pretty man here, I”ve been searching for JKS news about pretty man in Korean Naver, Daum but nowhere I can find…. had a no idea who is casting for the drama…. Thanks.


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