12 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS at KBS_20131024”

  1. why does his hair is still long ?! cut it already 🙁 or i think he wanted to show IU his long beautiful hair before he cuts it 😛

      • but he tell eels he will have haircut after his tour..maybe still cant let his precious hair go yet..let him treasure it before shooting start then..i know he loves his long hair but..your hair will grow very fast suk.kkkk…

      • Marissa, I started to feel that Dokgo Mate is just the real JKS and Bu Tong is just like the eels who go maru maru over Suk.. love his long hair…love everything about him ^_^

  2. Those photos remind me a lot of Kang Mu Gyeol. So excited… 4 more weeks of waiting. There is the ceo of Group 8 with him if I’m not mistaken. BM fighting!

  3. He looks tired and there seem to be a “heavy weight” on his shoulders. I hope he’ll find happiness in this new role of his. it will be the same time schedule as the “Heirs” of Go Mi Nam and LMH. I really wish all the best in every project. I want him to be happy at all times.


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