[video] Jang Keun Suk Tongyi FM Press Conference (text translation)_20131013

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Jang Keun Suk was being cute and showed off his Chinese at Chengdu Tongyi FM Press conference

I give a lot thoughts about the word “pretty”.
It is just like the product I endorsed. “Duo C Duo Piao Liang” (More VC, more prettiness, the slogan of the product)
Being pretty is not only the appearance is important.
Inner beauty is very important too.

You need to keep improving yourself.
Work hard to get to a higher level to make yourself even more beautiful.
To me is the same not only outside beauty but inside beauty is important.
Everyday I keep working hard, keep going on the beauty road.
Pretty, the theme for modern young people is important too.
I haven’t been to Chengdu for a few years. Yesterday I saw so many fans. Their warm welcoming really touched me. At the airport, I heard that due the huge crowd the bullet proof glass was broken. There were so many people the airport I feel thankful for them.

(JKS Speaks Chinese)
I’m Korean
Am I handsome? (Yes, you’re)
I know that.
You’re very beautiful.
Not true! (teasing)

I hope after my new drama aired, I will have more chance to meet my Chinese friends.

“Renew the contract” “Renew the contract”!

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