[Question] Which one is most important among the past, present, and future?

Season has changed gradually to autumn… I don’t know why it’s the reason, but we are likely to feel lonely and become sentimental. So does our Prince. He asked us about such questions via twitter and LINE on September 10th.

Which one is most important among the past, present, and future?
Our great and romantic sweet poet Reb Doddrell from ECI shared her answers as follows.
Ah the past that brought you into my life, the present where I hold you in my arms and take comfort from your presence and the future in which lays my dreams for you and I. Everyday is important as long as it holds just a trace of you in it xxx

What is your answer?

18 thoughts on “[Question] Which one is most important among the past, present, and future?”

  1. for happy people, most important is now, every minutes even seconds he spend, for success people, most important is future, for someone future living with less stress is their aim, for reminiscence people(i mean the one always think back of their life), they think old time is most important because they feel many things cant change even the time flies, or old things is more prefect for them
    and conclude that, everyone has different view about past, now and future, this do not have a statement to conclude it perfectly
    this just my opinion since prince was post this tweet >.<

  2. “The three of them plays an equal part of our lives, past was like a mirror that reminds us to make things better, present is live reality and future is a hope and dreams to fulfill.”

    Our past definitely doesn’t define our future, but the decisions we are making now will definitely have a tremendous effect on our future… just like our Prince right now… he’s taking every opportunity while he can coz he wants to secure his future… A better future I may say… He’s focusing on the PRESENT coz it’s a GIFT from God that’s y we call it PRESENT.

  3. when he asked that, I tweeted to him (: here my answers 😛

    “people shouldn’t forget to live present because of past and possible future. We should do our best at present. Live at present”

    “present is the most important. But we shouldn’t forget past and take lessons. Also, we should dream about future ;)”

    “Learn from past, dream about future and live your present with joy :)”

    “just live your present. Past is past and you cannot do anything. Future is not certain. Past and future are strength”

    my friend’s tweet… Past, pasted but future depends on present. So, what we are doing Now creates Future.

    Hope, he has a happy present (: I feel sad about his past sometimes… he really had hard times 🙁 and I hope his future is bright! probably, my dreams about him is bigger than his own dreams. a very successful career. a well known great actor! I wish he can have a happy family ^^ I pray for a princess for him who can take care of him and love him. a proper lady, a beautiful, lovely, cute woman… pretty, cute, lovely kids ^^ happly ever after 😀

  4. In my opinion, I think present is very important because whatever we have done in past whether is good or bad will represent it to our present time. If we have done wrong in past, we may correct it in present and things we haven’t complete in pass, we may able fulfill it in present. Whatever we do in present may represent our future. So to have a good and happy future, we need to do good or appreciate in present so that we won’t get regrets in future. ^^*

  5. For me I would not dare to choose which of the 3 are most important because this are all parts of our life we can’t have a Present without experienced in the Past and we can’t have a Future without the two of them , coz evry second, minutes and hours of the day we don’t know what happen next , so it doesn’t matter which of the 3 are importants , what matter most is you know how to deal it and face everything with courage, faith and determination, coz’ that’s we called a circle of life 🙂

  6. For me, the present is the most important because it will shape & determine your future. The future is what you hope and plan for in the present. The past is something you reflect on & learn from to guide you in the present and help you plan for your future. I believe each stage in a person’s life is important but it is in the present that we live and breathe, where we can do the most that we can to be the best that we can be.

  7. from my point of view each has a significant role in our lives…sometimes we have to look back to our past and learn from it,we often made mistakes and looking back can keep us from not committing the same mistakes over and over again..thinking of the future keep us motivated to do our best in the present…we should live our lives to the fullest at present to avoid regret in the past,and what we do at present can greatly affect our future…

  8. for my prince past..present and future..
    JKS past is Like A Movie
    Sometimes I smile seeing young JKS
    Sometimes I cry knowing hard times of JKS past
    But JKS can make a history in my mind.
    For present..
    I prescious this moment of being JKS eels..
    Every present is filled with excitement and watching JKS trying to achieve his dream with his beloved and loyal EELS.
    The mysterious JKS and his never before seen Eels who always suprise me with their love for JKS makes my everyday more meaningfull.
    For the future
    I cant know it. But like JKS said we are trying for our dreams. Because of JKS sincere heart ..
    I can see his brighter future ..
    Every past..present and future
    I hope i can be proud of JKS.

  9. Before sharing my thought, I want to introduce this post again.
    [FA] Book “Things You Can Finally See When You Stop” written by Ven. Haemin

    I was deeply impressed with his words, especially about this theme; past, present and future. He mentioned as follows. “.. If your mind is set on the present, there is no past, no future. Only present exists…”

    OK, I will share my answer about his question, “Which one is most important among the past, present, and future?”

    I’m afraid my answer is not suitable for this question, but this is what I’ve believed in my mind for a long time. So I want to share it as my view of life.

    To be honest, I’m not good at setting a goal for the future. I’m always at a loss to answer this kind of question, “What is your goal / dream in the future?”

    Instead of the perfect answer, I always answer as follows. “I don’t know I can say it’s my dream, but when I look back through my life on the day I die, if I can feel there is no regrets and I’ve lived my life fully… I think this is the happiest in my life. Having such a feeling when I die is my dream.”

    My answer may sound strange to you, but I keep this in my mind and live my life. No one knows what will happen in the future, even tomorrow. It’s possible I will die tomorrow. Who knows? There are too many uncertainties in life. If I set a specific and long-term goal for the future and think all what I’m doing now is is the process for the future, I may regret it if the original plan fails. But if I do what I can do now and what I can feel it’s the best doing every moment, I won’t regret at all. I could die whenever the time comes.

    I want to become a happy grandma. Each day I’m living fully in the present. The moment I look back and forward my life, I’m living in the present. Today will be past tomorrow. Tomorrow will be today next day. Past can’t be erased. But if we’re living as we think it’s the best, we can accept everything. It’s the consequences. Living fully in the present for the future leads to our happy life with no regrets. I believe so. Before Suk shared a similar thought to mine. “Believe yourself and live your life” is my answer. If so, our life will be nice from past, present through future ^^

  10. Neither the past, the present, nor the future but the most important and the most precious time for me is the time I lie next to you on the floor sipping tea in front of a warm well lit fireplace.

  11. Another thought to share, the past is the memory, the future is the unknown, the present is the knowing. Live the very present moment of you life fully and wisely ;D

  12. OH, it’s a trick question as linear time is an illusion anyway. Living in the past has been likened to the cause of depression and regret. The future as the cause of anxiety and fear. NOW is, was always will be. Whatever has happened has brought me here, today. Tomorrow is full of infinite possibilities. Fully in this moment is where I stand. I would call for you to join me but there is no need. Being apart was merely another illusion to begin with.

  13. Looking back at the past and planning for the future makes you forget to live the present…sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses…Carpe Diem as the frensh would say it…stop and look around and admire the beauty around you and enjoy your life and your achievements; while doing this we can reminisce about the good and the bad of the past and how to do it better or differently in the future so you can stop and smell more roses or stop more often to smell some roses…
    Not all of us reaches for the sky…. but how can you know if you are happy and satisfied if you don’t make up the balance once a while

  14. We (Chinese) have a famous idiom “活在當下”, that means “Live in the moment” which is my answer. Personally I don’t like to look back or plan too much goals for my future. I want to enjoy my life and feel no regrets at this moment!

  15. Looking back pains me very much because I feel like I did not try hard enough for a lot of things even though I had been proud of myself at some point in time.

    There are so many possibilities for the future and planning for what would come is pleasurable, but it reminds me that I am getting older and older everyday and yet a lot of my goals are not fulfilled.

    I treasure the present moment very much but I can’t say I enjoy it very much. So which is the most important? I would probably pick “all of the above”. Cheeky right? Hah~

  16. We came in this world naked and depended on other human beings to survive. We depart naked not taking anything with us. Everyone knows this. We are alone all our short lives, despite engaging in many different types of relationships, some lasting, some temporary. We shall go our path, listen to our souls, and do what gives us joy, and we should enjoy the quiet days, when we are standing still too. We should not interfere in other peoples life, make suggestions, what a person we don’t really know, should do, how to behave, how to dress, what hair lenght he/she should have to please us, whom to love, what preferences a person should have, aspecially when a person stands in the lime light day and night like your JKS. Individual sexual attraction and love occurs between two people naturally, when there is unspoken magnetism between them. It does not matter it is between woman-man, man-man, woman-woman. And it might not occur in ones life this time. Love should be accepted without judgement. To love some one cannot be forced by wishes of fans, nor eels. I am refering to all the comments about with whom JKS should be paired, who of the acctresses suits him best, if he is gay or not. It’s all about your preferences not his. He obviously is happy and relaxed to be surrounded by men.
    I wished, fans would leave their object of admiration, their idol, in all personal matters alone, and just enjoy for their own reasons the concerts, performances, CD’s, DVD’s, movies, TV-series etc…and move towards to their own goals and accomplishments in life. There is no separation, no superiority between past-present-future they occur all simultaneously, most of the time we are not aware of it.


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