[trailer] Love Rain Movie Theater Version Part Ⅱ “Forbidden Love”

Finally the part 2 will be released this weekend in Japan. I heard Japan is the first area shown in the world. It means Love Rain moview theater version will be screened in other countries, too. The end-title roll are all in English, not in Japanese, which shows me more possibilities. I hope you can see it on the big screen ^^

Credits: ponycanyonkdp

FYI: [trailer] Love Rain Theater Version Part I “Fate”

12 thoughts on “[trailer] Love Rain Movie Theater Version Part Ⅱ “Forbidden Love””

  1. Thank u, Tenshi 🙂
    Love Rain is my all time favourite K drama (but I only watch Kdramas by our Prince)
    Is it just me? I always get misty eyes whenever I hear Suk sings LR ost.

  2. Thanx, Tenshi.

    Hopefully, they’ll show these movies in theaters, in other countries as well and/or release it on DVD(s) with English subtitle so we could all see it, eventually.

    I’d love that!


      • Yes, you can buy whatever JKS puts out to the public. It’s just great. I wish another really handsome man, Dennis Oh, would put his Chinese works out for purchase. I cannot imagine why an entertainer would not publicize himself. Like JKS, he is just flawless, just a bit taller and a little bit older, but equally charismatic and handsome. A steady JKS fan, Dena Pitchfork

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