[video] “Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk” from Baidu Sukbar (with Text Translation)_20130926

Credit Baidu Sukbar
(Baidu Sukbar is one of the largest JKS’s fan club in China, they have done many many works of translating Jang Keun Suk videos and updates, here is a touching birthday wish video they made for his birthday this year)

Text translation of the Chinese words in the video by Springsuk_USA

A boy with a warm smile
Thank you for coming to this world to be eels’ prince
(JKS’s voice, he spoke in Chinese: Eels, hello, I want you!)
Somebody, you just meet once but it will last forever with one glimpse
Somebody touch your heart, then nothing can take it away
Love you is a beautiful accident, don’t know from when……
Your smile just stay in our mind
Once thought, you would be just like a person pass by on the street
(name of the movies Jang Keun Suk has done, the awards Jang Keun Suk have got)
You’re boyish, you’re stubborn, you don’t want to lose
In our heart, you’re the ONLY ONE unique Jang Keun Suk forever
Your sincerity is richer than tons of gold, brings all the good wishes
Your warm heart helps against the cold winter, brings sweetness and comforts
During time being eels, thanks for the happiness you brought to us
When we are tired, your smile can always bring energy to us
Dearest, if you’re a ray of sunshine, when you are exhausted we will be the shadows to your rest, follow you day and night
(3:06-3:08min is a message that Jang Keun Suk wrote to himself. During a Taiwan variety show in 2010, the MC asked him to write a message to himself and put in the box, after 10 years, he can open it again, he read the message he wrote right there at the show, here was his voice reading his message at the time)
To Keun Suk:
Keun Suk ahh,
You have walked all the way to this place,
Is hard work.
Are you tired?
You can’t be tired of this already?
Till death,
You will have to continue to run on this road,
and with your eels together.
If you pretend to be sick then you are dead!

We will always work hard for you
We will be with you, never gonna leave you

Dear Keun Suk, Happy Birthday

7 thoughts on “[video] “Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk” from Baidu Sukbar (with Text Translation)_20130926”

  1. Such an inspiring Birthday Video Message for our very own Prince.. I love the song attached to this video and the message was written so beautifully… Many thanks for your hard work in translating & sharing sis Sarah… To the creator of this video… many thanks also… to our Prince here’s a beautiful poem for you:

    “You reached out to us
    When we were in need
    You stood beside us
    And in our time of grief
    You held out your hand
    Telling us, “I understand”
    You gave us new hope
    When we felt we couldn’t cope
    You cheered up our hearts
    When you made us laugh
    You showed us love
    When life got really tough
    And when it became too much,
    You became Angel to us.”

    Many thanks for everything… Happy Birthday !!!

  2. I like this video with his birthday wish…esp..like the message he wrote to himself some odd years ago…hahaha…
    Whoever said he is just a big ego, full of himself…reading his own message to himself makes my heart ache for this child…for he is the biggest critic to himself….
    When the going gets tough, the tough get going..I sure wants to be in his team when in need or things get tough…he will bring the team home..he is such a person
    He is working really hard, improving and challenging himself everydag, fighting prejudice and assumptions…a man can get really tired of this…
    No…not him…he forbids it…No matter what..no matter how , always with utmost sincerity in his heart and a bright smile …our go-getter
    Happy Birthday indeed to our prince of a million Smiles
    I have learn many lesson from you JKS…I really really love you Sukkie

    • Such beautiful and true words!!! Sukkie stay strong for us, and we will stay strong for you!! He makes me feel like we are part of his team. When I heard “The Melody We Made Together” it made me cry because he does so much to make us feel that way. He performs and we are always here devoted to our prince!!! Zikzin all the way!!!

  3. i never thought following this blog will inspire me and teach me a lot.i thought i will just be amused by the latest news about our prince. i was so wrong. through jks’ words and all the efforts here, i have recalled how it is to truly support and have concern for the people you love. thank you so much for everyone behind every post here. i share in all your warm love and support for our sukkie. may all of you be blessed.


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