[article] “Jang Keun Suk Love Story” Mobile Phone Game TV- CM Release In Japan_20130924

Original Source: news.nate.com
Chinese translation: Sukbar
English translation: Springsuk_USA

Actor Jang Keun Suk featured mobile phone game TV-CM will be aired through out Japan today.

Today according to Jang’s agency company Tree J, the simulation game for mobile phone “Jang Keun Suk Tokimeki Love Story” which let fans can fully enjoy “love relationship” with Jang Keun Suk has been released on Sept 20th. The game became to a hot topic, the CM of this game will be released today all over Japan.

Jang Keun Suk is the FIRST Korean actor whose mobile phone game TV-CM released in all Japan, this proved his Asia Prince Charm.

In “Jang Keun Suk Tokimeki Love Story” game, you can “work” in Jang Keun Suk’s producing company as an employee and develop a sweet and spicy “secret love relationship” with “Geunjang”.

With the camera, you can be in the same room with Jang Keun Suk. This game has magic effect that made the “love story” not as a fantasy but more like a real one. The game is expecting to cause a big sensation for the fans who fancy to have a “dangerous love relationship” with Jang Keun Suk.

“Jang Keun Suk Tokimeki Love Story” CM has Meeting, Business and Dating 3 chapters, they will be aired in Sept, Oct and Nov. Today will release the first one “Meeting”. The meeting will happen first in Jang Keun Suk’s office, this will make many female fans have a fast heart beats.

During the actual shooting Jang Keun Suk not only said the words from the script but also spontaneously added many personal sweet and spicy acting in it made CM more real, even the staff were laughing hard behind camera. Thanks to Jang Keun Suk, until the end the shooting was in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. So today’s CM disclosure will draw lots of attention.

Jang Keun Suk will act in KBS new drama “Beautiful Man” plays Dogo Mate, this is actor Jang after “Love Rain” over a year come back to TV screen to act.

Also Naver Star Cast link: http://m.star.naver.com/asiaprince/news/end?id=1608595

24 thoughts on “[article] “Jang Keun Suk Love Story” Mobile Phone Game TV- CM Release In Japan_20130924”

  1. wow… congrat to japanese eels…I hope I can get so many things about uri prince easily as in jap/ china
    but i’m so proud and more and more to you Prince!! zikzin!!

  2. Does JKS really like to be himself on this kind of game?!! I wish I can see more of his good talent on screen or in music though xx

    • I got a feeling he is doing this for some reason… he may be in army end of next year and for 2 years… this game will keep eels company in a virtual form ^_^

      • wow, QQ I think what you said is right, I didn’t even think of that. And I think also because this is a kind of popular thing in Japan, is one of his fan service. I’m not into game world. May I ask Se Ok Yoon, in Korea, do you have this kind of game?

    • se ok yoon
      I think: it’s a question of freedom of an artist in a commercialized world 😉

      Hi everybody 🙂
      It’s my first post here, although I’m an eel for many years (since 2008)
      … and although I read this blog for many months 😉

      • wow..since 2008..perhaps frm baby and me? 🙂

        agree with u lady..its his decision according to his own opinion. i think there’s nothing wrong with an artist to make money by their talent..in fact he’s not just an artist but also a boss to his own company.of course the company need money to survive.and isnt artist is a job? any job to make a living..i think suk think like that. being artist is not just about recognition..but its his dream..i hope he get both money and fame..being a successful artist and businessman. i think nobody have right to judge others decision about their own life..your life..your decision..so..dont ever mention if he make a right or wrong decision coz at the end of the day he himself will responsible for that.

      • sukasukkie
        No, it wasn’t “Baby and me” 😉
        In 2008 I’ve watched The Happy Life
        The movie is from 2007, but I live in Poland and at that time the korean productions were coming to us with significant delay (now is much better)
        So I’ve watched “The Happy Life” and I’ve gone crazy about JKS
        And I’m so crazy all the time
        But – althougt sometimes I don’t understand JKS decisions and even don’t like all his creations – I’m trying not to judge him
        I know: “being evaluated” is inherent to “being famous”, but for me the admiration = the acceptance

  3. this is a good wear prince doing good acting in this game and making avery body happy i think this is a good talent pulse singing and working in dramas or movies you doing well prince good luck

  4. Sorry I don’t live in Korea but I love Korean good talented artist and it’s bit uncomfortable to see JKS into this kind of commercial money making but if it pleased the fans….. I really want him to do well, wondering he should accepted role of WhaTu ( korean history drama) that could stretch his ability of acting into bigger area completely but he took Pretty man instead and I am not convincing how it will go….

    • Thanks se ok yoon, yes, I’m not really comfortable either for the game that he is into. I think is just a fan service to fill the fans’ fantasy on him and is only in Japan. I heard WhaTu is a long drama, I wish he did play it too. We all want to see more Actor Jang, but I think right now he has other priority now in his career path that he thinks he better get to do it sooner instead of later. I think he is still serious about his acting and carefully to choose the script. To be an actor is his lifetime career, but as Jang Keun Suk, he wants more than that. He likes to try different things.

    • se ok yoon, please, don’t be so harsh to JKS
      I can see Your point of view: he is multi-talented, but he is wasting his talents, because instead in the more ambitious movies, he is acting in CFs
      Of course: I’d like see JKS playing challenging roles too,
      but I think, I have no right to judge him, when he is choosing something “easer”
      There must be a reason, why he is choosing that
      I don’t know him as a person, so I don’t know his reasons

    • I doubt Sukkie intends to take up some historical drama anytime soon; offers maybe great and I’m sure no risks and a lot of money (and maybe Korean acknowledgement) to be earn; there are already too many of them doing those…and in my opinion the market for that is not that big (wide)
      He has been there done that..Maybe when he’s much older….Hong Gil Dong…although with a twist was historical and let’s not forget Hwang Jin Yi…he did so great there…he does not wish to repeat himself..and surely not after he was bashed for playing a singer again..(and yet he did great and differently in all of them)
      He wants to challenge himself more…do a more contemporary “mature” kind of drama…I think the title of Beautiful Man might turn out to be a bit misleading; he might not be as “beautiful” after all… based on the manga but I somehow have the feeling this will turn out to be a more dark, mature version (less innocent and idol like)……LOL that’s what I hope for something steamy and thrilling…that is surely something he had not done yet..
      Well let’s wait and see..he is an great artist with a mind of his own…and so far he had not dissapoint me : )

      I love the idea he made a “game” for the one who loves to play games..esp the youngsters amongst us…This is the closest we can get to Sukkie in our daily life and surely something to keep us busy for a while..I’m sure money is not the big motivator for Sukkie..not so anymore..if he was only in for the money he would go for the sure things where he can make money very very easy…cashing in like others do doing the same things over and over again..
      Just listen to his song nature boy and we know where he’s at…”I won’t imitate anyone because I’m an originator” yes…he is an originator, a thinker, a dreamer..a risk taker…”The number of charismatic people is increasing day by day. Fashion icons are just copycats”…”Let’s stop endless chase Instead, let’s focus on your own mind” …
      Aigoo I love him more and more…now I know the meaning of his songs…wich convey his feelings..

      • mamacri says:
        (..) that is surely something he had not done yet.

        mamacri, and what about Itaewon Salinsageon?
        for me – very, very dark …

      • I will leave you in peace and love but only if you can read all korean entertainment news… then you may understand why I am not convinced.. hope JKS survives on profession and military service. wish him the Best with my sincere heart.

      • Still thank you se ok yoon, I believe what you said is true, eels are aware of Korean media about JKS. We will just wait and see his new drama “Beautiful Man”, no matter what, after over a year, he is back to TV drama, we are happy to see that. Even we all think “Love Rain” is a great drama but still the rating in Korea was bad. Sometimes, rating doesn’t seem to tell a drama good or not, but I understand the situation fully and in Korea, viewer tastes can be different as overseas. I’m very glad that you visit our blog and being so friendly and generous to us. We are his fans, so we always want to “protect” and “defend” him. 🙂

      • I guess we always have to put our shoes in his shoes and we can understand better.. many times, after doing that.. we find that he as a boss (and only source of revenue) of his company.. what will the company depends on living when he is in army for 2 years? His staffs… and the whole operation? I guess that made him thinking like a business man.. not just an individual artiste who just need his own and his own family. Actually I prefer him to take on Beautiful Man now than many other historical dramas (though I love to see him in serious dramas which he is good at and sure to get awards!!!) but I feel he has the time after his army.. if he don’t take up those scripts suitable to him now, he may not have the chance in future.. as his age is catching up and can we imagine those senior actor taking up this role? it will be funny..

  5. I wonder if there would be an English version for this game. Eels and avid fans of JKS’ dramas miss him, and are awaiting his comeback drama after such a long absence^^


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