30 thoughts on “[vid] Jang Keun Suk’s Message to Cri-J JKS 27th Birthday Photo Exhibition (text translation in comment)_20130916”

  1. I am not member of eel but I am fond of his talent so I will translate what he says here.
    Asia Prince says : I am happy to choose to having a job I have now as first in my life so many fans come to airport to wish me a happy birthday and present me with wonderful cake! Thank you
    I am really sorry I can not attend the event fan arranged sine I am in China, but my heart goes with you and event you organised and I am sure throught this kind of event our relationship would built stronger and special
    Thanks again to all my cir eels. xx

    • Thank you so much Se Ok Yoon for visiting this blog and also translating this video to us here. Really appreciate your effort and time. Wish you a pleasant day and i really enjoy reading comments of the article that posted here. Hope to read more of you comment in the coming posts. Jang Keun Suk is truly a talented artist and most important we love him for his attitude and motto in life that never give up, dare to dream and move forward to achieve his dream. Thanks again.

    • se ok yoon, thank you, thank you for being sooo kind person to translate this little Video clip for us. You know, sometimes we, international eels, have to wait patiently for days and days for English translation to come out, to fully understand what our little Prince is saying. So it doesn’t matter, you are eel or not, we are truly appreciate you very much!!!!

      Thank you for visiting our pond of love.

  2. thank you sis Se Ok Yoon for your translation….we’re so happy that you visited this blog and for telling us that you are fond with his talent too…i hope you will regularly visit us here and i’m sure that you will like him once you discover his character…….

    • I never interested in entertainment area but I think Asia Prince has something really special so I often visited this blog to see what he is up to- and just happen to be saw the his fans they love him so much even though they don’t understand what he says! so it prove that He must be special! But I feel sorry for Prince-there are a lot of anti fan in Korea who write horrible things to him but good thing is eel’s Prince seems doesn’t mind or handling well with his courage xx

      • Awwwww…se ok yoon, sooo sweet of you. Just reading your comments are already fluttering my eel’s heart. You are totally right…that eels still find joy and happiness just hearing Sukkie’s voice, without understand a words he said. You know why…..because we listen to him with our hearts.

        To us, eels, those JKS-antis can write any dirty words they want, but true eels will believe only in Jang Keun Suk. In fact, we have come across so many untrue and twisted stories about our Prince….some of the stories are sooo ridiculous nonsense, we just laugh them off; some are sooo unworthy for us to pay attention to, so we just pain ignored them; yet some stories make us heartache and love him more and more, instead of hating him!!!

        So no matter people said, true eels will never shaken!!! We will always stay and stand by Jang Keun Suk side.

      • to heard about antifans make my heart ache..but keun suk’s positive mindset wins each time..actually..he dont need to care about antis..all he need to care are eels.

  3. he is really special….. sometimes, we’re so worried for him sis Se Ok Yoon especially when antis were attacking him but thanks God for we once read that he was not bothered by all those bashers…..he is a strong boy and we really love him soooo much………

  4. Thanks Se Ok Yoon for the translation, I think that’s how love is, it has no boundaries, I’m not a Korean but I’ve stayed in Korea for three years and somehow I understand their culture. I admire JKS for his talents and I really feel his sincerity towards his fans. No matter what I read about him I really don’t care because I understand that all of us has his own strength and weaknesses and we love him for who he is….he is so special…so precious….

  5. Prince words touches my heart so much , being a busy stars he couldnt even do the things he wanted to do specially for this kind of his eels event but what makes me touch inspite of his unstoppable works his thoughts and heart is always on his eels and he never forget that he loves his eels so much 🙂 wow! When i think of his words i can say that i am lucky to be his eels 🙂 thank you so much for translation Miss Se Ok

  6. Thank you Se Ok Yoon for taking the time and effort to translate for us.

    But I think we eels want to thank you EVEN MORE for the kind words and thoughts you have for our Asia Prince.
    It means a lot to us that someone who is not an eel has such a good opinion of him.

    Hope we see you often here in this blog

  7. Se Ok Yoon, thank you so much for taking the time to share the translation of Jang Keun Suk’s words. It means a lot to Eels everywhere.

    Did you know that this blog has brought together 500 hundred Eels from all over the world? People from different races, religions and ages with one thing in common, they all love and support the talented and amazing Jang Keun Suk!

    What is this power he has that makes people fall in love with him? (Some like myself, about twice his age and on the other side of the world… people who may never have the chance to see him in person…) LOVE. Jang Keun Suk LOVES people. Jang Keun Suk LOVES his Eels. And Jang Keun Suk’s Eels LOVE him. This relationship is ‘treasured’ by us both (star & fans), we are what keeps him going. Eels are his energy.

    So yes, there IS Something Special about this guy known as Jang Keun Suk, the one they call the “Asia Prince.” You might want to examine it more closely.

    But for the Eels who come here, he’s already “World Prince” in our hearts. LOL

    • yes he is…he is my WP…all the way from the Netherlands I send my love to him..

      Today I had a roadtrip with my daughter and since our family agreement is..the one driving is the one choosing the music…I had to listen to K pop the whole time…OMO…I missed Sukkie so much…I missed his voice, his diversity is songs…but I had to deal with what was…after 2 songs..the K-pop songs starts to sound identical…or is it just me…hahaha

  8. I am amazed really amazed by all of you thank you to me for a just translate short clip- I am returning all these thank you to the JKS
    eel’s Prince xx wish him and all of you the best xx

  9. Se Ok Yoon, thank you for your kind words and appreciation for Asia Prince. I cannot understand the general Korean’s attitude to JKS. Recently I got a Korean to translate a birthday message I wrote for JKS and even she’s not an anti-fan, her reaction was “JKS? Why do you even like this guy?” and she did not have a very good impression of him. I just want to say we are not fans blinded by love. JKS is not perfect and he has some character flaws too. But he is a human and it is this realistic part of him that made us all love him so much and ready to accept him for who he is. And he earned my respect as being one of the most hardworking and serious + passionate multi-talented entertainer that made him Asia Prince today. I hope Koreans will shed their prejudice and start appreciating this young man.


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