[15.09.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

Heung Ro’s birthday party at Tagi restaurant on Jeju island!! Altouhgh it was after the regular opening hour, the owner kept waiting for us until very late. Thank you cri~ Very delicious for real!!!
흥부 생일파티 제주도 탁이식당!! 영업시간 끝났는데도 늦은시간까지 기다려주신 사장님 땡큐크리~ 레알 맛있다!!!

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  1. He was having a short vacation on Jeju island?
    and I supposed he had one of his favorite food…Seongyupsal
    Maybe he flew the special Jeju airplane with his image on it…
    I’ve been on google for info about Jeju island…it’s very beautiful there

    • Mamacri, el hijo del dueño de uno de los restaurantes de JKS Jeju visitó la semana pasada dijo que el personal le dijo que JKS serían de unos días en la isla. Este fue el martes pasado. El muchacho tomó fotografías de su visita al restaurante. Las fotografías se pueden ver en el facebook de 张根硕 国际 后援 会 Jang Keun Suk Internacional Fans Club

      • I’ m sorry in Enlglish

        Mamacri, the son of the owner of one of the restaurants in Jeju JKS visited last week said the staff had told him that JKS would be a few days on the island. This was last Tuesday. The boy took a photographs of his visit to the restaurant. The photographs you can see in the facebook of 张根硕 国际 后援 会 Jang Keun Suk International Fans Club

      • Miau…thanks..you are spanish?…has been a loooong time ago since I had spanish in school…I was never really good at it but…I could read and understand what you wrote…lol; maybe I should pick it up again…
        Sukkie is keeping us very busy…Korean, Japanese, Chinese, now Spanish…a bit of French to learn…OMO…I’m losing track here…

        but I thought it was another restaurant…the black pig ? and this is Tagi/Taki 탁이식당 restaurant?…
        He had different clothes on
        But one thing is for sure…he had a lot of fun with his staff and the islanders are taken with our prince

    • Mamacri, I am American and I speak and write some English.
      There are Eels worldwide ….

      JKS twitter’s photo was the night of Heung Ro’s birthday in a Restaurant in Jeju. The other photos, which are posted on the facebook 张根硕 国际 后援 会 Jang Keun Suk’s International Fan Club were taken at another restaurant in Jeju, I think last Tuesday.

  2. I read yesterday that he filmed Camp on Jeju from 11th to 15th September, and checked here. It must be true!! I remember this tweet now. We thought at that time he was on vacation, but he filmed Camp. He had so tight schedule… fan meeting in China, Camp, preparation for Bel Ami, probably other things too. I´m so impressed by Sukkie. He works even when we think he sleeps.

    I realy love this blog. You can find almost everything about JKS here. I´m always grateful for your hard work and dedication. Hope you will keep updating this blog forever. ^^


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