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  1. Thank you sooo much Eileen for translation and Saad for doing the subbing video. ECIs are GREAT teamwork!!!!

    I love both Shenzhen and Wuhan’s FM, but if I have to choose which one is my favorite, I would say, FM in Wuhan. Sukkie is more relax in Wuhan for one thing. His fan-service is out of the world great in Wuhan!!!

    Those fans’ messages are all sweet….and I have to agree with him…..I love the message his fans wish him to find someone to take care of him….aawwwww. Why not all fans are feeling like this, instead of being jealous if he has a girl-friend.

    • Yeah…me too…I like how relax he his in Wuhan…
      He was so earnestly listening to all messages….and it pains me that he is so troubled…because of something so simple…he wants to be himself and doing what he is good at while enjoying his life too…
      Sukkie we don’t want you to be like other stars…there are already too many of them…I LIKE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE…FOR YOU ARE JUST MAGIC TO ME

      We have to support the girl who dares to support our Sukkie as life companion…for it’s the hardest job…it’s no joke and except Sukkie’s love there is not so much to envy…
      We get his love too…only not with the other troubles wich comes with being his girlfriend or wife…
      and don’t we want some little Sukkies running around in the future????? he hee

      • normally..fans who got problem with suk might have a girl is some immature fans mostly single woman. even im still single..frm the bottom of my heart..i want him to have someone who will make him feel complete..because i want him to be happy.

  2. Just to add on… I have some inquiries why did he mention he will choose someone who is 10 years younger than him to take care of him.. In the previous clip before this, an eel wrote a message that she is an eel who is 10 years younger than him.. she wrote that she wants to marry him.. he selected her as one of the winner so that she can take care of him.

  3. Recently JKS seems to be talking about boy/girl relationship.
    During the KBS 2TV “Entertainment News” aired on June 1. When asked about relationships, he said ““I am becoming more careful about relationships as I age. But I would still like to try my best in a relationship when the opportunity arises. Please give me that opportunity.” He said “I would like to go on a date where we can do little things like eat delicious food.”

  4. Thanx for posting this and thanx to whomever did the translation. You guyz rock!

    As for the video, I really REALLY love his frankness and honesty. Although he probably faked that crying bit but none the less 🙂

    People like him, especially in the entertainment industry, is very hard to find.

    JKS stay strong and don’t ever lose yourself!


  5. Thank you for this clip translation. His free spirited and always true to him self is really his virtue :). Sweet messages from Eels too will cheer him up in time of stress. Wish him to be happy, always.

  6. Thanks for posting and translating. This is really touching. I hope he knows how very lucky he is, not just that he has so much support from so many people, but that he does not have to bury who he is in order to support his family anymore. I think that one of the reasons that many eels relate to him so strongly is that they know what it is like to “bind their wings” in order to do what needs to be done to make it through the day. Not that letting out your wings is any less painful; in some ways it is more painful as it leaves you feeling vulnerable and alone. Then you reach the point where you can’t do anything but spread your wings because the alternative feels like dying inside. What then?
    The right wind will come along when it needs to but in the meantime there are plenty of gentle currents to follow and each path precious in its own way.

    • Oh my!!!! soooo depth and meaningful post. I read your post multiple times to grasp some of the meanings. Your post make me think deep, in a good way. Jyo…!!!

      Sis, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and thoughts with us.

  7. Thanks so much for the video and translation. I think he will find the right companion when he is less busy. I am so happy that my study of the Korean language and history led me to K-pop and different stars. I was so happy when I began to read Korean – and, just by chance, his name in Hangeul. For me, he seems to be the most talented and most charismatic. I will eventually have quite a DVD library of his work. It would be a great piece of luck if I could see one of his performances in person. Psychologists say that one is a fan of stars/celebrities for only about two years. I do not believe that.

    • really?? which psychologist said that?? what if im a fan of an artist for 3 years? am i weird?? or am i caught some disease..to tell the truth..i thought this feeling of liking him will be fade frm time to time..but surprisingly it getting stronger each day..ottokaji?? should i see psychiatrist?

    • to most of us.. he is way beyond the status of a star / celebrity that we adore or worship.. he has been an inspiration to most of us, like a friend, like a buddy, like a family.. that we keep close to in our heart.. he is no longer of a celebrity status.

  8. Thank you for the english subs. I really appreciate it. Sukkie stay the way you are and stay strong. You are one of a kind. Your fans love you for who you are. By the way I think that was real when he was about to cry. That’s why he made that joke. It’s really sad… I feel for him. Fighting!!!


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