[News] Donation for a star again… Jang Keun Suk fan club donates the proceeds of photo exhibiton

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Eels (a nickname for JKS’ fans) planned the donation event again. CRI-J, the official fan club of Jang Keun Suk who’s working as actor and singer holds ‘Jang Keun Suk photo exhibition’, and they decided to donate the proceeds. CRI-J leads the event ‘2013 Jang Keun Suk birthday sharing photo exhibition’ on September 14 and 15, at G Arche (Gangnam Station, Sin Bundang Line, the 3rd basement)

On 10th, Tree-J company, JKS’ agent announced to ‘Ohmystar’, “JKS’ fans directly have planned this event and will donate all of the proceeds from the exhibition.”

It’s the second time that JKS’ fans have held such official donation event under the name of the star followed by last year. CRI-J carried out last September ‘JKS’ debut 20th anniversary 926 event’ on the occasion of JKS Asia tour. CRI-J focused on his birthday, September 26th and planned the event. Fans donated 926 won per person, and CRI-J donated all to day-care centers in Seoul.

An official of CRI-J said, “Like last year’s 926 event, we planned this event to the effect that we’d like to suggest donation culture should take root in socitely, instead of giving a gift (to Jang Keun Suk).” And she added, “The proceeds from this year’s exhibition will be used to purchase home electrical appliances for donation.” According to this official, CRI-J decided this support after knowing the fact that day-care centers they gave a donation last year don’t have enough facilities such as cooling and heating machine and TV.

Meanwhile, this photo exhibition consists of JKS’ photos taken directly by fans. The exhibition is divided into units, from 2010 to 2013 for each year. There is a special unit for ‘Jang Keun Suk debut 20th anniversary.’ The admission fee for adult is 10,000 won. That for youth is 5,000 won. Kids 12 and under is free of charge.

tenshi_akuma’s note: More info about the event, see [08.09.2013] CRI-J staff twitter

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