12 thoughts on “[Video] Lotte Duty Free CF (Full)_20130905”

  1. what i notice is that our AP is the only one who appeared solo and he is the one in front at the last part..isn’t it great? 🙂
    thanks sis Sarah 🙂

  2. sis Sarah…. thank you for posting all FULL versions here.

    Very beautiful Video, land of dream and magic for real.

    I wish I can fly that little airplane with Sukkie. I love all Sukkie’s scenes, Love the red airplane (love pilot since I was a little girl), the mountains, the castles, the scene with the little dog running ahead of him (so surreal, like the dog is Suni for real), the Prince sitting on the throne flipping his magic cards, and SUPER love the SALUTE at the end.

    Wahhhh…I don’t really like the pink suit…but I totally appreciate the pink suit which makes Sukkie sooooo eyes-catchy shinning different from the rest of the group. Only Sukkie can ROCK in pink!!! Jyo~!!!!

    A man in pink at the center of Hallyu stars!!! Super Cool!!!! Super Zikzin!!!!!

  3. Thanks Sis Sarah for sharing!

    Our Prince is so sweet and handsome in pink suit. Most important is the centre position which represents the most powerful star and he is the only one who appeared solo! Well done, Prince 🙂

  4. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you all know that there are two events going on at LOTTE DUTY FREE’s Facebook page.
    One is a simple share and review event and the other is an UCC event. Sing-along the chorus part of the MV and you might get the pink jacket that Sukkie wore in the MV!


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