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    • I think the program said the names of famous Koreans who are coming to join the Army according to the year of birth and age obviously including JKS. This does not mean that JKS will enter the Army now

    • As Miau said, I don’t think it means he will go to military soon. But sooner or later, Korean men have to go. At least, he said to eels about his plan of next year. So I don’t think he’ll go in a year.

  1. I really have a sense of absurd here. Firstly, who is this @ashura199 twitter and how is he related to Prince.. Secondly why or in whatoccasion he posted these two pictures. Thirdly is he a male, a female,or a famale male? Fourthly, why the dolls were there in the picture? And lastly, why all of you here were talking aboout the Prince being enlisted here?

    Please help explaining, I wonder whether I am the only one who has this sense of absurd as if I am coming from Mars.

  2. magic lamp = Genie Lamp! tell Me your wish?! and 2 dolls! this is so interesting and creative message.

    I like this!. they are so close friends.

    ╚══`.¸.Sukki Chan = Zikzin/shikshin 4EVER.

    Peace and Love eels.

    Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  3. Yes, I read in the Chinese website (2 Sep) that JKS is going to the army soon. Oh… I am very sad, means we will miss all his drama, performance and his blog news. So these two days, I keep checking on this site to see if he will tell his eels anything about the army enlistment, but so far, no news yet….. Hope to have the confirmation that he is not going in this year.

    • I’m pretty sure he won’ t be going this year because his agenda is full till the end of the year…next year is the soonest…so we still can enjoy our prince and all his antics

  4. MBC is just setting out which well-known K-stars will be enlisted soon according to their year of birth. As I understand it, every single Korean male would have to serve the army before they turn 30. For average people, the sooner they get enlisted, the better will it be for them career-wise as no decent companies will hire anyone who have not served in the army. But for artists, they would prefer doing it as late as possible. So what MBC is saying is at best speculation – Prince may serve the army anytime now or the latest at the age of 29.


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