[Notice] Our rules: A proper distance between our beloved JKS and eels

On August 12th, 장근석공식팬클럽Cri-J (Jang Keun Suk official fan club Cri-J) warned us about how to welcome him at airport. Because some selfish fans broke our rules and behaved badly to him. He didn’t expect such things would happen. So he seemed not to ask guards to stand by. Because he believed his fans. Most fans were well-behaved and ordered as usual. But some were not. You can glimpse the chaos from fan-cam taken at Gimpo airport on August 11th. We’re not sure those who behaved badly were other stars’ fans or just travelers. But Sukkie looked scared at them anyway.

I know most of eels understand and keep our rules. When we welcome or meet our beloved JKS, we just smile to him and wave to him nicely. But if you’re new eels, you might not know them. That’s why I tell you here again.

JKS is free-spirited and open to everyone. And he likes approaching his fans. But he dislikes to be approached too close by others. Touching and grabbing him are not welcomed. Rushing at him and mobbing are also not welcomed. Taking pics from too close without permissions is also not welcomed. As long as we keep our rules, he’ll be the one to approach us. What else can we ask for?

Imagine yourself in his shoes. You’ll understand what our rules are and what we should do. This is the notice link on our jksforever blog about this proper distance. Read [28 June 2011] Please do not touch or mob JKS!

50 thoughts on “[Notice] Our rules: A proper distance between our beloved JKS and eels”

  1. Thanx, Tenshi.

    I can understand, up to a certain point, that fans want to touch him and give him presents and stuff but they should put themselves in his shoes and should definitely refrain from touching, mobbing or even getting too close to him. I guess a couple of feet away is ok but closer than that is not. Because, even if you’re not famous, you wouldn’t like your personal space intruded or someone rushing over close to you, right. It’s the same thing with him.

    Anyways, I went back and checked videos from Aug 11th and he was quite brave going through the crowd without bodyguards… I mean, someone could easily steal his phone or something else he’s holding in his hands… However, he still kept his calm and cool and even tried his best to smile.

    Please, Eels be good and respect him and the rules.

    Peace out!

    • word sista. well said.
      any compromise to his safety makes my heart skip a beat; not in a good way let me tell you 🙁 and makes me mad that certain individuals embarrass not only themselves but the rest of the eels by their disrespectful behaviour. fingers crossed this doesn’t make itself a habit with people thinking they can take advantage and rush at him cos he’s so open and lovely with his fans.

      • oh wow I just saw the video..POOR JKS its really kinda bad..his even trying to put away his arm when some fans try to touch him..i feel bad for him..havin hard time opening the door of his car..how sad fr him..

      • without bodyguards?? oh poor Jang keun suk :s.

        Jang Keun Suk is now also a great idol, the greatest idols always need more bodyguards.
        I saw that the idols have many bodyguards for their safety, because their fans go crazy to the point of wanting to touch them, …… saw in a video, when a group of idols was coming to an international airport and people started going mad/crazy, started screaming and running behind their idol group, everyone wanted to touch them, … the euphoria was great among all people.
        I felt I was watching at the fans of the Beatles, Honestly The greatest K-idols have a lot fans who are able to give their life for their favorites K-idols. their fans become euphoric for their K-Idols.

  2. Eels should be reminded once again about this… But as you’ve said sis Tenshi we really don’t know if they are all eels… He look so scared in this video… I hope that this won’t happen again… Thanks for reminding all of us…

  3. This was a sad ending to a great trip. Even though there weren’t that many fans at Gimpo, instead of sharing his love with you he had to run off because you showed him no respect and made him feel he was in danger. I am sad for this bad experience for our Prince and hope it never happens again!

  4. Mobbing is incredibly bad behavior. I do hope he always travels with excellent bodyguards. They are usually courteous but protective. His sincere fans do not want anything unpleasant to happen to him. Dena, a U.S. fan

  5. Yes..I saw the vid..and some of the fans were push on to his car…I was afraid besides the wellbeing of Sukkie they would dent and scratch his car…
    Poor Sukkie, he did not act ugly to those fans but I’m sure he was really taken back..from now on the CEO will be even more strict regarding Sukkie and even BB travelling with bodyguards all the time.
    I really hope this won’t happen again otherwise we will miss seing Sukkie upclosed and informal..that would be a great lost for him and all real eels..

  6. Thanks everyone for understanding. CRI-J also expressed their thankfulness to those who welcomed him nicely at the airport even it was late at night. But they were worried that those who watched the fan-cam video might misunderstand the way to welcome him. That’s why they warned again. As some of you said above, it might be better and much safer to ask bodyguards. But he wanted to try, I suppose. It’s his home country. He wanted to feel at ease without bodyguards, and he believed eels would keep their rules… I feel sorry but he won’t try so again. There are many types of fans. Keeping our prince in safe is the most important.

  7. That’s so true maybe to some people they don’t understand that..but a lot of celebrities get hurt most of the time by fans..i hope we respect his wishes its not too much to ask for anyways…

  8. He has asked nicely, and given his Eels so much more than most celebrities. It makes me sooo sad that people have to disrespect him so much. Would they want to be pawed at? I hope the people who did that feel shamed. I am very disappointed in them.

  9. I’m a new fan since 2012, I understand that the rules in Asia are different and we should respect its, but also I understand your emotions and happines of All new fans, The new fans want see, touch and give gifts him.i think that the coordination would be important among old eels and new eels, we also keep in mind that our Dear Jang Keun Suk has grown much more his popularity in the World since 2012 with his drama Love Rain, Tour CriShow-2 and presentations and concerts with Team-M. Now, Jang Keun suk is not only an actor, now he also is an big IDOL and he even is ascending more his popularity in the World. Jang Keun suk’s idol will have many more fans from different cultures, ideologies, races, religions, nations, etc etc etc…this is good for him!. but obvious, here all need a good communication and coordination with the all eels (old and new fans). this would be a good idea.^ ^.

    Thanks dear Eels,

    fighting Zikzin!

    • No matter how big an Idol they become, people need to remember they are human, with basic human rights. It is like a woman saying no and getting raped. He has asked not to be touched, therefore touching him is a violation of his rights as a human being. He may seem like a celestial being (Angel), but he is indeed human. I am a new Eel since about March. I am sooo happy to have found this site.

  10. This is a good information for new eels!! Please remember, nice to see, nice to touch but once broken the rules….BYE BYE!! Please don’t let our prince upset!!!

  11. I heard that on that day, Beast and no min woo was on the same flight. I think they might be non eels who are either passerbys who saw a huge crowd of fans hence they waited to see celebrities or fans of other artistes who try to approach him in the wrong way. Most of the time, at Gimpo airport, eels know what is the best way to welcome him. Hopefully such unhappy incident will not happen again.

    • thanks for the link…but why oh why every time i read an article about prince in this site i feel something…i dont know if it’s only me but i think that site always want to bash our prince 🙁

      • yes sorry for that this blog is actually a breeding ground for the haters & bashers. Sad to say lol but i have to say something to give them their peace of mind. Sorry again if you are a kind of eel who cannot take the bashing do not clikc the link… my name in this blog j kriss. Thanks!

      • i really dislike this site. Hope she can stop posting any JKS related articles because she has nothing good to say about him.

      • @kristin_ez,
        Sadly it’s not only this site that is full of bashers and haters. But I notice all other sites are also not welcoming our prince, i.e. allkpop, dramabeans. This is the only site that truly devotes to him. How can he sleep if he read comments in those sites? Poor him… I read how you defend him, thanks sis.

      • I don’t get it… Most comments (including the OPs) aim his personal life and not how good of a performer he is…

        Why the heck do they care if he has a singing career or what he does in his spare time, how he dresses and what kind of hair he has…

        You either like him as an actor or not. And he’s a really great actor and I see no reason for anyone to dislike his acting style.

        I guess it’s more important to them how he presents himself, even if it’s fake, than who he really is and how good he does his job… Small minds, that’s all I have to say…

        Sorry, I just get agitated by mindless comments like this about anyone really…

        I wish the director, writers and other people involved (I know JKS will do a great job) in ‘Beautiful Man’ take a different perspective, make this show a Bomb! and prove everyone wrong!

        Peace out!

    • the blog owner and the readers used to be huge geungeun shippers. i guess that didn’t work out in real life hahaha. watch when they like beautiful man they’ll also ship jung so min with our prince.

    • DANG this is my first time reading bashers of jks..I really wana wring all their neck hahahha..hateful people bet they are just feakin jealous of him and his fans being loyal to him..no matter what they say eels still with him..what about his singing damn his voice hella good..i love when he sings love song…

    • I will never give them the hit to their website. They are negative and hurtful. I wont even visit to see what is going on because they are just speculating anyways.

    • He’s rich because he sacrificed A LOT since he was 5 years old and still does… He also worked/works his a$$ off and almost doesn’t sleep at all when working on dramas.

      Oh, and that little thing… What was it… He’s freaking super multi-talented!!! Also, he’s very smart, creative and persistent.

      Go JKS! You deserve every single dime of it. Still at the top, no matter what they say!

      Peace out!

    • CLOVER,

      To be honest with you, I loved to read Koala’s website a lot in the past….but not any more. This website becomes sooo trashy now. I fully understand that Koala has freedom to write critic on any subjects or persons she wants….but what I don’t understand is why she posted things related to Jang Keun Suk at all if she doesn’t like him. Her website is very quiet and peaceful if she doesn’t post about JKS or any thing related to him.

      I understand your feeling that eels need to defend Sukkie more…but to what extend and for how long can we defend him….??? We can write all the positive things about JKS, these haters won’t listen. In my opinion, some of these people just look for a fight or seeking for attention!!! Some times, doing rebuttal with them only added oil to the fire!! Yeahhh…if we don’t do or say anything at all, we feel sad and disloyal to Sukkie.

      sis, all I can say it….we, eels, need to believe in ourselves, our own judgement about our STAR. We need to learn to choose our own battles widely…and if we do fight for Sukkie for greater costs, we will defend him with dignity and proud!!!! If the author is not worthy to our attention, her posts are full non-sense….then we don’t want to become nonsense or senseless like them, right!!! LET’S those people bark all they want, said as much negative things they want, or even kill themselves with all those negative energy they processed….I don’t care!!!! (Imaging their faces are red, wrinkles forehead, eyes evil when they are mad writing BAD comments about people…can’t help but…LOLLLL!!!) I bet, they think they are angels who know it all….kkkkk

      We can’t prevent people from talking smack or bashing our STAR…but they can’t stop him from doing what he is doing right now….. creating small Empire for his family and himself!!

      The more they talk craps and put him down, the higher he will rise….mark my word!!! Sukkie is very positive and talented person……positive and talented person goes long long long way!!!!

      In a positive note, if more people talk about him, good or bad, that means Jang Keun Suk has touched these people’s feelings deeply..kkkk. I bet all of them are aware of who is Jang Keun Suk…they can’t deny his strong presence in the K-biz industry!! Some of them might even feel jealous of his success or threaten by him becoz their STARs might not gain success as he is….kkkkk!! Some are curious what there is about Jang Keun Suk who can make soooooo many people love him and feel very protect of him!!! LET’S THEM TALK AND WONDER!!!!

      When people are talking negative about other person, especially the person they don’t know at all, judging other person based only on the surface…what’s shame!!!! Sad and unhappy people, I feel only pity for them. Really!!!

      • So agree..as Sukkie mention himself..so much jealousy….
        We do best to show our love for Sukkie by supporting his works…buying his works and stay possitive and unwavered, ZIKZIN all the way…and just ignore the ignorants

        He is no hallyu star anymore…he is JANGSATION!!!!

  12. I really don’t care about their opinions, JKS is a multi-talented artist and such a hard working person and no one can put a good man down….I don’t think they will pay him that MUCH if he can’t deliver. He has proven his worth and no one can argue with that….

    • Agree with you…slowly but surely.. as he said the more they put him down the more he will stand tall…he is such a man..zikzin AP.. you deserved it for others are no fools to pay you that much if they are not sure of your qualities

  13. That may sound strange, but reading their nonsense makes me love him a thousand times more !
    Jang Keun Suk oppa, I promise I will forever and ever be by your side ♥ Zikzin ! :DD

    • sis Aimi, you’re not sound strange at all. I feel the same way. We might not prevent them from bashing our STAR, but they definitely can not stop us from loving him. LOVE win over HATE….always!!!!

  14. I try not to read these sites… those people have nothing to do, going around wasting their precious time doing things they love to hate… well one thing is for sure JKS don’t leave them untouched …lol

  15. Gud ppl pliz dont mind those lunatics becoz as it is I am 4rom Zimbabwe, thus I know I’ve got a zero chance of ever meeting him but I spread the word everyday!

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