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[28 June 2011] Please do not touch or mob JKS!

– Shared by tenshi_akuma –

Yesterday morning some Japanese insensitive fans (I hope they weren’t eels) made JKS so upset… because they didn’t keep our promise between JKS and eels such as “Don’t grab and touch me! Keep a proper distance and be an orderly eels!”

I’m so sorry to say that some of his fans broke this rules and he was mobbed by them badly. You can see what happened by watching the vid. It was happened when he was about to enter the door to his photo exhibition.

Yesterday he commented about this regrettable event on the twitter.

“If you don’t want to be a grilled eel, promise me not to touch me. Touching Prince is not acceptable. So, please don’t rush at me. Promise me!”

Now in Japan the craze for JKS becomes much bigger than we eels expected. So there may be lots of temporary fans (not eels). I hope they’ll understand our rules and become real eels.

If we are real eels, we should keep our rules. We know he hates to be grabbed or touched because he warned about it again and again. So real eels should know his dislikes and not to act which makes him disappointed. Because he is so kind to us, he wants to get closer to us as long as we can keep our promise. If we broke it, he won’t be able to do so any more.

Again, I’m sure and I’m proud that Japanese eels are devoted and orderly fans. But it was the fact some Japanese hurt him against our will. We all Japanese are sorry about that and beg him to forgive us and not to lose his love for us.

He said at the press conference that he learned a Japanese word “Kabayaki (Grilled eel dish)” lately.

He used this word humorously, ” If my eels cheated on me, I would make them grilled! Ha ha!”

But we eels should know what he really meant to say. We want to live with him forever. We don’t want to be grilled. Right?