[Interview] Some Excerpts from JYJ Magazine Volume 2

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About Jaejoong’s Friends.
Jaejoong has a wider circle of acquaintances than Yuchun and Junsu. Nowadays, he often meets Jang Geun-seok. His house where he recently moved in is only 2 minutes away from Jang Geun-seok’s, so they meet almost every day. Jaejoong said “In some ways, he is incompatible with me though, this comes as his charm to me, so we mix very well.” Birds of feather flock together? There must be something why these two Hallyu stars get along well with each other.

Jaejoong said “Geun-seok is straightforward, too. He does not talk around. He’s frank. At first it was hard [to be friends with him], but now he’s a congenial friend of mine. We both like chattering and meeting casually at home. On Parents’ Day I sent sets of *Goolbi (Yellow Dried Corvina) to Yuchun, Junsu, and Geun-seok’s parents, and then Geun-seok came to my house with the Goolbi he grilled and we had a drink. Actually we both had a drink yesterday, too. We drained 18 bottles just for beer. Nowadays I don’t often see HyungJoong but, he is a friend of mine that I don’t feel sorry even if I meet him only once a year. Because we are a pair of congenial souls.”

* As customary, Goolbi considered as valuable food that Koreans send to special ones on special days.

About manners in friendship, Jaejoong said “Manners must be preserved [even between friends]. Recently I renounced my friendship with 3 fellows. Unfortunately, they crossed the line – the do’s and don’ts in friendship.” and “For instance, when there’s an age gap between someone and me, even if I talk informally with him, it means the distance between our hearts is shortened, not that he doesn’t need to observe his manners that should still be preserved between us. I can’t be a friend with that kind of person who ignores the line.”

9 thoughts on “[Interview] Some Excerpts from JYJ Magazine Volume 2”

  1. I don’t know the boys from JYJ but it’s nice to read someone else his opinion of Sukkie..one on the same level as him..
    Well our guess is right..what you see is what you get being not afraid to be himself ,straightforward..no beating around the bush and no double agenda.
    He is good with his pears but also knows how to curve his behaviour…being respectful for instance..(only not in acting…lol)

  2. I really love to read other celebrities ideas about JKS.
    He is such a friendly man….
    Non of his co-stars, friends, workers… who really know jks in person never say a bad word about him *-*

  3. People who are in contact with him , either his friends or co-workers at work always have positive comments about Sukkie. It is always people who donot know him who spread untrue rumours about him.

  4. Does anyone who purchased Crishow 2 making DVD have problem with the English subtitles?

    My DVDs can only show eng sub for the seoul segment, the rest on Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taiwan only show Japanese subtitles. So sad bcoz I can’t understand what sukkie say in the video!!!!

  5. well its really good to know that they are both become a good friends hope this friendship will last for a life time I am so happy that prince jang found a new good and trusted friend like jeajoong but i know that some of jeajoong fans doesn’t want that they become friends but what i wish that they will also happy and respect what jeajoong wanted to be, just like us eels we always support what prince jang choice as long that it makes him happy, hope theyre friendship will never be fade cause I believe that they both happy and enjoy theyre company and they can make it to be a forever friends 🙂

  6. we really dont know what sukkie is,! so for his bashers. please stop spreading untrue rumours about him.because all I CAN say. sukkie is very kind and friendly person.


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