[Update] JKS x BB 【H road】 (limited production DVD) is released on Oct. 2nd in market

Source: http://a.ponycanyon.co.jp/team_h/

Before we announced the flash news about this Jang Keun Suk × Big Brother that it is released on September 20th, but it’s for pre-released date. If you order it during pre-order time, you can get it in hand on September 20th, but officially the release date in market was fixed as October 2nd. All the contents are the same, but the cover is different. But you can get this regular DVD with more reasonable price. Below are some international online website.
For more detail information about the item, please refer to the previous post. This is said the first limited production DVD. It means after the stock has run out, it’s the end of availability.
Amazon.co.jp: You have to add international shipping fee.
HMV online: You have to add international shipping fee.
Yesasia.com: This item is eligible for Free International Shipping now.

6 thoughts on “[Update] JKS x BB 【H road】 (limited production DVD) is released on Oct. 2nd in market”

  1. I just checked in HMV and YesAsia. YesAsia is giving free shipping for international, total price is US$65.54. HMV is having sales price and the price given is USD65.23 with delivery. This calculation is based on the delivery to Malaysia. The different price for this 2 website is only 20 cents.

    I hope that after the release of H Road for Japanese Tour, there will be a H Road for Asia tour (China, Bangkok, Taiwan)with english subtitle.

  2. thanks tenshi..that’s so true mamacri eheheh..sometimes I watched youtube interviews about jks eventhough I don’t understand it..i still laugh when he laugh but I loveeee to understand what hs saying..i always love watching him doing interviews…

  3. I really want to have one even though there is no ENG sub, however the Region 2 DVD can’t be played in Malaysia. So sad :(. Hope in the future they will release the Region All DVD version.


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