[article] Jang Keun Suk to Hold “Zikzin Festival” in Japan

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Jang Keun Suk will again be pushing the boundaries with a new type of event held in his name.
The actor will hold his Zikzin Festival in Osaka and Tokyo come August.

Following from the success of the brand′s cafe opened in Tokyo in March, Jang Keun Suk will again promote his exclusive brand ′Zikzin′ through an expo to be held in Osaka from August 3-4 and in Tokyo from August 24-25.

The expo will feature performances by Jang Keun Suk and his project group Team H, and showcase many other sights to see and events to participate in as a giant cultural theme park.

It will hold a ′Zikzin Town′ and ′Zikzin Street′, as well as a ′Zikzin Shop′, food court, theater, post office, clothes outlet and photo studio built around his song titles.

Scenes from the festival will even be relayed live across 57 theaters across Japan in celebration of Jang Keun Suk′s birthday on August 4, letting 15,000 more fans enjoy the festival with special events.

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  1. WOW…it’s gonna happen real soon now…Can’t wait to read and see the first impresion…no doubt he will leave us in awe again..
    So envious of eels who will be attending..so many goodies..Zikzin Town, street, shop etc..No wonder he was so busy..excersizing, putting on the show, fittings, decisions decisions, practise, practise..spending time with Suni for she won’t see him for a long time

    Sukkie will be on the move any day now…for it’s almost ZIKZINtime.
    He will be in Japan most of august and after that it’s China’s turn…will we see that great wall dance finally??

    btw…was the osaka festival not already sold out??

  2. The Korea Times on July 30th referred to him as “Hallyu darling Jang Keun Suk…” in an article about Zikzin Fes.^^

  3. Wishing my Prince all the best! Love him so much. I am so proud of all his achievements and more to come. He is really talented man.

  4. it doesn’t matter if I could not meet him forever as long that I can always see him reaching his biggest dreams and achieving his goal in life is much more than enough and it doesn’t matter if i couldn’t reach him cause what matter most to me is he will be always be Happy and Fine with Peace in his heart and mind 🙂

  5. o.k dont get me wrong but i think jks has peaked!!! , i mean let’s get real, he will never be more famous from when he was in you’r beautiful and when he sang in tokyo dome , that was his greatest moments , after that he made alot of wrong choices, and he started fading.! i think doing what you want is great thing, but. he was a superstar at that time and he should have known that people will be judging his every movement , so i think he went in the wrong direction when he started doing every thing at the same time ,he should stayed in acting , cuz that what he loves and do best . not that he doesn’t have a great voice no! but things like dj and teamh h is just not every one’s cup of tea, plus the girly appearance all the time , wrong choices for drama , the somking and drinking..etc let his popularity to be less by the half . and girls started to like other actors , and that really hurts me , and i’m so worried about his next drama , and what will happened if he fails again , cuz i was crushed when love rain failed and i think i was it’s biggest fan ever. plz dont remove my comment , i want the eels to hear it plz.

    • anon, thank you for sharing your views here or (your worry about our Jang Keun Suk).

      Though, I am not yet to understand what is your main purpose in posting this type of comment here. Do you want us to stop following our STAR just because he might not be as popular as in the past couple years; or do you want us to quit on him because he doesn’t perform HIGH rating TV drama in Korea; or do want us to read your comment and agree with you?? Hmmm….. I can guess that you don’t like Team H type of music much, but many other people like this type of music…so please respect their preference. Don’t you agree that Jang Keun Suk is very talented man, right!!! He can cater his performances in wide ranges of peeople. Some people only like ACTOR Jang, some like only Singer Jang, some like DJ jang…or some like EVERY THING about Jang Keun Suk.
      Any way, whatever your purposes, believe me, you are not the only person who had voiced your worry and concern about Sukkie in general, about his career, life-style, his smoking and drinking habit or his mal-fashion outfits (some girly on purpose) or his bad hairdos…etc. You name it…..we heard all of them before. We even discussed some of tose issues among our fans clubs. My advise it, whatever happens to JKS, please don’t worry too much about him. Please continue to support him. For him to be more success or failure…only time will tell.

      As for LOVE RAIN is a failure. I am tired of hearing people judge LOVE RAIN as failure drama because it didn’t gain HIGH RATING in Korea. I would be just super fine and OK with if people would say..they don’t like LOVE RAIN because…..lalalala…etc. In fact, I don’t like many dramas too…but I won’t go around broadcasting the dramas I don’t like as “failure dramas”.

      What is the requirements or measurements for any DRAMAs to be called SUCCESSFUL any way, nowadays?? Please enlighten me!! Please explain to me why the DRAMA that produced the HIGHEST earnings for broadcast right outside of Korea is considered a FAILURE drama? I totally don’t understand this concept.

      Based on my what I heard and my observation, LOVE RAIN is very popular DRAMA in many other parts of the world. Am I wrong on this information? Even currently, LOVE RAIN is receiving highest National TV Rating in Philippine. Love Rain is beating other dramas airing at the same TIME slots.

      I understand that NOT all people can possible love Jang Keun Suk. I’m alright with everyone who like to disagree for disagreement shakes. As long as, those people dislike him are not rude or disrespect him or us eels, in any way.

      • Kailey, I totally agree with everything you said…

        I still don’t understand how could anyone possible call Love Rain a failure or a bad drama just because ratings weren’t high in Korea… That can only mean that Korean people didn’t like it… But the rest of the WORLD likes it VERY much, myself included…

        As for JKS, he might not be as popular as before (during YAB days) in Korea (for variety of reasons which most of have to do more with Korea’s old-fashion ways, if I may say, then JKS himself) but he’s extremely popular in Japan and getting very famous in China as well, lately…

        And people change their preferences all the time. When he hits the role or a TV show that is very liked by Korean folks, I bet they’ll be raving about him and praising him again. Those same people who were bashing him before… It is hypocrisy and I don’t appreciate it but it is a part of the human nature, unfortunately.

        However, I really and truly admire JKS for his stamina and persistence. He’s fighting all alone! You rarely see that, especially in showbiz in Korea. Almost everyone is backed up by some company but not him. He has his own Tree-J and if he fails, it will fall with him.

        Like he said before himself, he might fail but he will NEVER give up!

        All I can say is: “Zikzin, JKS. Never give up on your dreams and goals and you’ll certainly make them real!”.

        Peace out!

      • Excellently written, Kailey! You have echoed the sentiments of many eels. As for Anon, I know you worry because you love JKS like the rest of us do. But please do not worry unnecessarily because as his eels we just have to trust and support his choices. No doubt his choices may sometimes not appeal to certain groups of ppl, what’s most important is he is happy with what he’s doing. After all he is the ONLY artist in Korea who can think for himself, act for himself and choose for himself unlike other artists who are just commodities of their entertainment agencies. Of course this comes with heavier responsibilities for JKS as well, but so far he is doing a darn good job of management and I have total respect for him. As for smoking and drinking, I hope ppl don’t judge him on that jus because he is a celebrity. He is just like any other 20 something guys out there. And did I say I’m absolutely entranced by his occasionally girly appearance? I sure do because he is the only male who can look beautiful and handsome at the same time.

  6. @anon I don’t agree with everything you’ve said, you are just worried too much. In Korea maybe yes “girls started to like other actors” – do you mean Song Joong Ki, Joo Woon or Lee Jong Suk, Kim Soo Hyun if you have these actors in your mind yes they are enjoying their own popularity in Korea but outside Korea they are not as popular like Jang Keun Suk, JKS is still considered to be one of the Hallyu Kings of his generation, those new upcoming actors still need lots of experience to get to where JKS has reached, have those actors received the Hallyu Grand Award? Never heard of any Korean actor that received this award after Jang Keun Suk. Besides JKS still has the same status in Korea it never changed in the first place (Koreans are still hesitant to embrace him & to appreciate him wholeheartedly) but it just happens that he becomes too famous abroad that it is impossible for them to ignore him totally. Besides I think its normal for any actor to have that quiet period. And once an actor reached a superstar status then that actor will always be a superstar thats what I observed and what I believe because history is something we cannot erase. For example whatever is written about Jang Keun Suk in Wikipedia will always be there. So even if he one day decides to slow down once he makes a comeback certainly he is not someone who needs to start a book from scratch but just to continue or add another chapter.

    C’mon JKS weibo followers has reached 10 million and still increasing not every Korean actor has that record, sold out tickets for TEAM H Concerts, sold out tickets for Zikzin fes, what do they mean?

    As for his previous dramas many fans love them, I love all those dramas too so i won’t say he made a wrong choice I enjoyed all of them! For the coming drama, I prefer to just wait & see, as a fan i don’t want to give a negative vibe. Anyway if Jang Keun Suk said he is someone who’s not afraid to fail then in that kind of attitude alone for me he will always be a winner!

    • kristin_ez, I don’t know who you are personally, but I super love your response and point of views and you always back up with facts, too. I love love love your positive and encouraging comments. I always wanted to tell you that I love reading your posts.

      No matter what happens with JKS’professional or personal life, he may experience UP and Down, please please don’t give up on him!!! Please keep on walking with him until the end..!!!

      • Thank you so much Kailey for your wonderful comment & for always defending our Sukkie. I’ve been following Jang Keun Suk since 2008, have become his loyal fan after I watched Hong Gil Dong in KBS World. I wont give up on him, in my heart I know I would forever love this STAR even to the day that he gets married, has children…sorry I might be upsetting some eels with JKS getting married lol. I always pray & hope for Jang Keun Suk to have the best of everything!

    • I love the response. As he put it he is young so it is ok if he makes a few bad choices we all do, and he is human. I love the fact that he does not conform to what others want of him. He should be able to live how he wants. He is respectful and does not hurt others. He tries so hard to make all of his Eels happy. He is rare…he is genuine, thoughtful, meticulous, hard working and he shines so bright it is blinding. I just hope in all this racing he can take the time to enjoy it…He seems to. I am so proud of the person he has become and I will forever be an Eel. Negativity is a cancer that grows and is unnecessary. Regardless of any stumbles that might happen, his heart is in the right place and that is what matters. ZIKZIN!!

  7. prince jang did a wrong choice ? oh? when? how? really sure ? and how come that they are saying that jks made a wrong choice? because his not famous already after his youre beautiful drama? and he change his looks like a girl ? color of his hair ? oh! come on! dont make me laugh sorry! but honestly i do respect all negative comments regarding prince jang , for me theres nothing wrong with that , they are only open up what they can see about jks But what makes them wrong for me by misjudge jks by looking only his personality and never see him as a person , many times i read bad comments that he did a wrong choices i could not stop smiling because they are thinking that our prince is a superhuman that can’t never be make a mistakes 🙂 , hello! our prince is a human not a superhuman ,and before i forgot even superman has his own weakness right? how much more with jks no power to be always doing right , so before you misjudge him just open your mind widely as you can and see how jks do his best to make his own country proud of him dont look his out side personality just look what he can do to his people and what he can do more, for me theres nothing wrong if sometimes he failed cause thats the only way that he can learn his mistakes , the more he failed the more he stronger enough and the more you hit the stone of him the more he stand still strong and because of that i really really adored him , in Korea some dislike him but in other country he still the one they love, his popularity is not base only in theyre country but try to look the other countries is jks failed being a famous one? i dont think so, so instead of misjudge him just try to be with him then you will find that his outside personality is not matter what matter most that his a “man of steel” ah eh! i mean a man with honor and dignity and no matter who against him he still love us even who you are okay ? smile anon 🙂 dont think too much for a bad impression of jks remember anon jks loves you 😉

  8. Even the great actors in hollywood don’t produce hits everytime…they also have their peakmovies and less succesful choices…so is Sukkie. You never know if a movie is gonna be asucces upfront…you only know after it’s made…I am happy Sukkie is always trying things out of his comfortzone..I am one vety happy eel because he introduces a lot of new things to me…he is like my learningzone..I love almost everything he does..some of them I appreciate, others I frown up on like a mother but it is maybe ok for younger eels..but I love Team H and admire he himself can put up something so great, grand..He has a small but wonderful team supporting him..and
    I love how he is with his team..eating the same food doing the same things.. about his dressing, other Korean artists dresses weird also…I don’t hear anybody complaining about that…sometimes it is part of the parcel…sooo..that can be change..what can’t be changed is someones heart..his geniunity is what I admire..sdid we not promise to accompany him trough his journey to his dreams?…ups and downs included.. if he falls we to pick him up..Zikzin eels…always

    • I won’t mention names, but there was a Korean actor who won the Daesang or Grand Price in the year-end awards ceremony. Much to my surprise, his next drama the following year got low ratings…

      • Can’t guess who but that doesn’t matter…sometimes winning prizes has nothing to do with good or bad acting..look at Sandra Bullock..in the same year 2010…the Academy and other prestigious awards for best actress and performance and the razzies award for being the worst hahaha…and she such a good sport for showing up for all of them with delighted humour…like I imagine Sukkie would do too for he is such a person LOL
        Even if people say he lost a lot of eels…maybe so, but he still managed to gain a lot of new eels..like in China..and he’s not even promoting like in other countries (yet)….but they love him and his work…
        Sukkie is a genius and a visionair…he will always try new thinks…his mind is full of new ideas…and he has the guts to try all of them despite the results leaving others to follow in his track…but he’s also a good b’ness man…he will always look after his staff and others surrounding him and therefore looking after himself..

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