10 thoughts on “[27.07.2013] Jang Keun Suk LINE”

  1. They look so lovely together.. Im sure his house is the one with the french balcony if I remember well from the homesystempics

  2. Asia Prince Jang Keun suk’s body always looks so tan since 2012, I love it! .

    Prince Jang Keun Suk has 2 new residences for himself (single).

    * the first residence is a house where prince Jang Keun suk has his own garden ( a lot flowers) and its living room is on the first floor, …
    * and second residence is a department (this is the department, right!) 🙂

    Z.I.K.Z.I.N 4EVER ♥

  3. I think this is the villa where his parents are also living. I think this is the one shown in the KBS documentary. It was once featured in a news of the celebrities who acquired the very expensive residences, and Sukkie the youngest among all them who bought this kind of residence.

  4. It’s the first time I saw Suni so happy and smiling. Who would not be happy staying so close and walking with the Prince!!!

    They both looked so relaxed and happy. The misery of missing him has been released with the photos. I saw the photos on Line but I was not able to post them. I did post them on my FB. Thank Sis Tenshi who posted them for eels that do not access Line. By the way, what the Prince called the snail is a “slug”, which is a snail without shell. Probably in Korean they only have one word.

  5. Hi. I was really curious to see Suni, and you of course. She is nice, happy, young i supose, and full of energy,i can see that.Do not be opset when she don’t listen to you. She is young,spoiled,and hadstrong.She will grow up i supose, with education. With a dog is easy. With a burmese cat, like i have now is hard, but not imposible… All the best!!


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