12 thoughts on “[Wallpapers] Lotte Duty Free Calendar July 2013”

  1. dear tenshi .. i have some sort a suggestion to you , why don’t you put a small chat box in the blog so can the eels all over the world talk whatever they what? cuz i’ve been trying to enter the E.I.C and i couldn’t so it will be great. hope you think about it thank you.

      • actually i failed multi times to join 🙁 one time in my blog name , other in the email, and one time i didnt get answer from you. so i give up .. and i thought a chat box will be fun and easier why to chat with eels , cuz i’m really bored now days.

      • Please write to ECI admins again. If you can’t fill in all info, at least send your application. I think the admin will reply to you and help to answer he info.

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