[News] Team H performs at SUMMER SONIC 2013 Tokyo on August 10th

Source: SUMMER SONIC 2013
Team H is going to appear at SUMMER SONIC 2013 in Tokyo. They performed there last year both in Osaka and Tokyo, but this time only in Tokyo. They will appear on MIDNIGHT SONIC at Rainbow stage, on August 10th. It is not announced yet when their stage starts. But it seems at around 23:00. Before the announcement of their stage, all tickets in Tokyo except platinum tickets were all sold out. We hope music festival lovers love Team H music and become their new fan!

This is their introduction page on the SUMMER SONIC 2013 official website.

Team H is very busy in August. Below is their schedule in August.
* August 3 & 4: ZIKZIN FES in Osaka
* August 9: MTV ZUSHI FES 13 supported by RIVIERA
* August 10: SUMMER SONIC 2013
* August 24 & 25: ZIKZIN FES in Tokyo

2 thoughts on “[News] Team H performs at SUMMER SONIC 2013 Tokyo on August 10th”

  1. August Sukkie and BB will be in Japan most of the time..wonder when filming will start and how that will impact his schedule…it’s been quiet on his Line, FB and twitter..hmmmm. Wonder how he’s doing
    I’m happy Team H has the opportunity to be one stage again at super sonic; I really like their stage last year…
    Wonder how Zikzin Fes is like…knowing Sukkie he will be different from other festivals…ZIKZIN!!!!!!!!!!!


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