[vids] Naver LINE “STARCAST” Jang Keun Suk_20130613 (unsubbed)

UPDATE: You can watch full videos on the official LINE Jang Keun Suk website now

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This part is really funny. Earlier on JKS called a lucky Japanese eel’s phone number but the eel must be busy at the time, because the phone got hung up. So he called again, but was right to the voice mail. He left message: Hi, this is not a dream, I’m Jang Keun Suk…” When the eel called him later but he was busy talking with somebody else, so didn’t picked up, later on, the eel called again and that was the time when he was playing guitar and sang the song with Phryme, he just answered the phone with his singing and then told her: Go to bed.

This is the music they danced with on the show. It seems it was showed on KBS variety show, then it gets popular.

Dancing with girls on the show. Just for your info, girls are dancers working together on JKS and Team H stage.

15 thoughts on “[vids] Naver LINE “STARCAST” Jang Keun Suk_20130613 (unsubbed)”

    • Zzing is also in the dancing vid…guess pigs are the thing these days..
      Today while walking the the gardencentre to my surprise I saw somebody purchasing two of the exact same pigs…from the gardencentre..here in the Netherlands!!!!..
      As always Sukkie is at the front of a trend LOL

  1. i’ve missed the live webcast so glad and thankful you shared the video…he’s so natural i love his look so simple yet so cool…thank you!

  2. his really enjoyed what his doing and he had so much fun on that moment I can see the real happiness on his face and action , though I coudn’t understand what his talking about ,but watching him very happy and enjoy I felt that same too πŸ™‚


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