[Notice] Scheduled Team H U.S. tour has been postponed

We really feel sorry to share this info here, but in fact the upcoming Team H U.S. tour was officially postponed today. We international eels can’t access and read the detail Tree-J tweeted this morning, but Japan official website is open to non-members. So I post the translation here.

Tree-J and the U.S. agent promised to postpone their stage. They didn’t say it was just cancelled. We know how much we are disappointed to hear the news. But please keep supporting Jang Keun Suk and Team H. Poor management company and agent are blamed for the artist. But please believe in JKS no matter what happens. For him, hearing the decision and accepting it must have been very tough. We believe they’ll visit U.S. in the near future. And we hope more eels can attend their concerts if their new schedule is announced earlier. Let’s think positive and look forward. Zikzin!

Source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/notice/2013/06/12111126.html
Hello, this is Tree-J company.
We announce here that we postpone Team H’s scheduled U.S. tour because of inevitable reason.

Needless to say, both Tree-J and Team H really regret it.

We apologize here to all fans who are looking forward to the stage. We’ll do our best to announce the new schedule as soon as possible.

Below is the notice written by our agent in U.S.
We deeply regret to announce that Team H’s U.S. tour has been postponed due to internal reasons. The tour was originally set for June 22nd in Los Angeles and 28th in San Jose respectively.
Please understand that we have been facing a situation where it needed more time in preparing the show in many aspects. We apologize for any inconvenience it may affect the fans. The new show date shall be announced on a later date.
Those who have already purchased the tickets will get full refunds from the point of purchase immediately following this announcement. Please allow 3-5 business days to confirm the refunds.

For contact information: 323-696-0303 powerhouse
For tickets: ticketmaster.com



We deeply regret to announce that Team H’s U.S. tour has been postponed due to internal reasons. The tour was originally set for June 22nd in Los Angeles and 28th in San Jose respectively.
Please understand that we have been facing a situation where it needed more time in preparing the show in many aspects. We apologize for any inconvenience it may affect the fans. The new show date shall be announced on a later date.
Those who have already purchased the tickets will get full refunds from the point of purchase immediately following this announcement. Please allow 3-5 business days to confirm the refunds.

内部的な事情によりTEAM H公演を延期することになり非常に遺憾に思っています。

問い合わせ先: 323-696-0303 パワーハウス
チケット: ticketmaster.com
tenshi_akuma’s note:
Not yet announced the postponement on powerhouse website…
Not yet announced the cancellation about SJ stage on ticketmaster.com…

21 thoughts on “[Notice] Scheduled Team H U.S. tour has been postponed”

  1. Hi ss,

    I hope TreeJ and Suk will have a new schedule.
    They will have a notice soon.
    Prince, we love and believe you so much.
    To USA Eels: please calm down and still support our Prince.
    Note: Only postpone.

  2. Yes, maybe to postpone could be a better decision.
    They might change to a better performing venue.
    Prince don’t worry!
    Eels, be patient and wait for further news!

  3. I understand American fans who are very up set with concert, but I believe that TreeJ company will fix this problem out at last in the best way they can. This concert may has some unexpected problem happen. They do need to keep everything to be perfect performance, please give them sometime. I believe this must will not take long time to manage their problem. Hope we will stand by his side and be his heart power to make his dream and also our to be real!!

  4. Every his bad or not good news makes me feel uncomfortable as i’m afraid his antis take the advantage to blame him.

    Sukkie, I will pray everyday for you to be World Prince. Support you forever.

  5. I am not surprised by the decision. And i think it is a good call. I believe the poor sales is the main reason. Kpop fans are willing to see idols perform even if the group is not their bias. However, kdrama fans are not so many as compared to kpop fans in America. They just used better words when they say they need more time for preparation. Many concerts has been cancelled because of poor sales. I just hope that he did not make a big loss by cancelling this event. He already said he wanted a small venue, i guess his staff could have make a mistake when negotiating the deal.

    i hope that the next venue will be more suitable. Team H is actually more suitable for club size venue. He seems a little upset, but i believe he will work even harder.

    • me too think the poor sales or the choices of location could be the probable reasons. Actually, kdrama fans are not so many as compared to kpop-idols fans in America or Europe.

      The music Kpop is powerful and have many more fans worldwide. honestly, I’ll like see Prince more continuously as idol. because as a idol famous, he could help himself conquer the world, not just Asia. his drama love rain was very well received worldwide.

      Groups as Big Bang, Girls Generation (=SNSD) and soloist PSY are the most famous and powerful idols-artist-Korean in the world.

      His latest drama “Love Rain” came to many parts of the world, many people in the world loved and love this drama, to even people who have never watched a Korean drama in their life or people who had never been interested in seeing a Korean drama but as Many people love and know the music kpop and especially their most famous and popular idols. It’s not news that many people in the world initially only saw the drama Love Rain because would be the super star Yoona of Girl’s Generation. Even in many American and European countries, the drama “Love Rain” won the first place as the best Korean drama of 2012. because really Love Rain is one of the best kdrama, although the history of “You can not being with the person to whom you love because your parents too are in love”, in the Western world that is not a serious problem or situation that prevents you from being able to love her and even marry her, obviously Asian culture is very different from Western culture. the work of all the actors, the director and staff was very good and high quality, but here the writer should have been more creative, extreme, funny and dramatic. I’m sure having a couple as “Jang Keun Suk and Yoona”, a director as “Yoonseok” and a great staff as “Love rains’s staff” but with another writer who was able to make a more impactful hisoria, oh yesh, Guys! Be assured that this drama would have been the most successful in kdramas worldwide …… of all time.

      Sorry, Me deviate a bit from the main topic.

      The important is to support prince forever. Hopefully everything will be resolved soon,


    • Yes, as an American fan, I too am disappointed about the postponement. I have mentioned many times that JKS’s voice is just enchanting and even passed out to an American friends the mini-album “Let Me Cry” to show-case his voice. I was surprised at the success of Rain some years back when he was listed as one of America’s “most influential people”. To me, JKS far surpasses him (though Rain is very talented). The venue was very large for JKS’s type of music. As for me, to attend one of his concerts I would even consider that a trip to Asia would not be too far. I too hops he is hot disappointed. He surely must know that he is the very, very best. U.S.A. fan Dena

  6. We USA Eels knew this was a possibility. I heard a few people question the choices of location and venue for Team H… but USA Eels wanted to do all they could to support Jang Keun Suk. And that meant working hard to promote him, including at least 2-3 Eels in California who hand delivered posters to businesses in the Korean communities near the venues.

    Those who could, worked hard to make their dream of seeing Jang Keun Suk “live” come true… quickly trying to arrange their lives to “be there” for him. (Request off work, arrange flights & accommodations, etc.)

    Some of us, were not able to arrange the time off from work to join Team H on the dates where it had been scheduled, but we too wished to support our Prince in his endeavors.

    Yes, Eels in USA wanted to see Jang Keun Suk. And Jang Keun Suk wanted to see Eels in USA… but this doesn’t mean that our dreams can’t come true. Dreams can come true, we just have to work harder to see them to fruition. And won’t our time together be all the sweeter because of the wait? Jang Keun Suk, USA Eels are still with you… don’t lose heart!

    • Thanks, Nan. I’m really moved to tears, reading your comment. I’m one of eels who couldn’t manage to arrange days off to attend US tour. But as you said, our dream to see him in US and to see my eel friends in US is just posponed. Our dream isn’t over. It is just continued. Let’s our dream come true! Zikzin!

    • Nan, yes.. with the rescheduling.. perhaps many overseas eels can also join too as I couldn’t join the June concert in US partly it is too late for planning.. but with more time, I could go to US in future for concert and also to meet up our eel sisters there! ^_^

  7. I was one of the ones who could not afford to go anyway so I am disappointed but also relieved as maybe I can go next time. Now he can prepare a little better, get his music out there to American audiences first(Itunes, Ebay store). This is smack dab in the middle of con season so most folks his age that listen to kpop have already spent their $$ in preparation for events like Anime Expo, SDCC, and Otakon.
    If he wants to build a stronger fan base here he needs to go to where the party is, let them get to know him first and not worry about concerts and $$ as it will happen when it’s meant to.

    • Hi ss,

      You are right. Our Prince needs to introduce himself to Americans first.
      Please help many ways to Americans know Our Prince as much as possible.
      I think it isn’t easy, but we will try our best to do. Thanks. ^ ^

  8. yeap, u r folks right to let the prince introduce his team h first before hold the concert in America; as we all know America is not a small country. It is huge country with tough competition; they are all could be correct that k-pops are so well known worldwide than k-drama so i am not surprised as his concert is cancelled due to POOR SALES.It could be the main reason why keun suk cancel his concert in America as he is not so well known in western country i supposed. But he could work a bit harder to be known himself in America; we are eels of course will support him to conquer the world…

  9. In my case, even though I wanted to see him, and even having the money still have priorities, like college, so maybe next time, and enjoy his twitters.

  10. I know that all of us felt so much dissapointed specially to our friends Eels in US , but we must think possitively that this is not the end but a new beginning of our prince in Us. If this is not a right time for him to conquer Us there’s still tomorrow , cause I believe that he can surely spread his wings widely in the sky soon not only in Us but though out every country , his kindness , his patience and his hardwork will bring him into the light of world prince , so Eels go go never give up always give our best to support our prince till the end fighting! 🙂

  11. Hi every body .i believe it ,s not new problem for keun suk . American tour is ahuge step .i am sure hr can solve any problem .to my green star Keun suk ,,You have strang and powerful symbol ,,LION,, king of forest and ,,SUN,,.you can reach to seccecful gole .i believe in you. You are my dream man.Tahrer from Iran ,Tehran.,,FIGHTING♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  12. awwww i was so excited..but hey they can still set another one and i hope it will still be in san jose..things happen for a reason maybe it needs more planning on how and when it be held..and need more time to really promote it here in u.s..sad but still hoping to see him in concert someday soon..JKS Fighting!!!

  13. Prince must be upset for the postponement… anyways I heard from other sis that Prince expressed that the venue was erroneouly booked by his staff (which was in his opinion too large) for the US tour. I am just really confused – what has really happened? I don’t think his staff would be as incompetent as that… And like what he had said earlier, he preferred smaller venue for team H parties… I hope he is not suffering a huge loss for that change…

  14. Probably poor sales, so, as fans, how can we help these guys sell out their concerts in America? I want to see them be successful here. They’re too good not to have more fans in the U.S.

    America can be a difficult place to break into, but once people start to hear their music, they’ll grow rapidly.


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