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UPDATE: Added summary of the radio show

Credits: SogiTV804Marimo

*Summary of the radio show
JKS has focused on appearing radio shows to promote his new album “Nature Boy”, but it is his first appearing the radio show whose MC is an announcer, not a DJ. That’s why Suk praised her for her way to speak clear and beautiful Japanese. Suk seemed a bit nervous to appear a formal-look radio show, but she asked him not to hesitate and speak out freely as he did in other shows. Then, she showed Suk a picture of Azuma Takahiro, Japanese comedian who usually does the host of this radio show. Mr. Azuma is said to be Prince in Asakusa (downtown Tokyo area). As JKS is said to be Asia Prince, she asked Suk what the conditions are to be Prince. Suk answered as follows: leadership, manner, and aura. By the way, Suk has been to Asakusa before. Then, she praised Suk for his Japanese skill. She asked him how long Suk has learned Japanese. Suk didn’t mention how many years, but he’s been interested in Japanese cultures like movie and music, that’s why he’s improved it gradually. Suk’s Japanese is really natural, not the one from textbook. Suk said it’s from Japanese movies and dramas. He learned how to pronounce it in a natural way step by step. Then, she introduced his various history such as child model, child actor, DJ, MC, actor, and singer to listeners. She said she personally loves Love Rain. As he played the role of DJ in a Korean radio show, she asked him what he thinks the charms of radio is. Suk answered, “Now is digital age, but I think radio still has a analog charm. We can use imagination and simply focus on what MC and guests are talking. That’s why this time I chose radio shows to feel close to listeners.” Then, she introduced the tracks of his NB album. She described it as it is full of transparent and comfortable sound. She asked Suk to leave a message to his fans. Suk said, “Buy another 10 copies!” After that, he left a message to non-eels who don’t know him well. He said, “Hello, I’m JKS. My previous album is like a taste of visual rock sound. But this time as the title shows, it’s like a movie. Each song varies. I’d like you to feel various feelings inside of you while listening to my album… Then, please buy 10 copies.” She added another info about Mr. Azuma. She said he is rich. So she asked Suk how many copies Suk wants him to buy. Suk said, “Oh, he’s rich? Please be my friend, Mr. Azuma! I love you!” Lastly, she asked what kind of Japanese culture he wants to know. Suk answere it’s bushido (Japanese chivalry; the spirit of the samurai). Suk has been interested in it since childhood watching movies. She said to Suk, “You seem to suit chongmage (Japanese samurai hairstyle like topknot).” Hearing this, Suk said, “I suit chongmage? But it looks like a bald. No! What are you talking about?” [tenshi_akuma’s note: Suk has a one-in-a-million forehead. He surely suits chongmage, samurai style ^^]

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  1. many thanks for sharing this wonderful translation… he is such an smart & very intelligent actor… I admire him not only in him not only his physical look but most importantly his being true to himself and his positive outlook in life…

  2. Many many thanks for sharing and translation, Tenshi Sis!It’s true that I love his handsome face, but I found that his inner beauty and talents are more attractive and everlasting 🙂

  3. He always have the right words to answer every question. Agree with him about the description of a Prince….most importantly he got the aura to be a Prince of our hearts. Thanks Tenshi for your translation.

  4. Tenshi, thank you for the transcript, especially since we know how busy you are 🙂

    Great stuff from JKS, as usual.

    Peace out!

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to resume this radio show. Earlier I just listened to his manly voice and laughter without even understanding one word.

  6. Dear Tenshi, your efforts are highly appreciated. Not only contributing for prince to be understood but helping us to understand every move he made and every word uttered.
    Thank you for spreading love and joy through, prince JKS.

  7. Thanks to Tenshi. I love Samurai film. Sukkie has the character of samurais, delicate, sensitive, but tough. When I took Ikebana lesson in Japan, my teacher told me that the males with high social status in the old days learned to arrange flowers, Ikebana, as well. It helped them to have a good composition in life. The interview showed his honesty and sensitivity to different media.

  8. Tenshi Akuma Thank you for all your hard-working efforts on this translation.

    We in ECI are still waiting for some word from Team-H on LA concert on 22 June. As you know,
    I will be there cheering Team-H on. No word yet on arrival date LAX so some sort of greeting could be
    arranged at airport. Some Eels will be there Wed., most of us are arriving on Thursday so it might be a very quiet welcome at LAX.
    Any update would be greatly appreciated. Champagne wishes moving forward.

    • Yes, if his arrival is incognito and time unknown, then no one will be there to welcome him. He will get the idea that he has no American fans. Oh, not true. Maybe celebrities do not like to be mobbed – and some are, here. Anyway, I continue to be a fan and buy what I can get of his productions. How sad that I have studied Korean and have worked on my pronunciation, and he is becoming a Japanese star! Anyway, my good wishes that the concert will be a success – I know it will be! U.S.A. fan Dena

  9. she is one of the most respected and intelligent MC Asia. I am glad that she admires and knows about Geun chan’s job.

    wow! SHE’S A GOOD TASTE, Me too love LOVE RAIN. I think Love Rain is a taste for all ages, also Love Rain is one of the most epic and the best korean drama of all time.

    thanks tenshi!

  10. Tenshi, I think you are close enough to the Prince. Pls tell him to read Susann’s message. This will get him connected to his US eels before he arrives.

  11. thank you so much sis for always making Prince reach out his international eels through your translations..JKS and we eels owe you big time 🙂

  12. Thanks tenshi !!!

    How about the songs “Love is Black Hole, Nature Boy and India Summer”? Please translate it Thank you.

    → ► P.L.E.A.S.E. T.R.A.N.S.L.A.T.E: Love is Black Hole, Poison, Nature Boy and Indian Summer ^^

    THANKS U……


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