7 thoughts on “[Info] Team H U.S. tour tickets go on sale on June 3rd”

  1. Everyone please come out and support our Prince and Big Brother on their first appearance in the US in Los Angeles and San Jose.
    Show the love that Eels have for Team-H. This is a first, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share in The Wonderful World of Jang Keun Suk and Big Brother. They never disappoint….Team-H always gives their heart and soul to each and every stage performance.
    Look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles or San Jose.
    Champagne wishes and sweet strawberry dreams to all Eels,

  2. I’m so ready to buy these tickets for San Jose. I’m just waiting waiting waiting! Okay, I will manage to function at work until I buy the ticket. I already took time off work, bought flight to travel across the country, booked a hotel room. Now just need a ticket. I’m practically jumping out of my skin I’m so excited!!!


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