[Music] English translation of the lyrics “Love Letter”

UPDATE: Added the Romanization

He wrote the lyrics and made the music. In the 1st album, there is “In my dream” and this is in his 2nd favorite in his 2nd album “Nature Boy”.

Lyrics: Jang Keun Suk
English translation: tenshi_akuma

To My friend who’s always smiling at me
From Your friend who’s always makes my heart beat fast when I see

A single sentence that I always write and delete and never complete
That word that I’ve wanted to convey badly

P.S. But I love you
that is a banal phrase
I’ve been suffering from that I can’t hand nor open to you
I already know that it ends up a monologue
But I will continue writing Love Letter day after day

To My friend who’s gradually apart from me
From Your friend whom I always want to be with

As I’m afraid that there is a message I don’t want to know in this,
I can’t open eventually though I’ve tried to

P.S. But I love you
that is what I’ve wanted to convey
I’ve already known what you feel
But I can’t give up my love

I already know that it ends up a monologue
But I will continue writing Love Letter day after day

P.S. But I love you
P.S. But I need you
My heart is going to break into pieces
because I’ve been suffering for a long time
Even if it ends up a monologue

I will continue writing Love Letter day after day
Love Letter are piled up as never sent

To naruru bomyo nuru misojinnun my friend
From noman bomyon nuru soreinun your friend
myopponnuru suda tasi chiwugo to chiwunun han munjan
kurokke hago sibotton ku maru

P.S. But I love you hunan gu hanmadi
jurusudo opuko boru su do omunun kominduru oh
honjamaruroman namugyojirukoru arujiman
onurudo neirudo soneryoganun Love Letter

To negeso jomujomu morojinun my friend
From negyote hansan momurugo sippun your friend

twukko sipuchi anun maru i soge damugyo issuruka dwuryowo
myopponuru yoroboda tasi jomununda

P.S. But I love you jonago sippunmaru
imi ne mamu da arujiman pogi mottanun na oh

honjamaruroman namugyojirukoru arujiman
onurudo neirudo soneryoganun Love Letter

P.S. But I love you P.S. But I need you
mansorimu kute hutojigomanun ne maumudwuru
honjamaruro gyorugu tedorawachiman

onurudo neirudo soneryoganun Love Letter
boneru su opuso sayoman ganun Love Letter

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  1. Awww! This is so painful…But I believe if this woman is meant for Sukkie, the right time comes for him to tell her how much he loves her.

    • his heart is so painful, because he miss her and she’s gradually apart from him.

      as I mentioned in the other lyrics, I think that all the songs “Love letter, Save me, Turn off, eden and serenade” have a strong connection each and other. actually, He’s a secret love. this album is very special. He’s a genious. He has a lot matured in the last years.

      ╰☆╮¤°.¸¸.·´¯`»♥ JKS SAID: “Let Me Cry (album) and Just Crazy (album) had some visual rock concept in it. NATURE BOY (album) IS MORE HUMAN, SHOWING THE REAL JKS” ♥«´¯`·.¸¸.°¤╰☆╮

      he’s fell in love “his candy girl” = “his miracle girl” = “her friends who’s gradually apart from him”

      ►►► PS. “Love letter” was composed between October and November 2012 when he felt that his heart is going to break into pieces, because he’s been suffering for a long time.

  2. thanks tenshi !!!.

    The Song is very EMOTIONAL! ..I’M cry :'(. because I remember that since mid-2012 He was feeling so deep sad, i think Sukkie really is suffering for love. his special friend (her) who’s gradually apart from Sukkie. I guess must be for work or jealous somefans. poor Sukkie :(. Sukkie has much pain in his heart although he tries to hide it. I feel so much pain that He’s suffering.

    his heart is going to break into pieces because he’s been suffering for a long time…
    She always makes his heart beat fast when He see…
    She always smiling at him

    poor my sukkie.

    P.S.(post scriptum) but I love You
    P.S.(post scriptum) I need You.

    TT TT … I am sure that Sukkie is deeply fell in love her. ..I always support You. You need to be happy with her.

    • good song!!!…if prince is fell in love her, I will support both!.

      who is the girl, who always smiles him?, prince for whom his heart beat fast when he see ? who is the girl who gradually APART from Prince? who is the girl that can give up her love??

      Of all his ex-co.star, only ONE with whom I saw prince has many many smile and laugh with her in the BTS is “_ _ _ _ _”, also him danced 2 or 3 times in bts just for her, He also trying to kiss her multiple times behind the camera and now “She” is the only one that is gradually apart from Prince, she wants to protect him but Prince too want to protect her.

      I think that the girl is “_ _ _ _ _”. I had a lot of suspicion that they developed feelings for each other for the following reasons:

      1.- Prince called “Her” like his female version, only one her. (when he dressed as a girl and showed us all his female versions, prince named them their girlfriends).
      2.- When Prince said goodbye to his latest drama “Love Rain”, Prince said that will suffer of “Syndrome Abstinence” (this syndrome is when you have an unrequited love, and your mind can not forget that person, that person becomes your addiction because You are deeply fell in love).
      3.- One of her nicknames is “sHIKsHIN” because she has a good appetite, eat in big portions, now prince also likes to eat well, I remember in an old interview that prince said He was not like eating much, but now he loves to eat in big portions.
      4.- She loves the sweet things, now Jang keun suk also likes the sweet things, I remember that he did not like sweet things, but now change.
      5.- She chose the number “7” as your favorite number and identification, now prince loves the number 7, I remember that at code He had to put his lucky numbers and put 7 as center and main lucky number. and if you look at some pics of Prince in the background as subliminal message is the number 7.
      6.- She loves bears, horses, candles and micky mouse, now prince too loves bears, horses, candles and micky mouse.
      7.- She always recommended to her fans several songs that show her mood, now prince also sends and recommends songs to their fans.
      8.- Now their lives are very parallel, they are complete artists … non single actor nor single idol … They are true artists complete because are “Actors and Idols” and even songwriters. both are very smart and ingenious, have brilliant ideas in their minds.
      9.- She does not mind being the prettiest or look pretty because to her that’s so boring, she destroys her pretty face with funny and cute gestures. Now Prince does not like to look handsome all the time because that’s boring.
      10.- when She was a child liked to play, make many jokes much thus that once she entered the MALE BATH, hahaha!. Now I remmeber that Jang Keun Suk replied in a article: “Back to the time when I was 4 years old then into the LADIES BATH! Ha Ha!”. They share peculiar, crazy and fun ideas.
      11.- Both want to marry within 10 years and have a daughter and a son. They have similar and equal ideas and feelings.
      12.- and more and more evidences.

      Prince’s heart is so honest, but i think she does not believe in that simple phrase “i love You”, because prince said “I love you” to many people and friends…Becky, Stephanie Kim, Park shin hye, Phryme, joon hyung, hong ki, etc. i think Prince can easily say to a friend the phrase “I love you or Love You” , he is a nice friend, but Prince has difficulty saying “I love you” to the special girl whom he truly loves, He’s afraid of being hurt and Prince has much pain that she is trying to forget and gradually apart from him.

      ☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆ I wish God bless and enlighten their paths and if she is his soul mate or his lost other half, I hope with all my heart that both can break the walls and distance … and find happiness together next to each other.☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆

      I like his two albums of Prince, but my top favorites are:

      2nd Album = LOVE letter.
      1st Album = RAIN

      thanks eels and tenshi!

      ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.


      • I am very happy to read your comment.
        I also like her, and see this film I feel they love each other but because many difficulties…one of them is her company…
        Poor them, their love is beautiful and sad..huhu

      • I love your comment. Me too think “Love Letter” is meant be for YOONA.

        FIGHTING ZIKZIN & SHIKSIN!!! I support Keun Suk & Yoona ! I will be very happy if they are dating in real life.

        congratulation prince. 1st oricon.

      • It can’t be Yoona… JKS’s dream girl is completely the opposite of Yoona. Eveybody knows that.

      • @ Aimi, hehehehe… I don’t know about his ‘dream girl’ or ‘ideal type’ (experience tells me that those things are never important in the end; it’s the character, charisma and personality that we usually fall in love with, not body parts)… But I have seen the way he looks at her and, let me tell you – he does love her.

      • Definitely, the girl (His friend) = Yoona-san.

        I want Sukkie-chan and Yoona-san. I miss them.

  3. Thank U so much for the translation.

    Is this song the reflection of what JKS went thru?
    I really hope it has nothing to do with him bcoz it is such a sad and painful reflections of someone’s love experiences.

  4. i like almost every songs in his album. but this one , it makes one reminscent of the innocence of having this one great love…

  5. Tenshi, thank you so much again, for this translation.
    I’ve been waiting for this to understand the meaning, of Love letter.
    Oh! So sad…he can’t get himself to show his love…
    When the right time comes, I’m sure he can’t resist the desire to…
    Your time will come prince…Zikzin…

  6. Actually our Prince should have been the one who is supposed to receive the unsent love letters. His eels are the ones that send out their love letters to him everyday from all around the world. He is the one who breaks our heart by not replying. Our hearts beat so fast seeing him on the post. Love letters from the Prince’s eels. T_T

  7. Who is his unrequitted love…..the one he was falling for some years ago, one of his co-stars, but never confessed or was it the one who had the right feelings for him and the possitive circumstances but he then was `seemingly`indifferent and since he did not confess, the feelings died down or already tied down..
    O Sukkie, I hope you get the one moment in time when you´ll be brave enough and everything comes together and starts your whole new live…but in the meanwhile let’s love for as in YAB, the one who loved is innocent and guiltless
    We will read your LOVE LETTERS…I love this song

  8. One who could write such a beautiful song.
    We will always love you,don’t be heart broken ! Eels always here for you!
    Thanks for the translate,makes me cry while listening. love our asia prince

  9. i heard this song is meant be for yoona as well . cuz it also was the the only korean song in the album and it was relised on the 29th so it could be a birth day present for yoona like in my dream with was also written for yoona and was relised in 30th of may.

    • sam that is so odd ., i heard that as well ;
      and if that was true then OMG….. i’ll be the happiest person in the world:)

      • Hey Randa and Sam 🙂

        Where did you guys hear that? That the song is meant for Yoona? I would love for that to be true.

        If it’s Yoona, I bet the reason for his heartache has something to do with their work and busy schedules because one can tell that she likes him a lot as well.


    • right, i agree with you.
      Keun suk composed the lyrics and melody of both songs, well. This is very curious because both album were released in important dates for Yoona, 29 and 30 May.
      1st in my dream and now Love Letter. wooooooooooooow!. he’s romantic. I love him.

      Keun suk’s 2 favorite songs from his album nature boy are: Save Me and Love Letter. so odd.

      I will be very happy if they are dating in real life. they are so attractives, talented, intelligent, creative, funny, humble, very sincere and loyal. WOW! they would have the most beautiful babies in the world. ^^, I’m very excited. I love them!.

      thanks tenshi for translate^^

  10. Thanks ss tenshi_akuma,

    Hope Suk overcome and find new love, who really love him so much.
    I think myself this song has a link with the song “In my dream”…

  11. i also heard this song meant for yoona , cuz it was the only korean song in the album and it was relised in 29th so it could be a birthday present for yoona , just like in my dream which also relised in may 30th and i heard it was written for yoona.

    • I thought of that as well… But I don’t think so. He said ‘I love you’ to PSH too many times and publicly at that. I think they’re just really great friends.

      I think this one is for Yoona. I don’t know. I might be wrong.

      • definitely, I think this is for YOONA. because since 2012 Keun suk begun to have radical changes in emotions and deep sadness, Keun suk tried making many things to forget her and She also tried to forget him, but he can NOT forget her, as marujka said, He is suffering “Syndrome Abstinence” (this syndrome is when you have an unrequited love, and your mind can not forget that person, that person becomes your addiction because You are deeply fell in love) and also in another interview Keun suk said about love rain: “It’s the drama I’ve been tirelessly thinking of someone”.

        Another detail is that Keun Suk wrote the music and lyrics of “In My Dream” for Yoona on her first album, now I think myself “LOVE LETTER” has a link with the song “IN MY DREAM”, these two songs are the only ones who are in Korean. The 1st and 2nd albums were released on 29 and 30 May, these two days are very important dates for Yoona. Keun suk does know.

        Another detail is that Keun Suk and Yoona share a favorite word in common, the word is “KIZUNA” (= 絆 = Bond), keun suk printed “KIZUNA” in all his stamps at post offices for celebrate his 20th anniversary.

        Exist anymore obvious evidence which confirm that Keun Suk is fell in love Yoona, but that they can not have a relationship together because her company, their jobs and some their fans jealous would not support a relationship between them. Keun suk and Yoona have opted to be just good friends but yet away, i think myself this decision was very painful and it’s breaking their hearts to pieces. I assume that they try to laugh and smile in front of cameras and their fans, but their deepest pains and sadnesses are increased when night falls and they are alone with their thoughts and feelings and physically away from each other.

        Honeslty, This situation is very sad, both are going through very painful. if they love each other, I will support them… 100%.

      • I agree with you, Leticie… But there’s one additional thing that makes me even more prone to thinking they do love each other but can’t be together because of a certain circumstance(s) (my bet is on SM prison like policies and that they treat their ‘idols’ as a puppets on strings).

        That is the fact that Yoona herself has been quite sad lately.

        I’ve been following what’s going on with her at yoonaddict.com and, let me tell you, she hasn’t been her happy self, at least for about half a year now.

        I mean, she looks ‘happy’ for the photo shoots, variety shows and stuff, but in a almost all off-screen pics or pics from the airports, she has a certain sadness and tiredness in her eyes. You can see it so clearly. She’s not even trying to hide that she’s not happy.

        There’s just too many things that fit in… But, like I said before, I can’t be sure. Maybe I’m just looking at the painting too closely 🙂


      • omg jazzy are you the same jazzy from yoonaaddict.com that i talked to , you remember me right ? we talked about yoona and jks a long time’ you live in vanquver or somthing right?

      • of course, LOVE LETTER is for YOONA!.
        Sukkie chan and Yoona have a amazing and good chemistry together, always always laugh and smile together. good couple.

        for me: Sukkie chan loves Yoona, but they are only good friends.

    • The song is so sweet and romantic, I’m so sad and crying. I love this song. Sukkie-chan is a genious and romantic man.

      My dream: Sukkie-chan and Yoona-san on a private date …niceeeee together!^^

      I want Sukkie-chan and Yoona-san to go to a picnic in a park. please, Yoona accept it. Yoona give him that chance of date. only you two. Forget about the rest of the world.

      If I was Yoona, I would escape of the control of SM and I would go to a picinic with my love Sukkie-chan.

      SM control much her life, she has no a relaxing break nor long holiday, she works many hours a day, come on girl! you got to embrace the freedom to live. Get away from your company. ;).

      I support Sukkie-chan and Yoona-san.

    • @Aimi: I do!!! Thank you for posting the YT reminder. Enjoyed watching it again.
      They are both so sweet and admirable young talented actors who bravely bottled their feelings and pursue their careers. We could also say they encountered “Puppy love”.
      As time went by through their busy lives and achievements, both of these young adults never failed to acknowledge one another each year that passed by since 2009 till the present year. This is how you realize your true love. There are many videos, interviews and shows where they acknowledge one another with love and respect. These are called facts and not here say or imaginary stories. JKS’s mother likes PSH and wants her as a daughter-in-law. It’s no secret. (Doesn’t mean JKS has to).
      So yes Aimi, i think he’s talking about PSH. No one can get close to him like she has and can. He always treats her with tender, loving care and she has acknowledged appreciation. PSH has mentioned that although invisible JKS has always been in support
      Through 45 years of married life experience and as the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding” their body language, looks and smiles says it all. They have all grown into beautiful young people and free to make their own choices. I who am a strong supporter and enjoys their entertainment to the fullest, wish them all the best in their future endeavors. I will support them whoever they choose as their life partner.
      Blessings to JKS and PSH…..PEACE!!!

      • Hi, Maybe you’re mistaken.
        Because this song Suk said their love have many difficulty…
        He can’t open and write Love letter but can’t sent.
        If the girl is PSh that’s mean no obstacles.
        If Suk loves PSH, I ask you what’s the obstacles?
        That’s mean the girl in this song not PS Hye.

      • Ok, so this turned into a really fun thread… I do apologize, in advance, if this is along post but I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

        Since I’m an IT and use a lot of logic and science in my everyday life (more than I’d like to), let me try an analytical approach to the question whom ‘Love Letter’ song could be written for.

        1) It’s not written for anyone in particular, it’s all a fiction and he’s just messing with us. This is highly possible but due to the powerful emotion in the song, I’d say that it was written for someone.

        2) It’s written for one of his ex-girlfriends. Also possible but unlikely since he broke up with the last girlfriend himself because he was too busy to date and if he was in love with them, I suppose he wouldn’t do that. By being his girlfriends already they’d know his feelings so this song can’t really apply. Also, this was quite a while ago so it’s mostly improbable that the song is for them.

        3) It’s for some girl that is not famous and we don’t know about at all. Very possible but, in order to get close to someone and really fall in love this much, you’d have to spend a certain amount of time with them (at least a couple of weeks is my guess). I know what some might say – What about love at first sight? People, love at first sight is a beautiful concept and even more beautiful when it occurs but it doesn’t happen nearly often in real life as they present it in the movies. It is very very rare. This is experience talking. Trust me on this one. So, since he’d need to spend time with this girl and he was CRAZY busy the last couple of years, it is possible but not very likely. I think it would rather be someone he was working with closely.

        4) It’s written for PSH or Stephanie or that Japanese chick Becky. Possible but not very likely. First, he’s been friends with them for quite a long time (at least PSH (4 years) and Stephanie (3 years)). So why would he write a song now? Why not for the first album? Why not confess to them personally before. If he’s been suffering for 4 years, why wait all this time? Another really important thing – HE DID SAY ‘I love you’ to all 3 of them and publicly at that. So, how come he’s writing a song about how he’s afraid to confess his true feelings? Why say that they’ve been drifting apart when he’s in contact with PSH and Stephanie often (via twitter and/or in person). Sorry, but it just doesn’t add up. The highest probability out of these 3 is actually Becky.

        5) It’s written for Yoona. Very possible but we can’t be sure, can we. Honestly, and this is not purely based on a fact that she’s my bias, but Yoona fits the most. They laughed and teased each other all the time at the Love Rain set (I’m not saying this didn’t happen with PSH as well). They did drift apart, as far as we know, after the LR. He did start felling quite unhappy at around mid to late 2012 and it even escalated later with all his constant drinking and careless falling down, etc. She’s also been quite unhappy lately as well. Also, there are valid reasons for them not to be able to be together (strict SM Entertainment rules, busy schedules, them both being too famous and having a lot of fan girls and fan boys (that, I’m pretty sure would start a real riot), their careers and so on). Maybe he was hesitant on confessing to her because he was aware of all the obstacles they may have and therefore wanted to protect both her and himself by keeping quite. But feelings are not captive. I’m not saying that IT IS for Yoona, I’m saying it has the highest probability that it was written for her.

        I do hope, however, he will overcome this, and hopefully end up for the best for the both of them, whomever the girl is, because he deserves a true love in his life.

        Anyway, I do apologize again for my long and too methodical rant 🙂 Please, don’t hate me 🙂

        Peace out!

      • @ Angel88: Thank you so much for Supporting my point of you. 😀

        @ Sunny: I’m sorry but I don’t understand your way of thinking.

        Are there any particular obstacles to the love between JKS and Yoona ? Of course not. The same obstacles that may face their love, will also face the love between JKS and PSH ! Regardless of whether it is Park Shin Hye, Yoona, Moon Geun Young or any other girl, the problem is always the same : The reaction of the fans, anti-fans, and the effect on their careers.

        Do you think it is that simple to JKS and PSH to be together !?

        Jang Keun Suk said that his love has many difficulities. In fact, It has nothing to do with the girl who makes his heart beat. The problem is Jang Keun Suk himself : his fans, his busy schedule, his dreams, his next projects… All of this presents an obstacle to his love regardless of the identity of the girl.

        I do not understand why you have concluded that it is Yoona, that may be PSH or even MGY ?

        By the way, I think that the use of the word “friend” here is really important. He was able to use all romantic words he wanted : My princess, my love, my girl… why did he choose the word “My friend” ? Which of his co-actresses he really considers as a close friend. Park Shin Hye or Yoona? Everyone knows well the answer.

        Else, JKS said in his song: “My friend who’s Gradually apart from me …” As far as I know, JKS and Yoona haven’t really kept in touch since they have finished filming Love Rain. Each went his own way. Same thing with MGY. So he can not really use the word “Gradually” The only one who remained in touch with JKS, the one he really considers as his FRIEND, who is always supporting him and who is in the same time gradually apart from him is undoubtedly Park Shin Hye.

        JKS is busy with his musical career, he sees PSH having more success in her dramas and working with the most brilliant male stars in South Korea : Jung Yong Hwa, Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Woo Bin, LEE MIN HO…

        Park Shin Hye is increasingly busy with her dramas. I do think that Jang Keun Suk feels that his girl is becoming little by little away from him. They can no longer be as close FRIENDS as they were before. I would even say he’s a little bit jealous, knowing she’s now filming her new drama “The Heirs” with his eternal rival Lee Min Ho.

        Maybe that’s what made him write this song ? As we all know JKS has the heart of a playful yet proud kid.

        Maybe he is even afraid of losing her as their paths are becoming more and more separated..?

        There is also a key phrase in this song: ” P.S. But I love you
        that is a banal phrase. ”

        Why do our romantic JKS think that ” I love you. ” is a banal phrase ?

        If he had never the chance to say ” I love you ” to this girl before, the sentence would not have seemed that banal to him. Everybody knows that if you will say “I love you” for the first time to the person you love, these words will seem so complicated, exciting, and out-of-common.

        But why do JKS think this phrase has become trivial ? It is because he repeated this phrase so many times to the girl he loves while joking (or even being serious.) Then it has become difficult for him to use the phrase to express his true feelings. It has become a regular and insignificant sentence. No matter how many times he would repeat this phrase, this girl won’t be able to understand his feelings. So “I love you” has become for Jang Keun Suk a banal phrase …

        To whom he says “I love you” all the time in public ? Of course it is Park Shin Hye …

        Furthermore JKS is also saying:
        “ My heart is going to break into pieces
        because I’ve been suffering for a long time. “

        That means he suffers from this love for so long that he can no longer bear it. His heart will break because he has been hiding his true feelings for so long. JKS and Yoona have finished filming Love Rain in May 2012. Less than one year… is it so long ? I really think JKS speaks of a love that makes him suffer for years. He can not stand it anymore. So he wrote this song. Probably his four-year-love for Park Shin Hye …

        Thanks a lot for reading! =)
        I believe That JKS & PSH are real ! That Mama Jang believes that as well. =3

      • Oh, I forgot to add another point to my rambling…

        6) It’s written for some girl on his staff or from the dance group that’s touring with him/them (Team H). Very viable but still improbable. Why wouldn’t he confess to them? Unless it’s a love triangle, like Tenshi mentioned.


        I think I’m done 🙂

    • I think It’s PSH. She’s her ONLY GIRL BESTFRIEND right?
      But of course, I respect the other camps right here.
      It’s up to them what would they like to believe. 🙂

    • Hi Aimi,
      It’s been a pleasure reading your post where you are sharing your thoughts based on FACTS. Love it and i agree with you. Most fans who are interested and following JKS will know that he has been sharing his thoughts on love and marriage lately.
      I have shared my thoughts on LL and in reality, when the time comes JKS, PSH and Yoona being intelligent and talented young entertainers will make their respective choices.
      I wish them all the best. Btw…I’m a Torontonian! Peace and God Bless.

  12. i d0nt know who’s the girl..but sounds like he’s being rejected by the girl..and the girl is his friends’s friend(hint)..its painful..i bet..suk..please forget the girl..there r many girl waiting for you..

  13. Each time I listen to this song, I feel Sukkie is singing a 〝monologue.〞 And now I know this is a 〝monologue〞 for sure.

  14. mmm..i thought i misunderstood the lyrics..maybe the girl have the same feeling and he know it..but he cant confess to her because of his profession..maybe..

  15. I wonder what he meant by “Your friend who’s always making my heart beat fast when I see” and “Your friend whom I always want to be with”. Is he implying that he has feelings for the friend of this girl? Now I’m confused…lol

  16. So sad. Maybe it’s lost in the translation but I get the sense that there’s so much more that is still too difficult to say.

  17. Thank you so much Tenshi for the translation, you have made many guess who is the girl, perhaps that is Geun Suk’s trap, making his album interesting, ha ha.

    Anyway, please kindly translate the song SERNADE, please, much appreciate, thank you

    • Me too. I miss them. 🙁
      i agree with you –> ” their love has many obstacles” –> SM company, jealous fans, career, etc.

      I will pray for them, and I hope Jang Keun suk and Yoona overthrow these obstacles. 🙂 :).

      nice video, thanks U 🙂

    • Awesome Link! thanks Sunny. you’re amazing!
      Me too sure that Sukkie-chan has his special girl (YoonA-san). 🙂 but their love has many many many obstacles. this is a complicated and difficult situation :s.

      poor Sukkie-chan.


    honeslty, i believe PRINCE JANK KEUN SUK is suffering because there are some suspicions that Donghae and YOONA have returned after a long time as a couple.—> i’m sure PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK must be wishing YOONA and DONGAHE BREAK UP their relationship. i support prince jang keun suk.

    I read: “Dongahe is only in love with Yoona” because Donghae was her ex-boyfriend, so much so that Donghae wrote and sang a song for Yoona where Dongahe asks Yoona to return to his side because he can’t stop loving her.
    SM The company is a strong company and slave, SM will prefer support donghae has a relationship with Yoona. Really, I hate that strong companies manage the lives of its artists as if they were puppets.

    I HOPE that YOONA and DONGHAE BREAK UP, BREAK UP BREAK UP their relationship!


    I HOPE PRINCE JANG KEUN SUK AND YOONA HAVE A RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER, i thnik Yoona and prince Jang Keun suk should to be together. both are your lost other half.

    THANKS TENSHI 😉 you’re great!

  19. to think about it jks never really mentioned yoona ever after love rain . he always in good relationship with psh and moom geun young and we all know he see them often and he said that him self . and he always talk to psh in public , but never yoona .its like the never met or had drama togther , what is up with that , why is he so protective of her . nor has she mention him ever , why are they so scared of talking to each other in public , is it SM or the are keeping their relationship to each other .?

    • Hey, Randa 🙂

      Yes, that is a valid point. They never mention each other or hang out (that we know of).

      There are 3 possibilities, really:

      1) They have decided to stay just friends, maybe because they’re just too busy to date or maybe because JKS was afraid to reveal his true feelings (therefore the ‘Love Letter’ song);

      2) They wanna be together but can’t because of SMs’ strict rules and/or other circumstances (jealous fans, career, etc.);

      3) They are together but just wanna keep it on the down low so no one finds out (just imagine what kind of pressure they’d have if they’re a couple and press finds out; it would be a disaster for everyone involved)

      Honestly, all 3 are very possible as well as combination of any.

      I’m hoping that option 3 is a reality and I’m honestly ok with not knowing anything… As long as we see a headline, in a couple of years, that they’re getting married. Hahahahaha


      • Hahahahahaah!!!! Its a permutation and probability of many possible theories…but like you I would prefer number 3… and just announce the real score when Sukkie is done with his military service, the same as his good hyung Ji Sung did.

      • Wow sis you are making the whole thing so really!!! Not sure who the girl is, but one thing for sure is that Prince is heartbroken….

  20. friend’s friend….big brother kurt and park shin hye
    why he don’t talk about yoona because duh maybe the drama ended??
    his next leading lady I’ll bet you all going to say he in a relationship with LOL

    • Not me, mate! I’ve noticed how flaky many fans and shippers are. The moment some other actress appear in a drama or a any video with JKS, Yoona or any other artist/idol for that matter, they’re all over it. I don’t get that at all.

    • Hi,
      of course the drama ended, they will have next dramas and their leading Males or Ladies, they too will have next albums, etc, but i think that Jang Keun suk and Yoona had a “ENDLESS LOVE” just between them. Maybe Jang Keun suk and Yoona have a Endless Love fall on their heart.

      Honestly, for Me this is a serious matter, not a game or fun, because Jang Keun Suk has a deep painful in his heart. I am very sad for him. I want him to be very happy at all aspects of his life.

      peace 🙂

  21. Sorry, as I’ve been busy, I haven’t read all comments. But I suppose from a general point of view, he (not sure Sukkie himself wrote this from his own experience) loves a girl whose friend loves him. I think this the main point about this song. In short, my friend (girl A) is a girl and his friend. Your friend (girl B) is also a girl and his friend (girl A)’s friend. He’s getting to know girl B because she is a friend of girl A. And he is gradually in love with girl B. But girl A seems to have a special feeling with him. So he can’t open his love to girl B…. Or my friend (boy A) might be a boy and his close friend. And your friend (girl B) might be boy A’s girlfriend. You can imagine the similar situation happend in Love Rain. Oh, sorry, I don’t mean that girl B is Yoona. I just want to share my thought, just reading the lyrics simply. Why he choose “My friend” and “Your friend” in the lyrics? I think this is the main miserable reason of this sad love song.

    • Kaori chan is very calm and analytical as usual, like your objective point of view!!!

      Since JKS is friends with a couple of members of SNSD (sorry cant recall), can totally imgaine some member(s) fell for him and him falling for Yoona ^^ this is getting more and more interesting!

      • This is very viable, as well. Good point!

        As far as I’m aware of, he’s friends with Tiffany, Jessica, Yoona and, I think, Yuri, from SNSD…


      • Also, I’ve noticed something but this is totally based on my observations and guesses and I’m not sure how much truth there is in it. So, please don’t start gossiping.

        Anyways, I think it might be Yuri that likes him and he fell for Yoona.

        Observation 1 – Yuri is not very friendly with Yoona any more. You almost never see them together. Yoona is hanging out with Jessica these days the most.

        Observation 2 – JKS said during the LR Conference in Seoul that his favorite SNSD member is Yuri. Maybe he knew she likes him… Although, I think he was just joking here because Yuri was staring in a competitor TV show Fashion something.

        Observation 3 – in a recent Strong Heart episode (ep. 166) with SNSD members, when they showed Yoona and JKS kissing cut from LR, Yuri was suspiciously hiding behind her pillow and kinda looked jealous. Also, I’ve noticed that the MCs were teasing Yoona quite a lot (and suspiciously snickering) about her kissing with JKS and it being only acting. You can see that video here (kissing teasing starts at around 2:10 min but the whole video is quite funny): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4x46iin4BFYAE3OtZz… And Yoona said she wasn’t nervous for the kiss! I mean, if I’d have to kiss any of my boy friends (and I have a few close boy friends), I’d be very nervous and uncomfortable. But maybe that’s just me.

        Like I said, this is all my imagination and observations. I’m not sure if there’s any truth in it, so please, don’t take it seriously and start the gossip.


    • ya..i just thinking the same..people can make a guess but we will never know who is who..i believe suk wrote through experience since he like to express himself frm acting or music..i hope this love story song was history..i cant help to feel his pain..i hope he’s happy just with what he have today..

  22. Hi Jazzy! I’m so amused and appreciate your analysis of the message of this song hahahahah… And because of that I laugh a lot like crazy. I also wish that Suk will find the girl who will love him truly, can understand his profession and can endure his killing schedules.

    • Dear all,

      After all, Our Prince said all of you guessed wrong.
      This song has idea from Love Rain film. That’s all.
      I want Suk has a love and happy, happy forever. ^ ^

      * Ss tenshi_akuma will support me? Love all.kkeke

    God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn’t.
    Trust and let go.
    Whoever is meant to be there,
    will still be there!

  24. Dear all,

    After all, Our Prince said all of you guessed wrong.
    This song has idea from Love Rain film. That’s all.
    I want Suk has a love and happy, happy forever. ^ ^

    * Ss tenshi_akuma will support me?
    Love all.kkeke

    • Hey, Sunny. That is funny, that the idea is from Love Rain. Hahahaha…. Good one. But where did you hear/read that?

      If he did say that, I just think he’s trying to cover himself up because one of our guesses is right 🙂 Sneaky!

      Also, if this song comes as an idea from LR, than it must be from the doctor’s point of view. The one that was in love (sort of) in Ha Na but never confessed… But he would fall in love in so easily and in every girl that’s he sees crying or something like that. For me it was quite a funny concept and there for entertainment purposes only. Never saw it as anything serious.


      • Hi ss Jazzy,

        That’s so funny. “I just wanna have fun”.
        By the way, all of them not sure they are Eels of Suk.
        In public we are careful. ^ ^
        I see many people comment here begin to intensed debate…
        I think Our Prince don’t like so.

      • Hahahahhah… so the idea is from Love Rain…So this song is a tribute for Baby Dong Wok after Seo Joon and Hanna tied the knot!!! Whaaaaaaaaa innovative idea hahahh

  25. This is the link where JKS talks about ‘Love Letter’ song and, I suppose, its meaning as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBiqOJw0DX0. Since I can’t understand anything, I’d be super awesome grateful if someone would sub this. Please, please, please, pleaseeeee….

    I really wanna know what he’s saying.

    Thank you, in advance.

    P.S. If you speak Korean, on the same channel, you can find him talking about all 11 of his songs from Nature Boy album: https://www.youtube.com/user/JKSThailand01 (just scroll down)

    • Jazzy, I’m going to subtitle these his comments about each song in “Nature Boy” album. But sorry, I haven’t started yet and honestly I haven’t watched all his comments yet… (They were ready to subtitle on my YT channel though.) and I watched the comment you linked just now, but he didn’t say anything that this was based on his real story. Most of the part he talked about is the way how Japanese people confess their love. We Japanese rarely say “I love you” to our beloved one, including family nor friends. If we say something, we prefer to say “I like you so much”. In short, we don’t use the word “love” in words. In the video, he said “If it’s hard to tell in words directly, writing is easier, isn’t it?” And he prefers an analog way to convey our feeling. It means a digital way must be send e-mail or text, but analog way: handing a letter is more romantic. At the beginning of the video, he said in a general way that people are worried to reveal their love because they are afraid if they do, they can’t see their beloved one any more.. That’s why they decide to keep their feeling secret. Sorry, I have to go now. Please wait for my subtitles.

      • Hello, Tenshi 🙂

        Thank you for your prompt reply.

        Please, don’t worry about the subbing and absolutely don’t be in a hurry to do it. Whenever you have time, it will be ok.

        We know that you work very hard on the translations and keeping this site up to date and we appreciate it very very much. We would be lost without you! That is the truth!

        Also, thank you so much for the explanation of what JKS said in the ‘Love Letter’ comment.

        Thanx, again for everything. You are our light at the end of the tunnel.


  26. to be honest i think yoona deserves someone better than jks ; i mean i love jks but have you seem him lately? he is completely crazy and wild theses days and i think he so much of playboy for yoona ,she is inoccent and sweet and pure and jks will spoil her . he look so of control with all dinking and smoking and the crazy thing he does in his concerts . and i hate seeing her with such a guy.

    • Hey, Sam. I appreciate your input and can see where you’re coming from.

      I do think he has improved his (somewhat) wild behavior and habits quite a bit in the last month or so…. I think it was all a part of a ‘wild party’ image for Team H project. However, I don’t see how he can be a playboy, in any sense.

      As for Yoona, I’d actually like her with someone who’s gonna spice up her life a bit. Who’s gonna bring out her lively spirit even more. I think she has so much more life in her that she’s actually allowed to show… Knowing SM Entertainments’ breeding, those poor girls (and boys) never had a chance to fully spread their wings, develop their own individuality and really be themselves.

      I think that his honesty, free will and wildness are some of the reasons that she (and many other people) likes him for. He doesn’t fake who he is and that is really admirable, especially being a famous person in Korea… Everyone else they coupled her with was just too plain and, honestly, really boring. I wouldn’t like her to end up with someone who’s been trained to behave like a robot and do what’s told (which is 98% of Korean entertainment industry).

      We all actually want someone who’s gonna make us laugh every day. Someone who’s gonna surprise us, do something funky and unexpected and make our hearts skip a beat. JKS is definitely that kind of person. I’ll bet you it’s never boring with him around!


    • Oh, and yes… The important thing – opposites do attract! Don’t you know that humble, innocent and sweet girls are more likely to go for the bad boys than any other type of a girl. Hehehe

      And I know a few very successful relationships of that kind. Actually, one of my best friends, that is a really really nice girl is dating this sort of wild-ish boy and let me tell you, they are awesome together. Probably because they balance each other.

      • Hi Jazzy!!! So its really : LOve RAin”… Seo Joon who is a number one play fall for the innocent Hanna hahhaahah… In all honesty we cannot tell whom destiny would capture. I agree with what you said about sweet and innocent girls falling for bad boys hahahahah… For the mean time I will watch again Love Rain… ahh before I forget, in one of the interviews during LR filming Sukkie said that its not only Seo Joon fall for Hanna but also Hanna made JKS’s heart flutters hahaahah so that means there is probability that LOve Letter is for Hanna…kkkk PEACE to everyone!

  27. jks is good person so dont say any thing bad about him and if yoona is nice person she can get nice person her self so dont be her pernt ok she is old and she can makc her mind ok

  28. I don’t think JKS would ever be interested in Yoona, terrible actress, maybe she can sing in a group, but she looked like a skeleton, clothes hung on her and she should never wear short shirts with those stick legs. I know this is not a nice comment, she may be a nice girl. However, I don’t think she’s up JKS intellect, biting sense of humor or talent. He’d loose interest…and be bored to death.

    The entire time I watched that film, there was no way I could see his character being attracted to a lifeless character with no vitality. The girl who played the model had so much more spirit and life (family friend). She was alive. I hope I haven’t offended Yoona fans, but this is what ruined the film. She’s not an actress and it showed.

    • Please don’t say so.

      You maybe don’t know about showbiz in Korea.
      Although, she is a friend of Suk. Please respect her.
      Be careful because her fans so many cruel. Don’t make something no good for Suk. Peace!

    • Hello, Susann 🙂

      I also think that Yoona maybe is not a full match for JKSs intellect and wittiness but she’s pretty much there. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to make him laugh all the time at the LR set, would she. Also, he himself called her a ‘female version of JKS’ (you can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AXsw3gwh5U&t=2m39s). He wouldn’t do that if he thought she wasn’t witty enough.

      As for her looks, everyone likes different types. I also do think she’s a bit too skinny but who am I to judge, right. Depending on her clothes, she can look like a skeleton or she can look very sexy. But outer look is often deceiving so I don’t pay that much attention to it.

      However, she’s not a terrible actress. I’ve seen much much worse. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not great either, but certainly not bad comparing to other Korean actresses and especially comparing to other idols turned actresses. Probably because they were trained for other things, not specifically acting that much.

      As for a model (family friend) in LR, I can’t even begin describing how repulsive and sad that character was. If you think that is attractive, interesting and alive, then we have quite different ways of thinking… We should just agree to disagree and finish with that.

      I understand that you don’t like Yoona as an actress and the way she looks but you shouldn’t diminish her intellect and spirit (which she has a lot and a real army of people, who know her, are attracted to her because of that as a main reason).


    • sorry, I DISAGREEE with Sussan. >>>> because the reality is: Yoona is a great and natural actress with many potential, i think Yoona is one of the best actress-idol of Asia. and JKS is one of the best actors of Asia. He is such a great actor and famous artist. I respect him. I really like yoona here and in her famous drama “You’re my destiny” where obtained hightest ratings 51% of all kdramas. i think she can step up to much more challenging roles. SHE IS AMAZING ACTRESS, IDOL, QUEEN CF, SPORTSWOMAN, ETC!!!.

      B).- YOONA’s only just 3 dramas, until now, but she has WON MANY AWARDS, recognition and congratulations, because she did make a good and excellent performance, ( other actresses have been working in many dramas and have little recognition or awards).
      C).- YOONA also is one of the MOST FAMOUS and POPULAR SUPER-DIVA-ARTIST in Asia, but Although being so famous she MAINTAINS HER HUMILITY (She is super humble).
      D).- YOONA is considered the MOST INTELLIGENT IDOL.
      E).- YOONA is one of the BEST DANCER-RAPPER, and SHE has a AMAZING voice! she is a good singer.
      F).- YOONA is the ASIAN ARTIST (ACTRESS+IDOL) with a THE MOST BIG list of fangirls and fanboys idols and Asian actors. Many people, artist, actors, idols love Yoona because, she has a genuine and good personality, with bright ideas and also She is beautiful inside and out. Something that other actors and idols have commented that… is difficult to find someone who can be so beautiful inside and out and also be talented and intelligent as Yoona. That’s almost impossible to find an artist son amazing and perfect as YOONA. YOONA IS A MEGA-SUPER ARTIST.

      ** Yoona has many skills, qualities, virtues and greatest personalityt…and….. perfect beauty physical.

      Now, i think that The chemistry between JGS and YoonA are WONDERFUL, they give come so naturally, Definitely one of THE BEST couples of all korean dramas, their emotional scenes were very well delivered. Finalizing, they did a very good job acting together. congratulation to both!. I hope watch more new korean dramas of both stars.


    • for me, Yoona is a Barbie Doll, she is so beautiful and Yoona’s body is FINE, ELEGANT, CHIC, FASHION with sexy curves. i love her body!, Yoona’s body is for HAUTE COUTURE. Many high fashion connoisseurs as Christian Dior, Valentino and other fashions admired and love her FINE, SEXY, FASHION and PROPORTIONATE body.

      YOONA is considered ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN THE WORLD and Yoona is considered the smartest idol Korea, YOONA IS ONE OF THE BEST ACTRESS IDOL (she won a lot awards as actress a she has the higest ranking of all times-kdramas), and Yoona is the most famous female in korea, She is Nº1.

      You should to be more careful and respect her, because Yoona is loved and admired by millions of people worldwide, even the same mayor of Seoul sent his greetings and respects to Yoona for her birthday. Also remember that some her fans can be very cruel to the point of to slap you or sabotage any new project of Sukki. Yoona tries to protect him for that reason she tries to stay away from him. You can understand this difficult situation. even sukki and Yoona can Not be friends openly. therefore they can not dating or having a relationship, because that would be impossible. Both are so famous, their fans would be jealous and her company SM would separate them.

      I think Yoona is a incredibly great girl and artist.

      YOONA is a very hardworking and strong artist, because Yoona can work 21-22 hours by day without rest or holiday during the seven days of the week and even she can stand dancing and jumping for 1.5 hours with her broken foot during her concert or presentation, she can not be complaining about the pain because YOONA’S A PROFFESIONAL.
      Yoona is a multi-talented artist, but never goes bragging of all her skills, virtues and talents. SM has educated Yoona …..from childhood, Yoona is very responsible, hardworking, HUMBLE, honest, intelligent, shiny and ingenious. She’s not smug as many divas or Asian actresses. Yoona is THE MOST FAMOUS and the most HUMBLE female artist!.

      of course, Yoona has a fine and beautiful body, She is very sexy classy, ​​and her body is fine because she has a good metabolism, genetics, she also has excess stress at work constant, she works hard and few sleeps but never complains. That’s admirable, a girl with strength and fortitude. Yoona is a fabulous artist and person.

      I love, admire and respect sukki, he’s my nº1, but I need detail some qualities, virtues and talents of beautiful Yoona. She is a perfect Goddess!. Omg I admire, love and respect her too.

      Thank you very much tenshi for translate of Love Letter!. I love Sukki’s song and albums.

      Peace and Love eels.

      Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

      • Hi,
        I know many actors and singers in Korea (about 99 people choose Yoona is ideal lover) like Yonna so much.^ ^
        I love Suk so I hope Suk and Yoona will have a good relationship.
        I like her after Love Rain film.
        Don’t want war between Eels of Suk and fan of Yoona… Peace!

  29. Many Yoona-Keun Suk shipper out there huh? Actually, we really don’t know what’s in his mind. He’s the only one who know’s the story/truth behind every lyrics of that song. To be honest, I’m a KeunShin shipper guys.

    But of course, I respect everyone’s observation and comments.

    I don’t want to argue with you guys.
    Even if I say what I really know, I know that you won’t understand. So I think I’ll just keep it to myself and start smiling. 🙂

    Godbless guys!

    • Hey ! =) I’m also a KeunShin fan. And I really want to know your little secret. So can you please tell me..? (even in private)

      • @Aimi: Me too. I would like to know. I will understand.
        Aimi, did you see JKS’s Line post about dinner at PSH’s mom’s restaurant….
        Line is an account for us eels+fans who paid for his updates. It’s personal…
        Maybe you read on Nate about this, well there’s the answer to our comments… in a way. Prince does not like his personal life discussed. Peace!!!

    • Straight out from PSHs’ mouth: “We are like brothers and sisters and even hit each other. His mother likes me, but Jang Geun Suk is indifferent. He never saw me as a girl. They all treat me as a younger brother.” (December 25th 2012)

      Don’t get me wrong, they are cute together, she is a very sweet girl and they’re obviously very very close but something doesn’t add up…

      I think that he was actually too comfortable with her in public (and YAB off-screen) for them to become a thing. You know what I mean… If he wants to protect the girl he’s in love with and for them to stay a secret (he said this himself quite a while ago), he wouldn’t say ‘I love you’ publicly so many times. It just doesn’t make sense.

      This is just an observation. Please, don’t hate.

      Anyways, I wish them all the best and a lot of happiness… Time will tell. All we can do is wait :o)

      Peace out!

      • That’s right ss Jazzy.

        You rather understand about Our Prince.
        He loves someone, he will protect her and never public.
        He say ” I love you” with Becky, Hong Ki, Stephanie, PSH…in public. Because nothing he has to keep secret. 🙂
        Your idea is the same me. ^ ^

  30. Is there really something between PSH and Sukkie?
    I got from Weibo that he went to her mum’s restaurant to celebrate her mum’s birthday and this caused an uproar among some chinese eels who are obviously jeaslous.

    • They are close friends, that’s all.

      If Suk loves someone, he will protect her and never talks something in public.

  31. M.Y. HONEST C.O.N.F.E.S.S.I.O.N :

    To be honest i think Park Shin hye is an Overrated actress, in her drama ” Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost”, she was so BORING AND INSIPID acting, She is an OLD actress and not improve much. she isn’t so good actress, maybe she is regular acting, but Park shin hye’s not even that talented as a actress. she’s the girl of the 3 facial expressions (mourn, happy and boring). My prince JKS is the best because he can have many facial expressions, he is a chameleon.

    And, Park shin hye has a body similar to “sponge bob”, she is a Chubby, and her brain is like Paris hilton and she is so boring and predictable, park shin hye has an amorphous body and her nails are so Chubby and amorphous, I don’t like her. I too know this is not a nice comment, she may be a good girl.
    B.U.T. I don’t think she’s up Prince JKS intellect, facial expressions, talent, genius and humor. Prince JKS is a million light years better than park shin hye. And even Park shih hye plagiarized the facial expressions and style of other actresses, but she does not do well. poor park shin hye, she isn’t very smart.

    I hope I haven’t offended park shin hye fans,but she is only a simple actress, she can´t dancer, singer, modelar, play many instruments (guitar, piano, violin) professionally and even she can NOT practice extreme sports, ballet because could break her nail and she would cry. and even she can NOt speaks multiple languages. she is a simple and common mortal actress, and Prince JKS is a God Artist!. they are different levels intellectually, professionally and physically, Always Prince JKS is better than her at everything.

    peace ^^ 😉

    I love Prince JKS, I love blog “jangkeunsukforever” zikzin..

    thansk your very much Dear Tenshi ^^

    • @ SukkieKris: I agree that Yoona is a beautiful and talented young woman and accept that JKS is your No.1 Star and so is he to many eels including myself.
      While the topic here is about the song Love Letter, i see no reason to degrade another young beautiful and talented young actress. As we love this blog where we spread the love on JKS Forever, we need to be respectful to this blog as well.
      As i assume you to be an intelligent person who is exercising your rights to the freedom of thoughts, I’m sure you are aware of the responsibilities that come with it which is to not cross the boundaries which turns into verbal abuse against another which becomes a victim. They are hard working young women. No doubt about that…
      We are all women here having fun expressing and sharing our views. No need to turn bitter and create a sad atmosphere. All women hold a unique beauty and INTEGRITY of their own. There is no need for comparisons especially between male and female. GOSH!
      While we enjoy comments on Prince JKS, we don’t need IT to effect his personal life or the life of another. We enjoy the unique entertainment he offers and shares with us.
      While women of the world are getting together and screaming for “The Sound of Change”, towards women. If you can’t find it in your heart to join us at least hold your verbal assault against us, “women”. No hard feelings but just raising awareness….
      Btw, I am a member of The Network for Women’s Equality. Thank you and Peace!

    • I do understand that you don’t like her (PSH) but your comment was really not necessary. you can say that you don’t like her, period. it’s fine. I will respect that or the readers will do because I too can say or would like to say that I don’t like yoona but no to that point that it’s offending for her and her fans and degrading as a person.

      ANOTHER THING. the point of the earlier discussions were “for whom” it was made. Every side has given their well-thought ideas and reasons as to why it is for Park Shin Hye and the same goes for the ones rooting for YOONA. They have provided intellectual analyzations as to why without having to degrade both actresses except for one comment against YOONA. If you’re a YOONA fan, well that would’ve made you furious or caused you to make this comment and if you were, IF doesn’t it show something about your character to go to the extent of degrading others just to get back at someone?

      ALSO, the way you’re saying things, you’re like comparing Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk and i would like to quote what you said “Always Prince JKS is better than her at everything.” Why would you compare the two? Comparing itself is already not nice and now you’re comparing two different genders which should not be the case in the first place.

      “I hope I haven’t offended park shin hye fans,but she is only a simple actress, she can´t dancer, singer, modelar, play many instruments (guitar, piano, violin) professionally and even she can NOT practice extreme sports, ballet because could break her nail and she would cry.” Who wouldn’t be offended? After you said you hope bla bla bla you added insults (which some are not true) and mock her. Your comment spells sarcastic.

      there are many ways on how you can let the world know that you don’t like an actress (or anyone) in a way without having to offend them and degrade.

      I like Park Shin Hye and I’m a Keunshin shipper.
      Reading comments about how the song was for Shin Hye and Yoona without having to make a “fan war” was nice. their arguments made sense (both sides) and well presented.
      I don’t know anything about keun suk and yoona.
      i don’t like YOONA but that doesn’t give me the right to say negative shits and go on ranting and degrading her.

  32. what if he want the public to find out his relationship with park shin hye before his military service, he say he wanted to marry young. he been testing out his eels reaction for sometime now and obviously not all is happy.

    what so special about yoona, overrated. she can’t even sing good or else she would have participanted in love rain ost LMAO

    • Please, no need for insults.

      IF JKS wants to marry young, sure, that’s his choice… But life usually kicks in and messes up your plans.

      Once you’re married, your priorities change quite a bit, especially when you get children. Honestly, how can you marry and continue a successful carrier like the one he has. This goes for any idol/famous person.

      In my opinion, I don’t see him married any time soon (not for another at least 2-3 years, especially with all the touring and new album plans, military service, etc.). Once he decides to concentrate on acting only (or something more close to home), he might start thinking about marriage…

      But like I said, his decision only and the time will tell.

      As for public knowing about his personal relationships with girls, I still don’t think so. Like someone already mentioned, he is a private person when it comes to his true private matters. I still think he would wanna protect her no matter what.

      See what happened with this whole fiasco with PSHs’ moms’ restaurant and Chinese Eles. Most fans, unfortunately, wouldn’t be able to control their jealousy and would bash on any girl he would chose.

      On the other hand, there are super PSH/JKS fans that start overreacting and over-exaggerating things and nothing good comes out of that either. It can also create issues for both JKS and PSH.

      I respect his choices and I’m sure he’ll make the right ones when the time comes.


      • Hi Jazzy! Try to search in facebook, the account EELS Family International. They posted the translation of Sukkie’s radio broadcast in Japan. There he mentioned about about the time LOve Letter was composed. It was somewhere October or Nov 2012, at the height when he was so depressed and sad. And he also reveal for the first time about him dating a Japanese girl about 5 or 4 years ago. He also mentioned the reason why the song Save Me is his favorite among all the song from NB album, and lastly he mentioned about not getting married in the next 3 years or so because of his profession. He mentioned a lot of things.

      • Hey, Daryl 🙂

        Thanx for your reply. I would love to read the transcript of his radio broadcast in Japan (hopefully in English).

        Is there any way you can post a link so we all can read it, please? Maybe copy and paste here or something. I don’t have a FB account.

        Thank you, in advance, for this 🙂

      • Based on this Japanese Radio show translations, looks like he was dating someone until October/November 2012 and they broke up or were broken up. It seems that it left him really depressed and hurt… He also mentioned, in another interview (I think the one with DJ Taro) that he was in a terrible slump when he received ‘Save Me’ song and that it mirrored his feelings and state right away.

        Honestly, I don’t think he’s over it yet, no matter what he says.

        This is so sad to hear 🙁

      • Jazzy, I listened All Night Nippon again, but he didn’t say anything this lyrics were based on his personal experience. He just said he usually makes songs (melodies, not lyrics) when he drinks. The original melody line was made around last October or November. But the lyrics were made with the album production team, discussing our common heartbreak love song. I don’t think this song was based in his own experience. But everyone has a partial experience of such unanswered love. I believe not only he but usually artists don’t write their recent heartbreak episodes in their works. It’s OK you believe it must have been based on his real experience, but there are still we have freedom not to think so.

        P.S. I’ve been busy joining a special camp, and I have little time to use Internet. But after I’m back home around at the end of this month, I’ll subtitle this All Night Nippon. Please wait for a while.

      • Yes Tenshi, I agree. Everyone has the right to think their own mind.

        I don’t know who wrote the lyrics for sure but it was implied before that he wrote the LL song so I supposed that he wrote the lyrics as well… I might be biased becaused I’m honestly used to the fact that bands and musicians I’m listening to always write their own music and lyrics 🙂

        Anyways, thank you, in advance, for doing the Nippon Night radio show for us.



      SM only chooses the best among milles of people who dream of being the BEST artists. Yoona was trained and educated by SM. One of the most stringent and respected companies in korea. And of course, Yoona is a good singer and is one of the best dancer-rapper-actress-sportswoman and Yoona is the smartest and prettiest. You should know more about Yoona. She can sing very well, you needs to see her live concerts, she is very good singer, a the best rapper and dancer, definitely She is a professional artist. SM’s artists must have a wide range of talents, skills, play many instrumentes, speak several languages ​​and respect the rules of the company. SM’s professional Artists can sing and dance without losing strength by the exhaustion, You should know that Yoona is a professional artist … she is incredibly excellent multi-talented, She can dance and sing hours without tiring and even can look fresh and radiant, Yoona can dance with professionalism even if she has a fracture foot or arm. Order to possess such resistance takes hours, days, months and years of hard training physical and mental. She does not have to participate in OST, because within your company and the group, only members can participate in ost are: Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany, As well as only the best dancers and rappers: Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon, can take part in the special complicated dance pieces during the concert or shows, because every member has a place and a role to play in particular within the company.

      Please you should not judge without knowing Yoona or You should not based on some comment from any haters, The same applies to our prince, many haters comment about him many things that are not true, the haters alter the truth converting it in a total lie for the sole purpose of harming or hurting his image.

      I hope you can know more about Yoona, she is a brilliant and talented artist, and she’s smartest, the most beautiful and above all she is the most humble female artist.

      ♠ Here some of her celebrity fanboys:

      + Seo In Guk (Actor/idolo/composer) choose Yoona as his dream girl. and He added, “I was blown away by her personality-nothing fake, just genuine and true to herself. For someone so beautiful to have the inner beauty to match, that is just hard to find..”
      + 2AM JoKwon admits that he thinks that Yoona is the prettiest among idol girl groups; wanted Yoona as his wife on WGM.
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      …..and more and more celebrities fangirls.

      Peace and Love eels.

      Love and Free Sukki! 4ever.

  33. Please clam down. No matter who our Prince chose it is his choice. If we love him we will respect his choice who ever he may chose to be his special someone. Yoona or Park Shin Hye, both of them are lovely ladies and each of them have great fans. They are good in what they do. Please refine yourself from saying bad things. Prince always teach us to respect other people or fans. Thanks.

    • Yes, lianayus. Totally agree with you. Please calm down, peepz…

      Both PSH and Yoona are amazing and lovely girls, that are trying their best in what they do and work very very hard, and they certainly don’t deserve any insults.

      Anyways, back to the point of this thread. ‘Love Letter’ is very beautiful song and I hope JKS will release a MV for it in Korea and score some positive points.

      Peace out!

    • Lianayus, yes.. eels love whoever Prince loves ^_^ If I”m not wrong, from past interview and vid, Sukkie mentioned he wrote love letters to his girlfriend (not in entertainment line and before YAB days), so this song could be inspired by that..
      The following vid (in Chinese sub) with Sukkie going through the background of the songs in his album Nature Boy, hope the Eng Sub will be out..

      • Thanks for sharing, QQeyes 🙂 Any latest info about Suk’s drama? I read somewhere the lead actress has been cast. She’s the one I was hoping will act with Suk. It’s just a rumour LOL so I’ll wait for the official confirmation.

      • Thanks qqeyes007 for the link. Right after watching the clip, i felt like there is a possibility that prince might have been referring to his previous experience / relationship. For real i think he will prefer writing a love letter in electronic form rather than in physical form nowadays.maybe he’s just talking about the past.

  34. For me, Love Letter is just a song, It can be interpreted anyway you like. If JKS really doesn’t state what his feelings is, it means he is a coward (I believe he is not a coward). Rejected or not, it will be good to know the answer.

    “My friend who always smiling at me”… he always said that Shin Hye is his best friend. “Your friend who always makes my heart beat fast when I see”. “Your” here can be interpreted as Lee Hong Ki’s, as LHK and PSH are very good friends. Therefor, we can assume that this LL is meant for PSH. See, we can interpret anyway we like? But, of course only JKS who knows the truth, if there is one.

    Why we should fight for something we don’t know, even insulting other who don’t even think about it?

    Just listen the music. If you have question “to whom the LL refers to?”, ask directly to JKS.

  35. @SukkieKris You don’t have respect about Co Star Jang Keun Suk …
    If You don’t like Park Shin Hye don’t comment in here…really stupid comment !!!!!
    and Admin please delete it @SukkieKris in here ..She doesn’t here heart !!!
    So many Fans Jang Keun Suk is fans Park Shin Hye too
    Make all fans Park Shin Hye angry about @SukkieKris comment !!!!

    This article about Translate Song Love Letter ..we don;t song for who !!! please don’t comment Bad about another Co Star

    I’m so angry !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Niela if u want to angry plese give yr anger to Susann, bcoz she started with bad comment about Yoona. Don~t blame Yoona fans.

  36. @setiawati I don’t care about that !! @Susann maybe wrong too but why @SukkieKris blame Park Shin Hye ???

    Why fans act like child ..uhhhhuuu..oh maybe still little girls ..

    please don’t fight in here …
    Yoona and Park Shin Hye is Jang Keun Suk friend’s so why we must fight each other …

    This Jang Keun Suk forum please Respect it,..


  37. Hello eels here,
    We admins always thank you to leave your comments on our jksforever blog freely, but please remember this doesn’t mean you can post anything.

    First of all, jksforever is for Jang Keun Suk’s fan blog. If you want to discuss other artists, please visit their fan blogs. Secondly, as other eel’s sisters here already commented, please respect his co-workers and friends. Please don’t say something disrespectful to them. Even if you don’t mean to, we don’t think it’s a good idea to post such misleading words in public. Please be careful before you post comments. Basically we admins want to leave you to express what you feel to him or his works freely as long as there is love. But sometimes we find some less respectful comments posted here for him or others. We don’t want to censor all of your comments and delete them on our own authority. So, please understand what we’re asking you and keep our jksforever in peace.

    About this post, it’s just a translation about one song from his newest album. But now most of the comments are far from the original purpose. I’m going to close this comment area now to stop this confusion here. Thanks for understanding.

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