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Thank you for your support although I spoke Japanese wrongly. Today also Kurt and Keun-Suk played unscripted prank! But it was fun~ ^^
일본말을 잘못하지만, 응원해주셔서 감사합니다. 오늘도 각본에 없는 근석이와 커트의 장난! 하지만, 즐겁네요~ ^^

I SEE U @AsiaPrince_JKS

5 thoughts on “[24.05.2013] @prhyme79 twitter”

  1. I want your performance in Los Angeles to be packed just like Japan.
    You know, most performers advertise for several months in order to fill a large venue.
    Well, in any event, your American Noona will be there to cheer you on. See you soon in L.A.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams forever,

    • Susann, I am starting to get really nervous about this. How are they going to fill a big venue at such short notice? Not enough advertising and not enough exposures for himself so that non-eels can recognize him too. If it’s last week of June, I might be able to make it, but it is really cutting it close. I would really love to go and meet up with the other ECI sisters. I wonder if they have durian in LA. Maybe we can have our durian party then, too.


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