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Last Team H Party !! Everyone, have fun Jyo!!!! Start… Go~~~
Last Team H Party !! 신나게 모두 죠져!!!! Start… Go~~~

The performance that everyone became one.
The performance that we really enjoyed.
Thank you to all who spent together !!!

모두가 하나되었던 공연.
너무 즐거웠던 공연.
함께 할수있었던 모든 분들께 감사드립니다 !!!

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  1. Thanks kaori chan for the quick update, as usual she is very resourceful. Every single relevant twit is under her radar! We just need to read this blog to get almost all the news! Impressive !!

    • Seems to be LA…wonder how the reception of Team H will be..I hope a lot of eels will/can attend..
      He’s not going to Hawaii anymore? I thought Hawaii and LA? but now seems to be LA and SF


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