[News] JKS’ 2013 brief schedule in Japan was out!

Source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/jks_schedule/

May 23-24 : Team H Party additional Budokan tour “I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN”
May 29 : 2nd album “Nature Boy” release
August 3-4 : Midsummer indoor festival [1st. location]
August 24-25 : Midsummer indoor festival [1st. location]
2013 Autumn : Go There (????)

9 thoughts on “[News] JKS’ 2013 brief schedule in Japan was out!”

  1. It seems the U.S. has been pushed aside for the time being. Will he ever get out of Asia with all of his commitments continuously piling up? Then, of course, there will be a film … he has push for US and Europe to go global.
    I think, JKS’ English is getting better, but what about Kurt, born in L.A., he seems very hesitant to speak. JKS get Kurt some English tutoring, he may have left when he was very young, but I notice when Kurt does speak, I don’t hear a Korean accent in his English.
    Hope to see Team-H in Los Angeles in the not-too-far, distant future.
    Your number one supporter in Boca Raton, Florida,

    • I understand that this is his schedule just for activities in Japan and other countries are not included here, not only the US concerts but also the one in Korea in May.


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