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    • hahaha!. they are just friends.

      Sukkie is always cute and playful with their friends more close who are not working intro strong and rigorous companies (example: Heechul, Yoona or Tiffany of sm)

      Let us remember when Sukkie said very lovely words to BECKY and when SUKKIE had an apparent date with STEPHANIE a lovely night. too.


      – Sukkie: “Becky-chan, …. I miss you~~”.
      – Sukkie: “I’m going to give you my autographed CD when I visit Japan next time! WITH MY HEART! ^^ ”
      – Sukkie: Thanks! luv ya~~~!

      B. SUKKIE & STEPHANIE are so intimate friends, even they make twits to 11 at night or 2 am, I remember reading that Sukkie wanted company that night (between September or October 2011 and he was alone in his room), so Sukkie invited STEPHANIE to his house (Not p.s.h.) but as at 11 pm and Sukkie would leave his door open for sthepanie. She accepted.

      + I guess sukkie and Stephanie met that night. ;)) .woooow!. LOL.

      • @ SUKKIESTHER,

        You are so happy to tell the whole world and LOL that he is ‘messing/ flirting around with girls, how about Yonna ? You forgot to include her ?

        No wonder people in Korea dislike him so much. Thanks to you.
        I hope he does not have a girl yet, if not you really made life very miserable for him by bringing out all the history

  1. I do not think, it sounded like nothing serious game in his gestures and skills and did so with H Team, would have more value if you only greeting, also on one occasion she clarified that they have nothing, so if you speak are good friends. And mom’s opinion on the need much publicity and what better opportunity to get out at all with that statement means good tactic. Good Luck.

  2. Sorry all ss,
    But I hope they are only best friends.
    Suk many time love with many people…just joking.
    If he really loves someone he never talks in public..^ ^
    By the way,all fan of Suk don’t know if they love in secret?

  3. In this celebrating world, they will always deny at first because it affect their career n popularity.
    But JKS seems to be very brave, very bold and very open about it.

  4. I think they’re just a very very close friends. JKS said himself that he won’t be announcing publicly who his girlfriend is so he would protect her and their relationship, which makes perfect sense.

    He was just messing around with PSH here.

    Honestly, I don’t think he has a GF right now because he’s so busy but one can’t know for sure, right. If he has one, he’s not gonna tell us 🙂

    • JKS don’t mess around with girl like that . He is not a playboy. Yes JKS said himself that he won’t be announcing publicly who his girlfriend is so he would protect her and their relationship, but that was long time ago. Anyway whoever he choose we will be happy for him.

      • @JJ: I agree with your observations to this message. They are long time friends, like JKS said: his best friend and nice of Team H to show their support.
        ANJell members are always supportive towards one another. Like you said; we as true eels will support JKS on his choice and decisions. Good luck to the Master of eels on his upcoming “I just wanna have fun” …. ZikZin!

      • I’m sorry if I sounded harsh. When I said messing around, I didn’t think making fun of her or being disrespectful in any way. More like friends teasing each other. He’s known for doing that. How many times did he say or twitted that he loves his friends. That is so adorable and sweet of him. Showing how much he cares.

        Anyway, I still think they’re just very good friends and that’s what friends sometimes do for fun.

        As for protecting his GF from a public eye, no matter how long ago he said that, I think it still applies. Now probably even more than before because of his ‘bad’ image and people bashing him in Korea, no matter what he does.

        None the less, I hope he has someone that he loves and that loves him because he sooooo deserves it.


      • Hi JJ an Angel88, I cannot resist replying to your messages. PSH and Sukkie together make a really really cute couple. I am totally cool even if they are marrying for real. The fake public proposal looks totally sweet and innocent to me, but Korea is a relatively conservative country, perhaps it would be a good idea for Sukkie to refrain from saying sth that may be viewed as way out of the line…

  5. I wish they could be together. They look like they are made for each other on Behind the Scenes of You’re Beautiful. He is so sweet to her. I love it!

  6. @Jazzy: I couldn’t resist replying to you. Just want you to know dear, that it is very honorable of you to make it clear by what you meant when you used the word “messing”.
    Although, I’m sure many of us know through reading your whole message it wasn’t meant in a harsh way but you are right as you explained teasing, kidding or joking would sound appropriate. From one woman to another when harsh words are used, it sounds hurtful.
    I agree with you even if he has a girlfriend he is not gonna tell us. We know how witty JKS could be. We are all here because we admire his talents etc. Easier to say everything about him, so we wish him well and to be happy. Thank you, Jazzy. Peace!

    • @ Jazzy & all,

      I just do not want people who come to this blog and mistaken our Prince as a playboy or had some bad impression on him. That’s all

  7. but this not the first time. even the dinner show in seoul, he hinted saying my mom wants psh as a daughter in law. tell me has he done with a female before in public? if this is just “messing around” no wonder he’s not liked in korea. OMG you fans are in denial.

    • There is nothing wrong with that. JKS & PSY are very close friends, i don’t understand why the koreans as you are hinting are bothered with that? PSY herself, does not mind it at all. In fact, JKS mom is serious about it, and i heard that she even consulted a fortune teller to see if they are a good match – so what is wrong with that? His mom wants him as a daughter-in-law & not just as a girlfriend for her son. And Jang Keun Suk is proud of that because Park Shin Ye is a good woman worthy of marrying & having a family with. If I am PSY I would consider that an honour. 🙂 Peace!

    • actually Sukkie is well loved by Korean eels as far as I can see from the drama awards and all the interviews on Korean TV programs and even BTS of Sukkie in entertainment, people who work with him just admire him….. it is good to see always his Korean eels so supportive of him each time along with the oversea eels.. most eels don’t really mind who Sukkie end up with as we believe that girl will be the happiest girl on earth with so much blessing from all eels too ^_^

      • Agree with you QQeyes007. @ValZan, yes I mean PSH sorry I was in a hurry to finish typing, did not bother to check the spelling of her name, yes of course I’m talking about Park Shin Hye. And anyway I believe Jang Keun Suk would be a wonderful husband & father shall I say to his children – lucky girl (future wife) whoever she is.

  8. My dear green star is so nice but he feels lonely despite lots of peole are around him and have alot of friends and fans….so lonely…

  9. The girl that sukkie’s mom want her to be DIL always Park Shin Hye, how
    come u assume he just messing with her and ignore his mom’s
    They said like this many times in their interviews, so think about it, sukkie also the one who is honest
    with his feeling, man in this world would feel
    lonely if live alone so he also need a life partner, so
    what’s wrong with that? He with shin hye, as sukkie’s fan
    i’m always happy for him.

  10. After readig the above comments and past interviews on this topic, I feel that JKS is not just “messing” around with PSH. He is serious about this relationship (so is PSH). If they are just teasing each other, this same topic would not have appeared again n again…. there must be something going on between this cute couple.

    I just want Sukkie to have a GF soon… be it PSH or Yoona or ??????( doesn’t matter who the lucky gal is)

  11. JKS is playful but will you try to observe how he says “i love you” to PSH. Then you can make conclusions. As a fan of both I think thut they are really well matched. PSH could be a good influence because she is not only an excellent actress but also a diligent student.

  12. hi,I am a new fan of JKS after watching him being interviewed by knee-drop guru. After knowing what he’s been through I suddenly want to see him in person..I saw most of his movies and drama series on tv but not mindful about who he is because his Korean (i’m talking about the distance)and no matter what I do there is just no way for me to follow him or watch his tours and whatever his activities but after watching him on knee-drop guru, I was moved and I thought of supporting him even just by watching his movies and tv series. I might try to follow him on twitter..I’ll visit this website from time to time to hear or see whatever news about him. I hope that there will be no bad comments for him. TY all!!

  13. lolll… freak out people hes its personal life why d heck everyone so freak out with that… lol he such a sweethrt just encourage his acting career and his tallnt… dont commnt on his personal life just firt watch yours … 🙂

  14. I think there’s no need to reveal what one mom’s feeling about a girl is. However, in that segment, JSK brought it up as if announcing to the world how his mom feels and he said it with pride. Isn’t it obvious that PSH is certainly recognized by JSK as an important person in his life. So his playful personality must not be equated to messing around.

  15. I think Jang Keun Suk is really really in love with Park Shin Hye. Just Google and find out how many times he showed his true feelings about PSH. I have never read anything serious about Jang Keun Suk and some other girls except with Park Shin Hye. On YouTube you will find most of the videos are about Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye. It does not take a genius to see the real picture. If anyone of you did your researches online and in prints, the picture is clear, it’s only Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye. Don’t oversimplify things and say the things that could hurt Jang Keun Suk or Park Shin Hye. Just saying.

  16. It does not take a genius to see that Jang Keun Suk is deeply in love with Park Shin Hye. He’s happiest when he’s with her. Just watch all the videos when he’s talking with her and interviews when he mentioned her name.

  17. If ever he has a gf other than psh, how do u think that girl would feel if coming from jgs mouth that ber mom wanfs psh as a dil? That adding salt to the injury already. Who wouldnt want to be acknowledged by your bfs mother right?


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