2011 Jang Keun Suk CRI Show in Malaysia

Updated with pic of venue – luxurious!

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Event Date: 4th June 2011
Venue: Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Ticket Information Zone:
(Tickets will only start selling on Monday, 28th March 2011)

Platinum Zone – VVIP & VIP
Gold Zone – RM 388
Silver Zone – RM 268
Bronze Zone – RM 148

To enquire about Platinum zone, please contact enquiries@rhythm-land.com.

Do remember to include the following details when you email to enquiries@rhythm-land.com so that we are able to contact you! πŸ˜€

Email Address:
Contact Number:
State or Country of Origin:

For Gold, Silver and Bronze Zone, kindly log on to http://redtix.airasia.com/ for further information. (Information will be on Monday, 28th March 2011)

Please stay tuned for more updates and we might just throw in some surprises along the way! πŸ˜‰

Thank you and we can’t wait to see you there!
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32 thoughts on “2011 Jang Keun Suk CRI Show in Malaysia”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this news every day!! Come 28 March, it’s time to stalk the ticketing website again …. wahahaa!! I want to go and see JKS in Malaysia!! * happy happy * πŸ˜€

      • Sure, we will try to get as much as possible account of JKS for us, just prey Aphrael able to grab the tickets.

        Wow, finally another good news!

      • Nita, please note the ticketing website address given in the post if you want to buy Gold, Silver or Bronze zone tickets. Ticket sales start 28 March

      • i can’t go dear..so i just waiting for you guys to keep update news about the show *crying*_ hope you and the others can ‘touch’ JKS in real

      • I’m stressed – given my limited memory capacity!
        And… i don’t know whether I can fully describe that feeling when i see JKS in person…. i think i’ll be floating on cloud nine …. ^^

        but hopefully 3 minds are better than one, and my friends and I can come up with a better and combined account!

    • Probably not much difference, unless JKS changes a bit of the programme. It’s his Asia Tour, so if u ask me what’s the difference between the SG, M’sia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan stops of his Asia Tour, I cannot really answer that definitively.

      I’m planning to go to M’sia cos it’s another opportunity to see him at his FM ^^

      • Thanks for your reply. I checked it out.. seems that JKS’ Singapore fans are mostly young girls.. I am too old to join them but still very keen to see him in person. Do you know his flight details to Spore on 22 April – which flight, time, etc?

  2. Ha, ha, I am not young either, but being mature, being loyalty, will even appreciate his sweet, his professional, his lovely and his great………

  3. Yes yes … I agree. I am 30+ so qualify to be in JKS fan club πŸ™‚ Shall we start a Singapore JKS Fan Club?
    I only knew about JKS visit to Spore this week. All Cat 1 tickets are already sold out. So, I am thinking of catching him at Marina Sq on 22 April. Will all of you be there?
    Frankly, I only started to “know” JKS recently when I watched “He’s Beautiful”…. (a bit too late, I know). I just finished “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and really like JKS’ acting. He’s by far one of the best korean actors whom I know (I am also a die-hard fan of BYJ).

    • Are u gals, by any chance, serious about starting a Fanclub?
      And, Babe, better late than never, I’m relatively new to JKS too! ^^

      Although Cat A tickets are sold out, I do encourage you to buy other category ticket – his FM is really not a chance to be missed! especially as he’ll be singing some of his recent songs and also from his new album too! I would check out if there are seats on the second floor at the side – think u can also get a good view of him.
      i think most of us (in S’pore, that is) will be there at Marina Sq.

      And yes, I think he’s one of the best actors too (Korean or otherwise) πŸ™‚

      • Sure, like I said a 30+, intelligent and cool headed JKS Fan Club.

        What does it take anyway? First, think of a super cool and elegant name, then do something heartwarming and sincere to him show that we care (nothing too over the top crazy). Besides his overwhelmingly obvious talents (acting, singing and dancing), warm personality and engaging intellect, I basically love him almost like a son. Mrs Jang (mom) is such a fortunate woman!

        So now we have 3 – Babe, Ivy and I. Who else wants to join?

        By the way Babe, the drama that really made me sit up and paid attention to a then unknown to me – Jang Keun Suk was Hong Gil Dong not You Are Beautiful (of course YAB was also one of his superb performances). You may wish to check out HGD but be forewarned that you may be so captivated by his character in the drama that your heart may literary BREAK for him. Compare his performances in HGD and YAB (and all of his other dramas and movies), the true extent and depth of his acting skills will hit you with profound impact.

  4. The Msia FM info link in rhythm land fb site was either pulled off or got lost in cyber space. The link is no longer available……

    I have tried emailing the email provided for the Platinum zone tickets. But No answer yet.

    • not surprising. No one has had an answer from Rhythm Land yet. Let’s just say that they are not very ….. efficient or responsive ….
      the only thing to do is to wait for more news.

  5. Hi Staying Up Late, my friend lent me Hong Gil Dong DVDs last year, but I returned it to her after watching Episode 1… I don’t really like korean period drama. The only 2 that I have watched are Da Chang Jin & The Story of the First King’s Four Gods. I watch the latter because of BYJ. OK, will catch Hong Gil Dong just to catch JKS. So, how do we go about starting a fan club?

  6. Hey guys………I’m quite dissapointed today. Why was the selling ticket postponed by the organizer? Anyone know when is the actual date?

  7. can you give more info about JGS event in malaysia? I still dont know how to book the seat from redtix cz the event is not appeared in their web. rhythm land also have no new info about this. thank you.

    • there is no updated info because Rhythm Land has not announced the ticket purchase information.
      We have to wait for their news.

      • yeah, I had emailed them too, but there’s no response πŸ™
        I want to book a flight and hotel in malaysia, bcz I come from indonesia, but it’s impossible if I still have no info about the ticket πŸ™

  8. May i know his details in the coming Malaysia Cri show ? His flight details and which hotel he is staying ? and also when where the autograph session will be ? Thanks a lot Cheers πŸ™‚

    • other than that his autograph and photo-taking session is on Sunday 5 June, organiser Rhythm Land has not announced the other details.
      And they won’t inform his hotel, that kind of info would have to come from other fans if they share the info online….

      • Hi Cri !
        I will join in the Malaysia Cri Show.
        May i know his details there ?
        i still cant find any inf about it…which hotel , when n where the autograph session will be held?
        if someone know ,please kindly help me ,i very would be appreciate it.

        Thanks a lot in advance

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